• Streaming is an absolute mess

    Susan BradleyInspired by this. The other night my Sister wanted to CONTINUE watching something she started to watch on Amazon prime. We have access to it via our Comcast interface. She couldn’t find it in her recently viewed items. I ended up going online on a computer which had the right recently viewed items and then manually add it to the “my stuff” section. It seems like nightly we have to go “hmmm where was that being streamed on? And do we have a subscription to that?”

    Of course you can go the antenna route and watch various old shows on rerunned networks. What I’ve been doing lately is seeing if I can add a streaming service inside my Amazon subscriptions so they are – in theory – all on one interface. These days you can even find old movies and shows online on youtube.

    What about you? Do you find yourself struggling to find things you like to watch? And where and what to watch it on?

    P.S. as an aside we are now hooked on “Murder in…” and fortunately I can link it under my Amazon video account.