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  • Just a reminder – our Holiday schedule

    Just a reminder that we are taking a break and not emailing the newsletter to Plus members until Tuesday due to the Holiday schedule. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. I’m working on a present I bought myself, or rather a present bought for myself that I’m going to use in the weeks ahead for the site: A brand spanking new HP laptop with Windows 11 Home with the intent to fully kick the tires, report on setting it up. and in particular keep an eye on the impact of patches specifically on an “Unmanaged” Home version of Windows 11.

    So I’m purposely going to see the impact on a Windows 11 Home version and when features and changes are going to be offered up to that particular version. Stay tuned.

    As an aside, just so you know, it shipped with Windows 11 22H2, you still can install it without a Microsoft account with the email address trick, the center menu along with the cartoons in the search box are still jarring to me.  The Edge setup process is a LOT of confusing questions.  I’ve confirmed already that in this configuration, Device encryption is set to “on”, the C drive reports that Bitlocker is enabled, even though it really isn’t and certainly I know I do not have the password for drive encryption backed up. I’ll have more on this in an upcoming article. So while I’m kicking the tires of the computer, I’m also watching old movies on TCM and right now “Desk Set” is on with Hepburn and Tracy. The opening credits acknowledged the cooperation and assistance of the International Business Machines Corporation as well as featured green bar computer paper that I haven’t seen in YEARS.

    And what’s the topic of the film?  Why AI in a way. “ In the midst of the general enthusiasm that characterized popular coverage of the computer in this period crept hints of unease about the possibility of electronic brains displacing humans in domains previously thought to have been free from the threat of mechanization.”

    Hmmm.  Things haven’t changed, have they?

  • Thank you to all the readers and supporters

    As this is the American day of Thanksgiving, I’d like to give thanks to all the readers and supporters!  We wouldn’t be here without you!

    I’d also like to thank you for being a bit more aware, a bit more savvy, a bit less prone to scams and fraud. Take this holiday season when you interact with others to educate others about the latest frauds and scams. The Holiday season is always a time when you can get sucked into online shopping scams.

    This year I’m not doing any major technology migration projects this weekend, but I am going to be hanging up the Christmas lights and decorations. In addition to making sure Alexa still turns on the Christmas lights in unison, I had to debug why my garland wasn’t lighting up properly in anticipation of hanging it up. Amazing how many burnt-out light bulbs can hide in the garland!

    Here’s hoping all of your Burnt-out lightbulbs are easily found this holiday season.

    And again, thank you for being here!

  • To the life of Queen Elizabeth II

    She had a well filled life.  Through all the toils and troubles, through living through the Blitz during World War II to jumping out of airplanes with James Bond and to having sandwiches with a bear, here’s to a woman who lived a long and eventful life.

    We Americans may have left the governance of England years ago, but this American has always respected how she’s led her life.

    Here’s to a long life and may all of us live through as much of history as she did.

  • Webb telescope – Secondary mirror fully deployed

    If you’ve been following the James Webb telescope saga, you’ll know that they are so far… so good.

    The sunshield has been deployed and now the secondary mirror deployment is completed.

    Too bad the Nasa folks can’t code up Windows updates, ‘eh?

  • It’s nearly 2022

    At least for me in my time zone, I have a few hours left. For those of you downunder you are already there.

    2021 has had it’s moments. I’m proud of this site and everyone who participates. We’re ending it on a bit of an odd note with the news that actress Betty White has passed away at nearly 100.  Geekdom had a great post the other day and I hope everyone takes the time to read it and contemplate what you’d like to add to his list.

    Again thank you all for helping us close 2021 and open up 2022. Here’s to the new year!

    To close a bit of YoYo Ma from his twitter account.

    Yo-Yo Ma on Twitter: “Wishing you all a happy 2022.” / Twitter

    Click on the link above and enjoy his fabulous talent.

  • Tasks for the weekend – December 25, 2021

    So what are my tasks for THIS weekend?  Well if you got a brand new geek device the first thing you should do is turn it on and update it. Because EVERYTHING you purchase these days needs an immediate firmware update.

    But if you didn’t get a new geek thing? My task for you is to turn off the technology and relax tonight. Take a stroll around your neighborhood and look at the Christmas lights. Drink a cup of egg nog or hot chocolate.  Wherever you are, whatever you do, have a wonderful day today and from all of us at Askwoody, thank you to all of you for supporting this endeavor!

    Everyone have a happy and safe Holiday season!

    (remember the newsletter comes out tomorrow!)

  • Twas the night before (tech edition)

    With a hat tip to Kevin Moradi on the Churchmag site

    To you and yours, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday (and don’t forget to get up early to watch the Telescope take off!)

  • We’re tracking the telescope this year!

    Looks like rather than tracking Santa, we’ll be tracking the launch of the telescope on Christmas day.

    NASA Webb Telescope on Twitter: “Due to adverse weather conditions at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, the James Webb Space Telescope’s launch is postponed from Dec. 24 to no earlier than Dec. 25. A weather forecast will be issued tomorrow to confirm this date: #UnfoldTheUniverse” / Twitter

    The James Webb telescope launch was supposed to be on December 24 and now won’t go out until December 25th.

    Keep an eye out for launch!  Of course if you still want to track Santa, Norad will still be there to provide the details.



  • Happy Birthday to Richard!

    Happy Birthday to AskWoody reader Richard who got gifted a surprise Plus membership by his Sister, Janet!

    Here’s a bunch of virtual birthday candles wishing you a wonderful birthday from all of us at AskWoody.  And thank you to Janet for reaching out to me so we could surprise him!

  • Slow file copy

    I’m setting up a new Server 2019 with HyperV and I’m reminded of something I did on the LAST Server 2019 that I set up.

    I disable RSS on the server  by typing into PowerShell the following command:  netsh int tcp set global RSS=Disabled

    And then Disable-NetAdapterRsc -Name (and then you put in the name of your Ethernet connection)

    Now for that second command you need to make it easy on yourself by renaming the name of the Ethernet connection so you don’t have to type a huge line into the command. When I went googling for the exact command I realized that while I don’t do this command on my workstations, I DO indeed do this command on my servers. There is a detailed write up on this blog about this command and it walks you through the process of identifying if your network connection is impacted by RSC.

    So what is RSC?  A technology that is SUPPOSED to make things better/faster.  I’ve found that at least when your server is supposed to do file sharing, it does better when it’s off.

    The underlying issue (as I understand it) comes down to drivers. For me, I needed to turn this off. On desktops running the latest Windows 10 and reasonably up to date drivers I have not needed to use this command to impact wifi  speed on my workstations.

  • 2021 has arrived

    (well for some…. for me not quite)

    Well we almost have made it.  It is …or nearly is… 2021.

    I’ve seen some of the fireworks displays of other countries – hopefully these links work for everyone?

    Auckland fireworks

    Sydney fireworks

    Taipei fireworks

    Dubai fireworks

    Paris fireworks

    England fireworks and drone show

    New York

    Las Vegas

    Los Angeles

    Here’s to a better 2021 for everyone from all of us here at

  • Twas the night before 2020 style

    Depending on where you live it’s either the night before or the day of Christmas.  I hope you will have or have had a wonderful day where ever you are.  Here’s hoping that all of your technology worked, your Christmas lights were all lit up, and more than anything else, you and your loved ones are hanging in there even if we can’t be as much together as we want to this year.

    The other night, Dolly Parton sang a song on her Christmas special that resonated with me because of this year.  Have a listen to the song here   (*) and more importantly read the lyrics here.

    This has been such an unusual year that I just want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you and especially thank Woody for starting this site.  I want to thank him for entrusting me to continue on with what he started.  I know I’m looking forward to 2021 and I hope you are too!

    Again thank you for all that you do here on

    “I believe to my very core we’ll walk again in the sunshine by the seashore
    That we’ll dance and we’ll sing and be happy again
    Don’t know how or when
    But we will again
    You’ll see ….”

    (*) If you can’t view the video from that link, try this one instead.  (thank you E in the comments for the link to one that works in Belgium)