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    Meet the team that brings you the AskWoody panoply…

    AskWoody Newsletter

    Editor in Chief Tracey Capen has had a love/hate relationship with personal computing (and technology in general) since the days of Commodore 64s, CP/M, and DOS. He was a managing editor at InfoWorld, executive editor at PCWorld, and editor in chief of Windows Secrets. He’s also worked as a boat builder, carpenter, SCUBA instructor, photographer, and numerous other odd gigs. He lives on Winter Creek Farm, in Washington State’s fabulous Olympic Peninsula.


    Fred Langa, of LangaList fame, has been writing about tech — specifically about personal computing — for as long as there have been PCs. Fred was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996), overseeing Windows Magazine and others. He’s one of the founding members of the original Windows Secrets newsletter. Check out for all Fred’s current projects.


    In High School Susan Bradley was introduced to Basic, in College, Cobol, then the PC revolution kicked in and she’s been wrangling personal computers since then. She has been patching since before the Code Red/Nimda days and remembers exactly where she was when SQL slammer hit (i.e. trying to buy something on ebay and wondering why the Internet was so slow). She is back writing the Patch Watch column for AskWoody, and was one of the authors of Windows Server 2008 Security Resource kit, and Small Business Server 2008 Unleashed. In real life she’s the IT wrangler at a California Accounting firm, where she manages a fleet of Windows Servers, an Exchange Server, a few Azure virtual machines, an Office 365 implementation, many desktops, a few Macs, several iPhones and tries to keep patches up to date on all of them. In addition, she provides forensic computer investigations for the litigation consulting arm of the firm. She is a Microsoft Security MVP and is still concerned about small businesses and security.

    Brian Livingston is co-author of 11 Windows Secrets books, was editor of the Windows Secrets Newsletter from 2004 through 2010, and is author of the new book Muscular Portfolios (2018), which reveals financial technology for the rest of us. As a tech expert from 1991 through 2003, he was a contributing editor of PC World, CNET, InfoWorld, eWeek, and Datamation. He is currently a business columnist for and

    AskWoody Lounge

    An AskWoody MVP since the launch of the Lounge in 2017, @Kirsty is a business administration whiz. Computers as work tools is behind her interest in productive, affordable and secure computing from an end- user’s perspective. Researching BSODs caused by installed updates first brought her to AskWoody! Now she’s part of the furniture here.


    @PKCano. Knows all. Sees all. You’ve been warned.


    Workin’ both sides

    Perennial Windows gadfly @woody Woody Leonhard, the eponymous factotum of, writes books and Computerworld articles, posts on the AskWoody Lounge, keeps the AskWoody Newsletter and Alerts shiny side up, and tilts at WINdmills with varying degrees of success. Veteran of the original Windows Secrets and Woody’s Windows Watch, with several intrepid steps along the way. Woody’s lived in a lot of interesting places, traveled in a few more, and now calls Tennessee home.


    1997 – Fred Langa starts the LangaList newsletter

    1998 – Woody Leonhard starts the Woody’s Windows Watch newsletter

    2003 – Brian Livingston starts Brian’s Buzz on Windows

    2004 – Brian merges Brian’s Buzz and Woody’s Windows Watch, creating Windows Secrets Newsletter, named after Brian’s best-selling books

    2004 – Woody starts, to broadcast news and advice on Windows and Office

    2005 – Susan Bradley starts the Patch Watch column in Windows Secrets

    2006 – LangaList merges into Windows Secrets

    2008 – Gizmo Richards’ Support Alert Newsletter merges into Windows Secrets

    2009 – Windows Secrets takes the Woody’s Lounge web site under its wing, becoming the Windows Secrets Lounge

    2010 – Brian relinquishes the Editor in Chief job to Tracey Capen

    2010 – iNet acquires Windows Secrets

    2015 – Penton Media acquires iNet

    2016 – Informa acquires Penton

    2017 – The AskWoody web site grows an appendage called the AskWoody Lounge, opening the site to contributions from everyone

    2019 – AskWoody LLC acquires Windows Secrets Newsletter, merges the Windows Secrets Lounge into the AskWoody Lounge