• The dribble impact

    Just a reminder that lately Microsoft has been into dribbles.

    Case in point – several folks in my office finally got the “feature” where the menu in Outlook moves from the bottom of your Outlook to the top left. You think you accidentally moved it and finally you realize it’s not you, it’s them. (855 posts and counting) In Microsoft 365 you can open Outlook, go into file, options, advanced and uncheck the “show apps in Outlook”. The menu bar will move. There is also a registry key method. We were joking that Microsoft must be ensuring our brains stay active by moving the icons around the screen.

    The other dribble I haven’t seen is the “badging” or reminders to sign in with a local Microsoft account. I set up yet another Windows 11 home pc for someone to take home and replace an aging laptop and while yes you can still use the trick whereby you put in the No@thankyou.com as your Microsoft account email and then ANY password and it will let you set it up totally without a Microsoft account and without a password if you so desire (I honestly would not recommend that). So I think they are still rolling that out.

    In setting up the computer and downloading tools like Start11 to adjust the menus and then I went to download Explorer Patcher and found you REALLY had to be careful and not install something from a bogus website. As always if you are setting up anything new – and this goes for any operating system from Windows to Linux to Apple, you might not be quite so savvy about what are good sites to download from and what are not. If you have any questions just ASK. There are nefarious folks out there that are trying to trick us all.

    Remember click on the Forums support section, find the operating system you are interested in, and click on the New Topic button.  Someone is pretty much here 24 hours a day, seven days a week.