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      I just used wushowhide to hide an update that was waiting for installation within Windows Update. I have my computer (10 Pro) set to notify me but not to download anything within Windows Update (the “famous” setting of 2 within GPEdit). Because of this, I noticed that KB4023057 was “waiting in the wings” to be downloaded and installed by WU.

      Upon seeing that, I exited the WU application and did the following:

      1. Launch wushowhide and selected the option to “Hide updates” once the two options of “Hide updates” and “Show hidden updates” appeared.
      2. Selected KB4023057 as an update I wanted to hide and clicked “Next”, letting wushowhide do its thing. when it was done, I selected the “Close troubleshooter” option.
      3. Relaunched wushowhide, this time selecting the option to “Show hidden updates” in order to verify the fact that KB4023057 was in fact hidden. Once I saw that the KB was on the list of hidden updates, I selected the “Cancel”button to exit wushowhide.
      4. I then proceeded to launch WU and, once launched, I clicked the option to “Pause updates for 7 days”. I then counted to 30 after which time I then clicked the button to “Resume updates”, at which time WU proceeded to check for updates that might be available. Since KB4023057 was now hidden, it didn’t find anything to install, so it came back saying that I was fully up to date. At this time, I exited Windows Update.

      NOTE: Doing the above procedure, which is, I guess, a variation of sorts of @Matador ‘s method referred to above by @PKCano and @Matador , I have never had any update listed as “Optional” by WU get installed. I have had this procedure fully work only if ALL non-optional updates have been hidden by wushowhide. Otherwise, any non-optional updates that you haven’t hidden will be installed after clicking the “Resume updates” button.

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      Hello. I’m new here, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I might make whilst writing this. And I also apologize for the length of this post.

      I have an issue with Windows Security Center. At 11 AM today, I heard a ding sound signaling that a device was inserted into my PC. I’d assumed it was malware, since I didnt connect any device at all. So, I checked the Windows Defender icon in the pop put panel, and sure enough, the icon showed the caution symbol signaling that Windows Defender has actions I need to check.

      When I entered, it stated that part of the Core Isolation protection was turned off. I felt panicked and nervous, since this has never happened to me before. I turned it back on, and now it told me it needed to restart to enable it. I did so, and yet the yellow icon still was there. (It was the Local Security Authority protection)

      I re-entered, and when I checked again, what I saw confused me greatly.

      It had remained enabled, but Windows still warned that it was turned off. I dismissed the warning, and rechecked the icon. It was green, no issues. However, I noticed that Memory access protection was disabled. I renabled it, and now it says that a restart is required. I then thought, “No problem, right?”

      As it turns out, people on the Windows 11 Reddit have been reporting that the latest Windows Defender update (KB5023286, Version 1000.25305.0.1000) has been causing issues, ranging from UI color changes, to LSA or TPM disabling itself, refusing to open, etc. Sounds similar to my issue, albeit in a worse form.

      They fixed it by adding two Registry keys, (But I don’t think I need that drastic of a fix just yet) but I have a problem concerning the new update. I told Windows Defender to check for updates, (because I was going to run a scan, but I halted myself, due to the above information.) and it installed the same one. I did so before I heard the above information, so now I’m in possession of a dilemma: Should I restart and hope for the best, restart and roll back the update, or should I avoid turning off my PC?

      I have not installed any updates since March 1st, (I use WUSOHide to hide updates and GPEdit to use the setting of “Notify, but don’t download or install”) but I’ve heard rumors that Defender updated in the background.

      My PC is still on, so now I have to make a decision. So my question is this: What should I do? Should I restart and go on, restart and roll back, or avoid shutting down?

      I will be grateful for any advice or aid anyone can give me, and I hope not to waste the community’s time.


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      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for highlighting this update. Is there a means to block this update, please?

      I tried the steps (included below) from BleepingComputer but the update is not listed within the updates to hide (only old optional driver updates are listed).

      One of my older systems uses Windows 10 22H2 with Office 2010 64 bit installed. Thanks in advance for any advice:

      Download and run the “Show or hide updates” troubleshooter
      Click on ‘Next’
      Select the KB5021751 update
      Click on ‘Next’
      Restart your device if prompted

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      If the OP is using WUMgr then why would you do this?

      The OP used pause so he ddin’t get any updates with WUmgr.

      Wumgr doesn’t stand on its own. WUmgr uses Windows Update and conforms to any Windows Update settings (pause, defer, metered, notify, drivers updates, TRV..).
      There are no pause, notify… settings in WUmgr, so you can’t select when to download/install updates with WUmgr.

      Notify=2 let you know that there are new updates, then you can use WUmgr (when you are ready to install) and hide updates you don’t want and download and install the ones you want.

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      without relying on a program like WUmgr, which as I understand it still does rely on Windows Update.

      WUmgr just displays the list of available updates so you get to select what and when to hide / install. Every update hidden can be unhidden and installed.
      When you select to hide updates doesn’t download so it is no different from downloading from the catalog and you gain catalog search time…

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      When I’ve found an update snuck in prior to my morning winshowhide trigger finger, I have simply re-run winshowhide (clicking ‘advanced’ tab lower left corner and unticking checkmark), hide updates I don’t want, then re-run winshowhide (unchecking ‘advanced) to ensure they are indeed hidden and again to ensure there are no more to hide. Then follow PKCano’s Clear The Queue instructions. https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/2000013-how-to-clear-the-windows-update-queue-in-win10/

      When you get to PK’s point  “ *restart …may take 36 hrs …” , I do this Matador’s trick:

      *Restart PC.  I check again winshowhide twice (unticking advanced):

      1.checking nothing is left to hide, 2. again check they are indeed hidden.

      Only then do I go into Win Update Stgs AND as it starts to scan, quickly click on ‘Pause Updates’, then quickly click on ‘Resume’ (which will show up above, where ‘check for updates’ usually is.) It will complete scan and say “You’re up to date”. Works flawlessly! Hope this helps.

      Note: not sure it matters as I’m on Win 10 Pro, but I keep ‘metered connections’ on at all times until I actually un-hide and do updates. Have accidentally forgotten to turn back metered connections on during restart to no ill affect.

      (Don’t panic-if you have set Gpedit to ‘2’, nothing will d/load unless you physically ‘check for updates’. Winshowhide will work. You just have to clear the queue!)

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    • #2496628

      Nothing went wrong.

      When Windows Update scans for updates, the results are put in a cache. That’s what you see in the Settings App\Windows Update. The cache doesn’t get refreshed until Windows Update scans for updates again on its own (maybe once a day or longer).

      wushowhide is current. What you see in wushowhide is the current list of updates b/c wushowhide’s scan is done when you scan. After you hide updates, rerun wushowhide to verify that only the updates you want are available.

      However, what you see in the Settings App\Windows Update list is what gets downloaded/installed. So, after you run wushowhide and hide updates, you have to clear the Windows Update cache (list) and force Windows Update to make a current scan so that the list reflects what you hid with wushowhide. There are several ways to do this.

      You can wait till Windows Update again scans on its own – may be a day or so later.
      You can force WU to scan by clicking “Pause,” waiting a few seconds, then clicking “Resume updates.” This will force WU to rescan. (I know, this is scary the first few times you do it. But if you have verified what is available in wushowhide, you are OK).


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      I”m not sure I understand so let me explain how I use wush.  I start it and give it admin privs, and I get to the “show or hide updates”, with the advanced checkbox.  When I click “next” it says “detecting problems”.  I’ve never known what “problems” it is looking for and the next screen had the “show updates” and “hide updates”   If I click on one I get my list of hidden updates [to show] or shown updates [to hide].  I click on one and get a list of updates with checkboxes next to them.  I select some and click on “next”.   If I have the auto-apply box unchecked the next screen lists the updates I had checked and when I click “next” it says “resolving problems” and then after a surprisingly long time [spent I expect talking microsoft’s update servers].  Then “verifying fix”.  another long wait. Then “Troubleshooting has completed” and it lists each update I had checked and just says “fixed”.

      If I do the same but don’t uncheck the “auto fix” box, is identical except that it doesn’t list the updates and give me a “next” box — it just goes directly to the “Resolving problems” window and it finishes exactly as in the other case.

      It *seems* that the only difference is that by unchecking the apply repairs box is that you have one extra step in getting the updates shown or hidden.    Am I missing something?



    • #2490997

      Since you are on Pro, there is an easier way to set the TargetReleaseVersion (TRV) using Group Policy (That’s what the script does using Registry settings).

      I suggest you read through AKB2000016 for how to do this. Sections 4 and 5 are specifically for Pro. The most important setting is the “2” (notify download/install). What this dows is trap the updates in the Windows Update queue until you click a “Doenload” button (not “Check for updates). The other settings that are important are the ProduceVersion and the TargetReleaseVersion. You can choose to stay on Win10 and choose the version you want to install (or stay on). Don’t worry about the deferal settings mentioned, just leave them “Not Configured.” There are screenshots below to show you where the settings are in GP.

      Once the updates are controled in this way, you can use wushowhide.diagcab to hide updates you don’t want (there is a download link in Section 1 or 2). And DO NOT use “Pause” with the GP settings. wushowhide uses the Windows Update Service to search for updates, and “Pause” stops that Service

      If you have any questions, come back and ask.


    • In reply to: Update to Win 10 21H2


      One more thing. Knowing I only want to install ver 21H2 before Oct 11, should I click on “Check for updates”?

      Askwoody doesn’t recommend ‘check for updates’.

      Run a tool like WUmgr… to check for updates . hide updates (like previews..) and install the updates you want.

      Remember : create a full image copy before any update.

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    • #2486913

      Also, WAU Manager has been referred to as a portable app. Does that mean I need to leave it running all the time

      You ran WAU, WUmgr… manually when you want to check and install updates, hide updates… providing you didn’t pause/metered.. updates

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      Hi Susan,
      I am Win10/Pro, 21H2, GP=2 (notify download/install), TRV=Windows 10 & 21H2, Local Computer Policy | Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Windows Updates | Windows Update for Business | “Select when Preview Builds and Feature Updates are received” enabled > “Select the Windows readiness level for updates you received”: Semi-Annual Channel selected & “After a Preview Build or Features Update is released, defer for this many days”: 0 selected.

      This Newsletter article (ISSUE 19.36.1 • 2022-09-08 “MS-DEFCON 2: Will September updates behave?”) has a link to blockapatch.com, where there is a description of how WUSHOWHIDE works and how to use it.

      I have a question about the Advanced link in WUSHOWHIDE.

      I’ve always bypassed the Advanced link when running it. I assume that means that the ‘apply repairs automatically’ box is ticked, rather than unticked.

      However, I don’t understand the consequences of bypassing the Advanced link and not unticking the checkbox, as they are stated <here> by @rrabbit (Kirsty).

      If you don’t untick the checkbox, you do not gain the control of which updates get hidden or shown!

      When I click on the “Hide Updates” link, I see a list of updates that are currently in the WU queue. On the other hand, when I click on the “Show hidden updates” link, I can see a list of updates that have previously been hidden. That hidden-update list does not change, unless WU withdraws it or comes up with a replacement (a newer CU is available) or I’ve previously unhidden the update and it was installed then.

      So, it doesn’t appear to me that I’ve lost control of which updates get hidden or shown: “Hide Updates” shows me what can be hidden and “Show hidden updates” shows me what is hidden.

      Have I not (seemingly) lost control because I have GP=2 (notify download/install)? And/or because I have the Windows Business Update for Business settings, as stated above?

      Or is there some other reason that I seem not to have lost control of which updates get hidden or shown?

      Or have I lost control of which updates get hidden or shown and I don’t know it??

      I am puzzled b/c I see no difference, box ticked or box unticked.

    • #2475639

      When using it, click “Advanced” then uncheck “apply changes.” Then “Hide updates.”

      What does this do? I confess that I’ve never gone through the “Advanced” step, but everything seems to work ok without it.

    • #2474437

      Download wushowhide. I like to keep it handy on my desktop. It doesn’t “install” it just runs. When using it, click “Advanced” then uncheck “apply changes.” Then “Hide updates.” After you hide them, run it again and verify that only the updates you want are still pending, because that’s what is going to get install as soon as you removed Metered connections.

      wushowhide won’t scan for updates so you can hide them as long as WU Paused.
      If you have WU “Paused”, the moment you “Resume updates” it will trigger a search for updates and an attempt to download/install. So you have to be careful how you balance the Metered connection and the use of wushowhide.  Be sure you have Metered connections ON before you do anything.


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      Thank you Susan for your update and the link to blockapatch.com.  I viewed the YTube vid also.  As a W8.1 consumer user with UEFI/SecureBoot enabled I’m following your tip to hide the update for now.  W8.1 makes it easy to hide updates, as you know.  I do not like to install updates for the sake of Microsoft publishing them thus your input is valuable to me and others in making the decision.  Certainly if there becomes a need for this update then I’ll download/install.  Bottom line is we appreciate your help.

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