• The pain of not having high speed

    Earlier today my Power Company temporarily shut of power in order to change out a telephone pole. While it was not cold, we made do by making breakfast on the gas stove (had to open a window as the exhaust fan wouldn’t work for obvious reasons), what really stuck out as being painful was surfing on cellular. I have several computers that have cellular built in and you can tell that there are many web sites that just ASSUME we are all on a fast internet connection.

    Gone are the dial up days where the web sites all knew we were on slow connections, now from our operating systems and their monthly download of updates, to web sites that grab every last bit of bandwidth, they all assume we have extremely fast internet.

    Now while I’m not willing to go back to those dial up days, I do wish vendors would allow for more options on web sites, streaming sites, etc., to allow for lower resolution options. What are some of your tricks for dealing with the bandwidth mandates that vendors seem to be building into web sites these days?