• Vendors force changes


    Susan Bradley

    By Susan Bradley

    Whether your operating system is Windows, Apple, Chromium, or even a variation of Linux, there comes a time when a vendor draws a line in the sand regarding support.

    How vendors handle this, and what you plan to do with that support mandate, depend on what sort of computer user you are.

    The loss of support can be obvious and overt, such as when a vendor bluntly tells you a device is no longer supported. Or it can be slow and silent, such as updates making a device slower over time. In both instances, you must decide what you plan to do. In addition, there are times when the vendor starts pushing you to upgrade to a new version, even when you may not be ready for it or do not wish to expend the effort and downtime to install the upgrade. Both Microsoft and Apple like to nudge you toward a newer version.

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