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  • It’s Happy Sysadmin Day!

    It’s the 23rd annual sysadmin day and I’d like to include everyone who handles their own technology in their home as part of that “happy” appreciation. Personally I think home technology is sometimes more confusing and harder to do than business tech. Too often vendors assume that home users don’t need options, or need set up to be hidden by or only done with apps and phones.

    So pat yourself on the back for having one of the hardest jobs on the planet: Keeping up with home technology!

    In other news – I didn’t realize that 2022 is the year that George Jetson was born! In two days he will be born!

    “Meet George Jetson….. His Boy Elroy……..Daughter Judy…….Jane his wife.”

    Theme song here

  • The worst software in the world


    Will Fastie

    By Will Fastie

    If I were grading the various apps in Microsoft’s Casual Games collection, they’d be lucky to get a D.

    It’s not because the games themselves are bad. It’s because they are all based on the same underlying game engine, one designed with multiple capabilities. The emphasis on the engine has diverted attention away from the games themselves, which have been in general disrepair for some time.

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