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      On a system that had been quieted, no new attempts to communicate online have been detected after these updates (I got KB3139907 and KB3140743 together).

      For what it’s worth, Microsoft actually HAS provided all people need to take control over WHEN and WHETHER updates are applied to Windows 10.

      Between the Microsoft Show or Hide Updates tool (KB3073930) both showing the list of available updates, and the abilities to reconfigure local policy or even go so far as to Disable the Windows Update service, any user willing to follow a small procedure can be in complete control.

      I’d wager most folks don’t realize the Microsoft Show or Hide Updates tool can be employed as a “what’s available”.

      Of course, they could just come here, or go to Microsofts “Windows Update History” log to see if something new worth considering has arrived. This blog is how I knew to look for the 10586.122 update…


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      Does Microsoft hide updates so you can’t see them? I’ve checked my updates, and the ones you mention aren’t there. I have Win 7 pro.

      Anything to worry about?

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      I have my updates set to recommended updates only for two years (ever since I discovered Woody’s blog) and I still have to hide updates that Woody & Co. have designated dangerous. I have already hidden KB3083710 for October with probably more to come.

      I also would like to know why news outlets like CNN & CNBC, etc are not reporting on this announcement and its reaction. Too busy running Windows 10 ads?

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      5 days after I joined Susan Bradley’s petition, I installed Windows 10 H and began tweaking it to my liking. That means, make it look as much as possible like the Windows 95 I used to have long ago. :^_^:

      To avoid delving in the registry I installed “Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4” .

      UWT claims it can Disable Windows Update Service”.

      I switched it ON, but I don’t know yet if and how it works.
      Of course it’s not an ideal solution because it’s an all or nothing choice, without control over the separate updates. Ruirib’s link http://www.windowscentral.com/how-prevent-windows-driver-update may very possibly complement the UWT tweak.

      Anyway, I’ll keep watching Susan’s Patch Watch, and if she doesn’t proclaim any dire warnings, I’ll intermittently enable the update service AND use Microsoft’s “Show or hide updates” tweak.


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      “AIUI, you can’t stop the first install”

      Actually, you can. Download the show/hide updates utility. If you run it immediately after boot, it will show you which updates are due to be downloaded before Windows Update can download them.


      If you have Pro installed, you can also use the Group Policy Editor.


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      You can still decline driver updates at System, Advanced, Hardware, Device installation Settings, Never install driver software from Windows Update:

      How to Change Device Installation Settings in Windows 10

      The “Show or hide updates” troubleshooter (after install/uninstall) is a download at How to temporarily prevent a Windows or driver update from reinstalling in Windows 10

      Settings, Update & security, Advanced options, Defer upgrades only delays new features by a few months: Defer upgrades in Windows 10

      Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1778 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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      I’m not seeing KB3035583 myself and nor am i seeing KB2977759 (probably because i have CEIP turned off). But i am seeing KB2952664 and KB3083710 as optional. Right click > hide updates with extreme prejudice.

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      I setup a Home Network of 3 NAS, Home Entertainment including Boxee, 2 Routers in different configurations and a workstation PC which I NAMED. That was started on W 7 through W 8 and W 8.1.

      When I started as on the Insider Program in the first Build of W 10, the OS assumed the NAME of my Home Network was My Organizational Name, what I assume is like a virtual Domain??? This then does not seem much different than being behind a domain and/or connected to WSUS. I prefer altering the Registry over the Group Policy method so with a bit of Registry dexterity, I have Windows Update as locked down as I have had it, since W 7. With the use of KB3073930 – Show or hide updates troubleshooter package now.diagcab, I can see MOST of what is available on WU, MOST of the time. If I am checking for updates I am usually ready for Downloads and I still have the time control available anyway.

      As an Insider. I can change to the Fast Ring and with in a few minutes to about 4 hours and Clicking Check for Updates, down will come the next Build(Flight). Again the time control is there. I grab the “Install.esd” convert it to an ISO and Upgrade from the ISO.

      The point I am trying to demonstrate is that I have found away to stay in full control and meet my own timing, NOT TO AVOID UPDATES! I want the updates, just on my schedule not Gabe Aul’s. I should also say I have not Upgraded my Main or Test W 8.1 partitions yet.


      Best Regards,



      1. Tower Totals: 2xSSD ~512GB, 2xHHD 20 TB, Memory 32GB

      SSDs: 6xOS Partitions, 2xW8.1 Main & Test, 2x10.0 Test, Pro, x64

      CPU i7 2600 K, SandyBridge/CougarPoint, 4 cores, 8 Threads, 3.4 GHz
      Graphics Radeon RX 580, RX 580 ONLY Over Clocked
      More perishable

      2xMonitors Asus DVI, Sony 55" UHD TV HDMI

      1. NUC 5i7 2cores, 4 Thread, Memory 8GB, 3.1 GHz, M2SSD 140GB
      1xOS W8.1 Pro, NAS Dependent, Same Sony above.


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      That worked OK but now I get continuous failures when Windows Update attempts to reinstall the same driver. We should be able to hide or delete unneeded or duplicate non security updates.

      You should try the “Never install driver software from Windows Update” and “Show or hide updates” troubleshooter for Windows 10″ options mentioned indirectly in the article:

      A How-To Geek page discusses how to roll back drivers in Win10 — and how to hide them so they don’t automatically reinstall.

      Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1778 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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      You’ve got your bases covered. Thanks for letting us know.
      In case you are interested, since you have a 64-bit system The GWX is supposed to be in the C:WindowsSysWOW64 folder.

      Can you do a system restore prior to the 4 days ago when you installed KB3035583?

      That link that Clint had referred to might have done the trick as opposed to uninstalling KB3035583.
      Successfully Cancelling Your Windows 10 Upgrade Reservation
      Maybe it will be worth re-installing KB3035583 and following those procedures

      I looked up the other 5 KB’s involved with Windows 7 Windows 10 upgrade:
      KB3068708, KB2990214, KB2952664, KB3021917 & KB3050265
      Consider uninstalling any of them if they are installed and then repeat the hide updates for each one if they show up in Windows Update as Important and also as Optional

      Have you checked out Action Center to see what it reports?

      HP EliteBook 8540w laptop Windows 10 Pro (x64)

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      Nvidia driver issues are not current or ongoing:

      Where did Woody say that the Show or Hide Updates Tool (KB3073930) will not deal with kernel updates?

      Check out Woody’s report of using the tool at Infoworld.

      and for the NVidia Driver fiasco:

      He said he didn’t even see most of the MS Updates, and no security updates were shown as updates which could be hidden. So, if they are listed as Security Updates, the kernel-level driver updates Susan doesn’t trust would never show up when using this tool as it looked when Woody tried to use it. Maybe the tool has evolved since then?

      -- rc primak

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      Traditionally, it’s not so much the Driver Updates which have caused occasional serious issues (NVidia’s current and ongoing issues notwithstanding).

      Nvidia driver issues are not current or ongoing:

      The information posted by Microsoft yesterday on Insider Hub was:

      Updated Nvidia graphics driver available on Windows Update
      This has been addressed and customers with Windows Update will receive the update. If you need to get the latest NVidia driver (version 353.62) immediately, the best way is to launch Windows Update and scan for the updated driver, and then reboot once the driver has been installed.

      It’s what Susan Bradley calls kernel-level driver security updates. She is (and I also am) quite gun-shy of these security updates, which under Windows 10 (it appears) cannot be blocked, removed or deferred by Home and most Pro users. Even the Tool does not allow for this, according to Woody Leonhard.

      Where did Woody say that the Show or Hide Updates Tool (KB3073930) will not deal with kernel updates?

      Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1778 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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      The “Show or hide updates” troubleshooter (KB3073930) was explained in last week’s Windows Secrets newsletter: MS quietly releases an app to hide Win10 updates

      Woody has been playing with it:

      On the road to Windows 10: Problems with forced updates and KB 3073930

      On the road to Windows 10: Nvidia driver tests KB 3073930 patch blocker

      Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1778 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

    • In reply to: How long


      Windows 10 forces update installation. There is no option for non-enterprise users to control updates.

      No longer the case, there is now a MS utility to hide updates.

      Windows 8 end support date is 2023.

      You have at least 1 year to take the free update, plenty of time for MS to sort out the inevitable issues.

      cheers, Paul

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      Ok, there are two possibilities that I can think of that might be causing your problem.

      1. I’m running Win 8.1 Pro if you have 8.1 Standard it may not allow you to hide updates.
      You can check your OS version via File Explorer -> Right-Click on Computer (in left hand pane) -> Select Properties
      2. I’m running an Administrator account if you are using a Standard User account this could also possibly preclude you being able to hide updates.

      HTH :cheers:

      I have a Standard account and have had no problems hiding updates,off out now but will have another look in a few hours.

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