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      Pros of OTA updates of iOS:

      • They’re very convenient.
      • They’re much smaller in download size than the equivalent update via iTunes. (Delta updates rather than full iOS images, i.e. only files that have changed.)


      • Device needs to have 50% battery charge minimum or be on charge.
      • Dependent on the speed of your device’s Wi-Fi connection.
      • The updates need to unpack themselves on your device before beginning their updating… so much more space on the device is required.
      • You’ll usually need to wait for ages whilst Preparing Update:
      • If you have more than one Apple device then 5GB free iCloud storage space is often not enough to backup prior to any update.
      • Good luck if you suffer a glitch. An OTA restore is a painful experience.

      However, whilst I tend to always use iTunes – even though the Windows version is poor – I’ve only once had a problem with an OTA update a long time ago, hence why I know what a miserable experience an OTA Restore is (or used to be). I lost the use of my phone for ~3 hours… and have nearly always used iTunes since (unless it’s a critical update and I’m away from home). By comparison, a restore from iTunes takes just a few minutes.

      Hope this helps…

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