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  • Edge Workspaces for work and play

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    ISSUE 21.06 • 2024-02-05

    Mary BranscombeBy Mary Branscombe

    Given how often we all share links to webpages, it’s past time for some tools to manage that better. Workspaces is Microsoft’s latest attempt to share and organize Web links with a group of friends or colleagues.

    Tab groups in the Edge browser are great for organizing yourself, especially now that you can sync between your different desktop devices. But they don’t help with organizing Web links you need to send to someone else, or the ones other people send to you.

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  • Do you need a password manager?


    Brian Livingston

    By Brian Livingston

    It seems we all have to deal with different usernames and passwords for every website we visit and every device we own. The situation is rapidly changing, as I’ll explain below. But at the moment, the need for you to remember or juggle all these credentials can strain your brain.

    One approach that many pundits recommend is to invest your time and money in a password manager. The best of these apps can store for you hundreds of passwords, make up ridiculously strong password strings that are impossible to guess, alert you if one of your passwords was exposed in an Internet security breach, and more.

    My column today is the first in a four-part series. In this multipart analysis, I’ll explain the pros and cons of the highest-rated password managers and, most importantly, whether you need one at all.

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  • The state of OneDrive


    Ed Tittel

    By Ed Tittel

    Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage service that dates all the way back to 2007.

    It has become more tightly integrated into Windows since the Vista days, through Windows 7, 8.x, 10, and now 11. OneDrive is also available for MacOS, iOS, Android, and Xbox.

    And, of course, Microsoft 365 apps also work directly and automatically with OneDrive.

    This article seeks to describe OneDrive’s status as of early 2024 and to illuminate some specific issues or potential gotchas that OneDrive can present — at least, for some users.

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  • Taming BitLocker and other encryption methods


    Susan Bradley

    By Susan Bradley

    Our audience consists of several different segments. As a result, there are many different risk levels.

    My risk tolerance may not be the same as yours, and vice versa. Ultimately, it comes down to your specific comfort level in your specific environment. And, of course, risk levels change over time.

    Once upon a time, we would authenticate to our mail providers in plain text, with usernames and passwords clearly visible, and send all emails in the same fashion. You could “tap” the line with special equipment read every email – in the clear. That’s no longer considered secure, so now nearly all mail providers offer some sort of protection, especially for the credentials.

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