• Why sharing in OneNote isn’t easy, and how to fix it


    Mary Branscombe

    By Mary Branscombe

    It will get simpler eventually, but for now you must plan ahead and double-check which account you’re using.

    OneNote automatically syncs all the notes you create between all the devices you use it on — and those don’t have to be only your own devices. You can share notebooks with other people and — as long as they’re stored somewhere they can connect to — they can see and update the information in OneNote. The same goes for your own multiple Microsoft accounts, such as work and personal; you can get access to your notes from both.

    But there are a few quirks to the way sharing works in OneNote that can trip you up if you’re not clear about how it works. There are also some long-standing frustrations and limitations that we’re still waiting to see fixed.

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