• Gdrive update on Android – much improved real time editing

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      I agree with Woody’s viewpoint on the benefits of Google apps over MS… even his statement that it was “breathtaking” to see Google apps just work without hassle! Of course this will depend greatly on the complexity of documents and so YMMV…

      But my comment is that there was a serious problem of real time updates to Google spreadsheets on Android mobile devices until Gdrive was updated a few months ago. Editing spreadsheets in Android Chrome (at least Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich) was extremely cumbersome when I wanted to update costs to my home budget sheet. But the Gdrive update made quick updates to spreadsheets much faster… sheets load much faster and edits are much more intuitive. Gdrive editing has some limits if formatting changes are needed… for these, I go back to my PC. But now with Gdrive, I can pop into my home budget spreadsheet and enter that restaurant expense (or whatever) in seconds on my phone or tablet. This is no small benefit.

      Now if the Android Gdrive editor for spreadsheets gets more features for formatting, … well all the better.