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      wushowhide or WuMgr will let you hide updates, but if the update is re-released by MS it will turn up in your queue again.
      Easiest to leave Edge installed but not use it

      cheers, Paul

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      The AV, MSRT and SSU are required updates and should be installed.

      Wushowhide won’t prevent them downloading. You need to have metered set to on for your network connection, then you can hide updates using wushowhide – or WuMgr if you prefer.

      Warning: yesterday I had an error in Windows Update with a Retry button. Clicking Retry ignores the metered setting and downloads and installs everything.
      The solution is to use WuMgr to install the updates, leaving WU to catch up later.

      cheers, Paul

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      When Windows Update scans on its own, the results of the scan are put in a cache. That is the list of updates you see in the WU queue. It is static (the cache does not change) until Windows Update again scans on its own.

      Each time you use wushowhide or the “usoclient.exe StartScan” command, the list of updates is current (dynamic). That manual scan that you do does not change the Windows Update cache that is generated by Windows Update scanning, so what you see in the queue does not change (or reflect the current available updates).

      When you hide updates with wushowhide, that does not change the cache=WU queue. But what is in the queue is what will be downloaded and installed. So, in order for the queue to reflect the removal of the updates you hide, Windows Update has to be forced to rescan on its own to clear the queue=cache of those hidden updates so they don’t download/install.

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      :3 I just need my trusty usb drive to save my important stuff on 🙂 And if anything goes wrong-I’ll just reboot and install the update version through windows update on a fresh reboot. But I will definitely get it updated tonight. Update it while I sleep, new version by morning, computer takes a couple hour nap and its good to go :3 Course I’d have to hide updates to see what to give it on 20h4 🙂

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      Thanks for both your post Anonymous, they are very helpful.

      Alas, from previous experience it seems that with the .NET preview hidden by wushowhide, the ‘regular’ .NET cumulative update is not offered nor it is visible in the “Hide Updates” area of wushowhide.

      I will have a careful read of AKB2000016 and see if I can replicate on Windows 10 Home your group policy setting to avoid being offered previews for .NET and the regular monthly updates: that sounds like a very good way to avoid hassles with the (.NET) preview updates.

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      That link will download the file.
      Save it to your desktop – the file itself, not a link to it.
      Double click on the file, it will look like the screenshots.
      Click on “Advanced,” uncheck “Apply repairs automatically,” and when you click on “Hide updates” it will give you a list of available updates. Check the ones you want to hide and continue.
      Once you hide them, you will have to wait for Windows Update to scan again on its own before the updates disappear from the queue.

      See AKB2000016 for information on Windows Update Settings and more on wushowhide..

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      I manually installed KB4601050 (2021-02 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8) downloaded through the Microsoft Update Catalog, in order to stay away from KB4601554 (2021-02 Preview Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8) which I previously hid with wushowhide.

      Since you say that you had already hidden the .NET preview with wushowhide, you didn’t really need to go get the February Cumulative Update from the Catalog. You could have rerun wushowhide and looked in the “Hide Updates” area to see that, with the Preview hidden, you should have the February Cumulative Update listed to be hidden, I think.

      I’m using Pro, so I have group policy set in a way so that I don’t get offered previews for .NET and the regular monthly updates by WU and, as a result, they don’t show up to be hidden by wushowhide either. Because of this setup, I was able to use WU to install the February .NET Cumulative Update instead of getting it from the Catalog and installing it separately.

      I believe the setting(s) I have in Group Policy can be duplicated in the Home edition you have of Windows 10 by way of editing entries in the registry using instructions in AKB2000016 here on AskWoody. Those instructions are contained in the area labeled “Section 2 – For Win10 Home Users“. Please carefully read the entire section a couple of times before committing to any course of action to be sure you’re comfortable with what needs to be done and your preferred method of doing it. The instructions include items for 2004 and 20H2 users as well.

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      Guidance for Win10 Update Settings in AKB2000016.
      Use wushowhide.diagcab to hide the updates you don’t want to install.
      Download wushowhide.diagcab from OlderGeeks.

      Put wushowhide.diagcab on your Desktop.
      DO NOT extract the file.

      Just double click on it, then click on “Advanced”.

      Uncheck “Apply repairs automaically”

      Click on “Hide updates’ and check the ones you want to hide.

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      Hello.  I downloaded and extracted the cab file.  It resulted in  bunch of powershell scripts.  i clicked and ran a few, but they all seemed to launch the powershell window, then immediately close

      i did not see any GUI come up that allowed me to follow the instructions you listed, re:

      “Run wushowhide by double clicking on it, then click on “Advanced” then uncheck the box to “apply changes automatically.” You can hide or unhide updates.”

      can you indicate which script in the attached list to run?

      hopefully i didn’t make any incorrect changes to WU



    • #2344390

      yes, thanks.

      i read through the article PK suggested and saw that…

      + wushowhide.diagcab – an MS tool that allows you to check what updates are pending and hide Windows updates you don’t want to install (driver updates, for example). Run wushowhide by double clicking on it, then click on “Advanced” then uncheck the box to “apply changes automatically.” You can hide or unhide updates.
      Wushowhide uses the Windows Update Service to search for updates and will notrun if the Service is Disabled. When you hide updates, you may have to clear the Windows Update queue in order to prevent hidden upates still appearing in the Windows Update queue from installing. Instructions for clearing the Windows Update queue are found in AKB2000013. After clearing the Update queue, you may have to wait until Windows Update checks for updates again (DO NOT click on “Check for updates”).
      Hidden updates (like hidden updates in Win7/8.1) will not show up in the pending updates. You must “unhide” the updates to be able to install them.

      i plan to look into that  in the next few days

    • #2341979

      What you describe is what I expected yet it kept offering me more than what I wanted – including the hidden updates.

      If you used wushowhide to hide updates that app isn’t to be trusted.
      Use wumgr or wumt instead.

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      I am currently running windows 2004 build (19041.685).  I got a windows update notification to install KB4023057,  which is Microsoft’s push to the next operating system version.   Since I am on a current version of Windows, I believe I should not be getting this notification.   Am I correct about this assumption?

      I currently get all my updates using Powershell update and have KB4023057 blocked and will block this update with Windows Show – Hide Updates.

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      Oh ****! 😭🤬🤬

      Just when we thought we had it covered!

      However, I wonder if we’re still OK using wushowhide to hide updates before WU “realizes” they’re available so that they technically never show up in WU’s list of available updates until we’re ready to install them by unhiding them?

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      You don’t need to pause on a Home machine. Set the network connection to metered and you can see what is available and choose to download/install.

      You can also use WUmgr for a nicer update experience.

      cheers, Paul

      On my 1909 Home I had updates paused. Then I set metered connections and resumed updates. It started downloading updates immediately!

      I tried to hide updates, but none showed at first. I paused again, opened wushowhide to have it ready, resumed updates. I managed to hide 4023057, and it says 4586867 also hidden, although it downloaded completely.

      It showed all as pending installation, then started installing 4586786. After about one hour, it was still on installing 20%. I rebooted, then Windows was completing installation of 4586786.

      Now I don’t know whether to proceed with the other updates or not. It is paused again.


      On my 1909 Pro, the only update offered was 4586786 which I installed. “meet now” showed up on the task bar: what is that?

      2004 feature update not offered on either pc.

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      I am running Win 10 1909 and use WuMgr to hide updates. I too, DO NOT have any problems with the Windows Settings page displaying properly.

      The Hide WU Settings in WuMgr is always unchecked.


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