• MS-DEFCON 2: Windows 11 23H2 is out

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    ISSUE 20.45.1 • 2023-11-09


    By Susan Bradley

    Trick or treat? Microsoft released Windows 11 23H2 on Halloween.

    On top of that, November’s Patch Tuesday is just around the corner, and Copilot will continue to dribble out — even on 22H2 — in the November security releases. Therefore, I’ve raised the MS-DEFCON level to 2.

    As with many changes Microsoft makes these days, 23H2 and Copilot for Windows will be phased rollouts, so there’s no telling when any individual user will see them offered in Windows Update. So remember that there are many tools to control the Copilot rollout, including a registry key and Group Policies (you can download our ADMX and ADML files).

    Anyone can read the full MS-DEFCON Alert (20.45.1, 2023-11-09).