• Are subscriptions making our software boring?

    I spotted an interesting discussion on the web that proposed that software releases weren’t “exciting” anymore because vendors no longer had to wow their audience. The subscription model meant that the companies had their guaranteed revenue set and didn’t have to earn any new buyers. In face some argued that Apple has gone this way as well. That Steve Jobs was the pioneer and Tim Cook being more of the business person.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that while Microsoft is rolling out Copilot to nearly everything, they are also in the news for a recent security issue. While we will have to wait for more details as I’m still scratching my head as to what really happened, I’ll still say that anytime in business, if you are using Microsoft 365, you need to enable Multi-factor authentication. I’ll have more articles in the future about what all of us can do to better protect ourselves online. Stay tuned.

    Both Microsoft and Apple are at their highest market values, but I doubt any one of us would sleep outside of Best Buy to buy a new software release (new Apple iphones notwithstanding as their releases already create insanity). Would you wait in line for a vendor’s release? Do you think subscriptions are removing the “fun” of software?