Daily Archives: February 3, 2024

  • WSD printer ports are evil

    If you suddenly find the printer that you could print to yesterday not working today, check to ensure it’s suddenly using a WSD printer port.

    I personally use TCP/IP port assignments even in a home setting and ensure that I set a static IP address for my home wireless and wired printers. Then I go into the port settings of the printer on my computer and specifically set it up to use tcp/ip and not the WSD port it seemingly always wants to use.

    One of the ways you can proactively stop a printer from suddenly jumping over to using a WSD port is to go into the web access of the printer and find the setting and disable it. Each printer manufacturer is a little different but the gist is the same. Turn it off to keep it off.

    Bottom line WSD printer ports taking over where I didn’t want them drives me insane! What drives you batty?