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      Download wushowhide.diagcab from Microsoft.
      Place it on your desktop.
      Double click on it.
      Choose “Advanced” and uncheck “Apply changes automatically.”
      Hide or unhide updates.
      Read through AKB2000013 about how to clear the Windows Update queue after you hide updates. Scroll down the thread, @Matador has another good method to accomplish it.

      You might want to consider WUMgr for better control of Updates on Win10 Home.

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      The instructions in AKB2000016 explicitly say do not use Pause if you use deferrals and Group Policy “2” because it overrides your deferral settings and will download/install automatically when you Resume updates. See Section 4.

      Also, when you use Pause, you won’t see anything in WU or wushowhide because you are telling the system to hide updates from showing for the length of time of the Pause.

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      after you hide updates, they no longer show up in wushowhide, but if they can still be in the Windows Update queue until Windows Update checks for updates again and will get installed if you click “Download.”

      SO look in the WINDOWS UPDATE queue and see what is pending in WINDOWS UPDATE. That is what is going to be installed. If the things that you have hidden are still there, then you need to clear the Windows Update queue.

      I had a problem because I had hidden an update in “Hide updates” (which never showed on the WU screen, because I caught it there before WU had updated itself). But, the next day it was not only in “Show hidden updates”, but it was also in “Hide updates”, in other words it was in both places. I discovered this because my WU screen was showing that it was ready for me to press the “Download” button. I wondered how it could be there, since I had hidden it the day before AND WU had already refreshed/updated the queue. So, I went to wushowhide to hide it again. But, no matter how many times I tried to hide it and no matter how many times it reported that it was “fixed”, it kept appearing in both “Hide updates” and “Show hidden updates”. Several days later, after WU had time to update itself again, it was still appearing in both sections of wushowhide and it was still appearing on my WU screen with a “download” button.

      So, I went to ABK2000013 to follow the instructions for clearing the update queue. My steps are listed in #2310205

      Could you look them and tell me if I followed them correctly?

      I ask because after executing those steps as I have listed them and in that order, WU showed an “Install now” button, which I did not click, and several minutes later, WU showed a RESTART button.

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      When you went to the MajorGeeks website, did you download from the author’s site? or from the MajorGeeks website?
      (I want to avoid any add-ons for adblockers, anti-virus programs, etc — i.e., this kind of bloatware)

      • Could you describe what each of the options does?
      • How does WuMgr interact with GP=2 (notify download/install)?

      Right now I am using wushowhide. Every so often and most particularly on Patch Tuesday, I have used it to hide the Week B patches until MS-DEFCON=3+, at which time I had unhide them to install them, sometimes unhiding and installing one by one. After I unhide, I get a “download” button to install them because GP=2.

      Yesterday, a driver update appeared in “Hide updates” that had already the day before been hidden. So, yesterday there were two of the same update, one in “Hide updates” and the other in “Show hidden updates;” the one in “Hide updates” could not be hidden because there was already one in “Show hidden updates” I was forced to install it, but no harm was done (I can’t see evidence of its having installed.) But, I want to prevent this in the future and WuMgr was recommended here as a substitute for the buggy wushowhide. I want to:

      1. Prevent an update from appearing in both “Hide updates” and “Show hidden updates”.
      2. Keep driver updates from being included in Windows Updates.
      3. Hide Patch Tuesday Week “B” updates that are in the WU queue and then unhide them when MS-DEFCON=3+
      4. Still get the “Download” button (via GP=2) after the update is unhidden.
      5. Hide any other updates that appear in the WU queue in Weeks “A”, “C”, “D” and “E”.
      6. Keep the updates that wushowhide has hidden still hidden in WuMgr, such as KB 4023057=Microsoft Update Health Tools.


      • I am not getting optional Week “C” previews, because GUI: FU=0
      • I do not get the .NET Previews (because I have not installed the .NET CU that it is superseding)
      • TRV=1909.
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      Future suggestion, try WUMgr …

      I see that others, too, have had problems with updates/drivers appearing under both “Hide updates” and “Show hidden updates” in wushowhide.

      So, now I want to turn to WuMgr.
      I’ve opened the link, but I don’t see any download button.

      1. Are there any instructions anywhere on how to download WuMgr, once at the link? Do you have to sign up, first, to download??
      2. Are there any instructions anywhere on how to use it to hide and unhide?

      I’ve done a search here, using “WuMgr” as the term, but nothing comes up with instructions for downloading and instructions for using, nothing that I can find.

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      Maybe someone can tell me if I didn’t apply the steps correctly?

      Or maybe these steps were applied correctly, but they didn’t work because the update was both in “Hide updates” and “Show hidden updates.” I’ve never seen an update in both places in wushowhide before.

      Now after step 10, (with the “restart required, schedule restart” screen showing, the update no longer is listed in “Hide updates”, but it IS listed in “Show hidden updates”.

      I wondering if that means that there were two of these updates (with the same name and details), one in “Hide Updates” and the other in “Show hidden updates”, and not one update that was showing up in both places.

      If there were two distinct updates, both with the same name and same details, why/how could that have happened? Was it the case that after the first update was hidden, WU could no longer see it and so sent it again, and thus, there were two of them and the second instance could not be hidden because the first instance had already been hidden. And so, the second instance was going to be installed, no matter what?

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      Several days ago a Windows Driver (Intel – System showed up in wushowhide. I hid it and then checked to be sure it was hidden.

      Then yesterday, the same update appeared on the WU screen with a “Download” button. (I have GP set to 2, notify download/install). I checked wushowhide and it was both in “Hide updates” and “Show hidden updates”. I tried several times to hide it in “Hide updates”, and it would report that it was fixed.

      But, when I checked wushowhide immediately after, it was still there, both in “Hide updates” and “Show hidden updates”.

      I decided to wait to see if it would show up when WU updated itself. Tonight WU updated itself and the driver was still listed with the “Download” button. It was still in both “Hide updates” and “Show hidden updates.”

      So, I went through the steps in ABK2000013.
      1. Turned on metered connections and shut down.
      2. Booted up with metered connections on. I checked to see if it was still on and it was.
      3. Opened wushowhide. Hid the driver. Got the “is fixed screen”, as I did before. Checked “Show hidden updates”; the driver was still hidden (as it was yesterday and several days ago). Checked “Hide updates.” The driver was still there (as it was several days ago). No matter how many times I did this, the driver was both in “Hide updates” and “Show hidden updates”.
      4. Opened services. Applied Stop
      5. RESTARTED the computer. Checked to see that metered connections was still on.
      6. Opened Services and set to Manual. (It said Manual (Trigger Start).
      7. I immediately ran wushowhide. “Hide updates” looked as it did before. “Show hidden updates” looked the same as it was before, i.e., the driver was in both screens.
      8. I RESTARTED the computer.
      9. I opened Windows Update. This is the screen I got then

      10. And this is the screen I have now.

      Apparently, the steps in AKB2000013 did not work. Is there anything I can do right now to stop it? (Metered connections is still on).

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      I already updated the 1909 cumulative and .Net, but i ran wushowhide again today, and for the first time ever, the feature update for 2004 showed up in the list under “Hide Updates”.

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      I tried WuMgr yesterday and it’s really nice.
      Shows all the updates and lets you install only those you want, so I’ve ignored the NET preview update – you can hide updates if you want as well.

      cheers, Paul

    • In reply to: Pause Update


      Read through this thread – there is a way to cheat pause.

      You can use Metered connections to keep the updates from downloading.
      Settings App\Network\Status

      You can use wushowhide.diagcab to hide updates you don not want.

      Win10 v1903 reaches EOL on Dec. 8, 2020

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      I just ran wushowhide and there were no updates available under “Hide Updates”. I am running Win 10 Pro v 1909. It is Wedneday, Oct 14. I thought I would see some security updates but wushowhide showed nothing.

      My first look at Updates this (very early) a.m. WU showed 10/13 at 6 am as Last Chk’d and Nothing showed on the WU page or wushowhide. An hour or so later they DID show in Settings/WU so that meant my 1st look today was B4 WU had checked today. Look at  your Last Checked date and Time….

      W10 Pro 22H2 / Hm-Stdnt Ofce '16 C2R / HP Envy Desk-Ethernet - SSD-HDD/ i5(8th Gen) 12GB / GP=2 + FtrU=Semi-Annual + Feature Defer = 1 + QU=0

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      I just ran wushowhide and there were no updates available under “Hide Updates”. I am running Win 10 Pro v 1909. It is Wedneday, Oct 14. I thought  I would see some security updates but wushowhide showed nothing.

      Am  I doing something wrong? Does wushowhide look at my advanced settings  for Windows Update”? I have Windows Update set to “Updates paused”.

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      Updates have KB numbers like they did in XP. But instead of having individual updates for the Operating System, they are all rolled into ONE update called a Cumulative Update. Each month builds on (contains) the last months’ updates for a given version. These monthly CUs are called Quality Updates.

      Version Updates occur approximately every 6 months and are called Feature Updates. Versions 1903, 1909, 2004 and 20H2 are examples (and, yes, Microsoft keeps changing the nomenclature to confuse everyone but themselves).

      Wushoehide.diagcab is a MS program used to hide updates from Windows Update so they don’t get installed. In earlier versions of Windows (7 and 8.1) the hide function was built-in to Windows Update and easier to use. Now it’s separate – thank you MS for making things more difficult.

      So yes, do some reading and keep asking questions.
      OP = original poster (you). First post was your original entry (post).

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      I made all the changes, restarted my system (out of habit) and then went to Windows Update where I ‘resumed’ updates… only to find that everything goes ahead as normal i.e., starts to download/install updates and requests a further restart. On checking View Update History, all the updates I do not want have been installed?

      Well, you didn’t read the instructions, because this is what AKB2000016 says:

      If you then Resume updates, or the pause period ends, the paused updates will download/install. Under these conditions, they do not respect the “2” (notify download/install) setting.

      If you use the Group Policy settings, you should NOT use Pause. What happens is, you set controls then set other controls that override the first controls. Go back and re-read Section 4 if you have v1909 or Section 5 if you have v2004. If you follow the instructions, they work.

      I have also followed the process above and ran ‘wushowhide’ immediately on resuming updates and although the utility states everything has been fixed, I end up with the same result of updates I do not want!

      Windows Update and wushowhide use the same Windows Update Service to scan for updates. There is a difference, though.
      Windows Update scans for updates and the list of available updates is cached until the next time WU scans. That means it is a current list of available updates only right after it scans. After that, it remains the same list until WU scans again.
      When YOU scan with wushowhide and hide updates, the list of available updates is current as of when you scan, so the hidden updates disappear from the list. But WU won’t match what you see in wushowhide until WU rescans and replaces the old list in the cache. So you have to clear the cache or WAIT until WU rescans on its own , because if you do not, WU will download/install whatever is in it’s list. What you see in the WU list is what you get.

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      Update Settings:

      • WUMgr
      • Never click Check for Updates
      • TargetReleaseVersion=1909
      • Daily backups that include full image
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      These settings doesn’t block quality updates.
      The registry targetrelease.. blocks Feature upgrade.
      Deferrals or GP setting ‘notify don’t download’ = 2 will block all updates.
      WUMgr will hide updates which are pending it won’t hide future unknown updates.

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