• Windows 10 22H2 – the stable version

    Well Microsoft has made it official, 22H2 will be the last feature release for Windows 10.

    This is a good thing. 10 is now entering into the “most stable” version mode of it’s lifecycle.

    And Jason, dahling, sweetie, honey. While you’ve once again stated that October of 2025 is the drop dead date of support for Windows 10 and we should be migrating to Windows 11, the reality is that businesses and consumers will both need an extended support period because the hardware “tax” you’ve imposed means that it will take time and budget to get all hardware to the point that it will support Windows 11.

    Someone the other day said “isn’t there a Windows 12 announced” to which I said… well Microsoft hasn’t really announced anything and tech writers are speculating.  I always hate that part of the tech news churn.  Don’t give me what you are guessing at, give me facts. Right now the facts are 10 is fully supported until 2025 and is still the dominant operating system.