• The patching showers of April

    Apple did their patching showers yesterday – another zero day fix

    📱 iOS and iPadOS 15.7.5 – 2 bugs fixed
    💻 macOS Monterey 12.6.5 – 1 bug fixed
    💻 macOS Big Sur 11.7.6 – 1 bug fixed

    Now it’s Microsoft’s turn….

    97 vulnerabilities, 7 critical, 1 exploited

    Also out today… The AD team at Microsoft is proud to announce that with today’s Patch Tuesday updates, our new Windows Local Admin Password Solution (aka Windows LAPS) is available in all in-market builds of Windows – Win10 & Win11 clients and Server 2019 & 2022 SKUs!

    As usual, time to sit back, watch the testing occur and see what shakes out this month.

    Note that Windows 10 21H2 drops out of support in June unless you have edu or enterprise – so check what version of Windows 10 you are on. There’s no big changes for Windows 10 so I honestly don’t anticipate seeing any side effects. As always I will keep you up to date on the Master patch listing.

    This is interesting… there is only a security release for Publisher this month.

    No non security Office updates were released either. A VERY light Office release this month.