• MS-DEFCON 4: Wrapping up a short month

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    ISSUE 20.09.1 • 2023-02-28


    By Susan Bradley

    February’s patches affected you either severely, or not at all.

    The good news: If you are a consumer, home user, or business that does not use Windows Server 2022 or any version of on-premises Exchange server, you will be just fine installing the updates at this time. Therefore, I am very comfortable with lowering the MS-DEFCON level to 4.

    However, if you are a business patcher with Windows Server 2022 hosted in VMware, you may have been significantly impacted. In addition, patch administrators are still dealing with the side effects of the Exchange updates.

    Anyone can read the full MS-DEFCON Alert (20.09.1, 2023-02-28).