Daily Archives: February 10, 2024

  • Want to see the world darker?

    This question came up the other day – someone wanted to know if we could offer a button to flip the site to dark mode. Do you know that you can do it with an Extension? Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc, whatever is your favorite browser – just go to the extension store and look for a reputable extension. What’s a reputable extension? One that has lots of users, and good reviews. The one I tried out is called darkreader.org

    The one application that I never do dark mode on is Excel. The dark borders do not work with the white cells. I also recommend good light bulbs when working with computers. I prefer a brighter daylight lightbulb when working with computers. Mind you I work with documents AND computers so often I’m reading tax documents or other information.

    What about you? Do you use tools or techniques to deal with contrast issues?