• Searching for answers

    Have you noticed lately that it’s getting a little bit harder to find the right answer? Technology has always been fun to get answers for, from unusual error messages to weird guid codes to asking someone else “Hey? Are you seeing this too?” Now layer on technology that changes between versions and feature releases, and then layer on the fact that hardly anyone writes manual anymore, rather they give you codes to scan on your phone to go to a web site.

    My recommendation is to find where the advanced search settings are in any search engine you use. For example, if I’m searching for something on Windows 11, especially 22H2, I will limit that search to postings within the last six months or so. Keeping it to the recent information means that I won’t hit older sites and posts that may not be what I need.

    Case in point, in Windows 11 22H2, Focus assist has been a part of Windows since Windows 10, but with Windows 11 version 22H2, Microsoft is changing its name to Do not disturb.

    So like on DuckDuckGo see that “any time” drop down? Click that and limit the time and see if that helps to narrow down what you are searching for. What have you found lately when you search? Do you find what you are searching for?