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  • 1803 Update on Home edition.

    Posted on Cee Arr Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Home Forums AskWoody support Windows Windows 10 Questions: Win10 1803 Update on Home edition.

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      Cee Arr
      AskWoody Lounger

      In spite of hiding Feature Update 1803 with Metered Connection*^!^# MS downloaded it as they also did with 1709.  Now in Update History I see….  Feature Update (1)  … Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1803….  Requires a restart to finishing installing.  After restarting – absolutely nothing happens.  Same info appears in Update History!  I would appreciate any suggestion to either go forward or backwards – what ever is easier.  MS have become a real pain where the sun don’t shine.  Be nice – in the cellar/basement!!!  Thanks in advance for any help.

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      Cee Arr, @mrbrian ‘s AKB2000009 was written for a more stubborn problem. But it may include a plan to help your situation. Give it a read through from the top, then pay special attention to the command in step 3.

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      This is the first time I’ve actually written into this forum, but I use it all the time to figure crazy Windows 10 stuff out.  Not sure how much to put in here, but I think I am somehow stuck between v1709 and v1809 because I blocked/hid the 1803 update when various tech articles were suggesting not jumping into it.  I have the dreaded ‘Your device is at risk because it’s out of date and missing important security and quality updates…’ message, inviting me to click on the ‘Check for Updates’ button, which I did.  I expected it to pick up security updates, not to do what I would call an upgrade.  I did an online chat with MS support, who said I needed to upgrade to 1803 because 1709 was done.  He looked at all the same things I had already checked.  So, do I try to install the October Cumulative Update for v1709 (which also involves installing a SSU beforehand), or give up and unhide 1803 and let it install? I also see an Upgrade Assistant folder created in Aug, and a Windows10Upgrade folder created Sept 23.  Should they be uninstalled/deleted as well?

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        Da Boss

        v1809 has not been re-released, so you should not worry about that.

        If you are on v1709 and have hidden v1803 with wushowhide (and you want to stay on v1709) please read how to clean the Windows Update queue so you won’t get updates you “think” you have hidden. If you update through Windows Update you do not need to worry about the SSU. You probably won’t even see it. It will be downloaded automatically with the CU and installed in the proper order. If you are doing a manual install, you will need to install the SSU FIRST (unless KB4339420 SSU is already installed), then wait 15 minutes without doing anything on the PC to allow the installation to complete  before you install the CU.

        If you want to move to v1803, unhide it and ler ‘er rip. Expect it to take a good while. Disconnect from the Internet before you reboot to prevent things like Candy Crush.

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          Sorry for all the questions, but I want to be sure I’m not making any mistakes.
          I now have ensured that update along with the Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803 are hidden via wushowhide. No other updates are showing up as available to hide. I’m still set as metered connection with the win update service stopped (set as manual).
          Not sure what you mean by ‘… update through Windows Update…’
          Do you mean start the win update service in auto mode and restart the PC which will pick up any missing critical updates that would have been included in CU KB4462932 and SSU KB4339420? Or do you mean restart the win update service, then go to Settings>Updates and click that darn ‘Check for updates’ button?
          Or am I still better off going all manual with these steps?:
          1. leave the win update service stopped (and stay on metered connection)
          2. delete contents of the software distribution folder
          3. download the CU and SSU from MS catalog
          4. click on SSU cab first to install and wait a while
          5. click on CU cab to install (probably wait a very long while)
          6. after all done and things are working fine restart the win update service

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            Da Boss

            Or do you mean restart the win update service, then go to Settings>Updates and click that darn ‘Check for updates’ button?

            Yes, that’s what I mean in the instructions for clearing the WU queue if you have followed the instructions. With the Service still stopped, after setting it to Manual.

            You should get the October CU KB4462918,
            IF you are using Windows Update, you do not have to worry about the SSU KB4339420, it will download automatically if necessary and install correctly.
            CU KB4462932 is a Preview CU, will become part of the Nov CU. You should not see it in the WU queue.

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              No joy – I still get the ‘your device is at risk…’ message.   The instructions in how to clear the update queue say to leave the windows update service in manual mode and ‘do not start’, which I did.

              Should I have restarted that service before checking for updates?  BTW I rechecked wushowhide, and there are no updates available to hide.

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              Da Boss

              Is KB4462918 installed on your computer?

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              No, I don’t see any KB4462918 under installed updates.  If I search for KBs starting with KB44, there are none.

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              Da Boss

              In the taskbar search box type “winver” (without quotes) and hit enter. What version and Build do you have.
              In Settings\Update & Security\Windows Update\View installed updates – what was the last date updates were installed and what are the KB numbers?

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              Winver shows Windows 10 v1709 OS Build 16299.492 (Home version).
              Most recent updates:
              Driver update (Intel-System-1815.12.0.2021) successfully installed Nov 11 2018
              Update for Adobe Flash Player… (KB4462930) successfully installed Oct 10 2018
              Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) successfully installed Oct 10 2018

              2018-10 Update for Win 10 v1709 for x64… (KB4023057) successfully installed Oct 5 2018 and removed as per instructions (was also successfully installed in Sept)
              2018-10 Update for Win 10 v 1709 for x64 (KB4090007) successfully installed Sept 15 2018

              The following was why I wondered if I was somehow in a version mismatch:
              Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803 (2) Last failed install attempt on 2018-07-06 0x800704c7.. but I found no information that was at all helpful for that error code.

              I did clear out the Software Distribution/Downloads folder when first investigating this on Oct 30, as that always worked on past versions if updates were stuck. I did not clear out the whole Software Distribution folder though.

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              Da Boss

              Winver shows Windows 10 v1709 OS Build 16299.492 (Home version).

              This is the June 2018 CU. You have not received the Cumulative update for Windows in the last four months so it has been broken since June or July. There are several options.

              Begin by backing up your data – everything under your User ID – to some storage device.

              + You can try to download and manually install the SSU and the CU. Install KB4339420 SSU first, wait 15 minutes without doing anything on the computer before you try to install the CU KB4462918. These installs may fail.

              + You can try Settings\Update & security\Troubleshoot and troubleshoot Windows Update. This may also not give you satisfaction.

              + Perhaps someone here that has the time can step you through cleaning the datastore and pending installs. Then get WU back working.

              + You can unhide Feature Update 1803 and see it the upgrade will install. If successful, it will preserve your user data and the installed programs. 1803 should be fairly stable at this point.

              + You can try Settings\Update & Security\Recovery and Reset this PC. This will preserve your user data (you have to make that choice in the process) and basically reinstall Windows. It will not preserve your third-party programs – you will have to reinstall them.

              + You can use your Recovery DVDs/USB and restore to factory condition. User data and third-party programs will not be preserved.

              The last two options are last-resorts as they basically reinstall WIndows.

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      Thanks PKCano – appreciate your help.  I think my mistake was not changing to metered connection when hiding the 1803 update, I didn’t realize that was a critical step.  The bad news is that  KB4023057 has  already gotten itself installed (assume it is the UpdateAssistant?); and the ReportingEvents.log in the Software Distribution folder shows successful install for candycrush ( along with a bunch of other feature c**p.  I’ve read all recommended articles, have created a restore point (which only gets me back to current v1709 with missing updates), and took a system backup yesterday,and made sure File History back ups are up to date.

      Regardless of whether I run CU and SSU for v1709 to get missing updates OR bite the bullet and upgrade to v1803, should I first get try to remove KB4023057?  Steps being switch to metering, reboot,  then uninstall these 3 items from  Control Panel>Programs & Features: ‘Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)’ , ‘Windows 10 Update Assistant’, ‘Windows SetupRemediations (x64) (KB4023057)’? And do I need to stop the wupdate and BITS services at any point (or only if I decide to install the CU and SSU manually).

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        Da Boss

        should I first get try to remove KB4023057? Steps being switch to metering, reboot, then uninstall these 3 items from Control Panel>Programs & Features: ‘Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)’ , ‘Windows 10 Update Assistant’, ‘Windows SetupRemediations (x64) (KB4023057)’?

        Yes. And in addition, there is a folder in c:\Windows UpGradeAssistantv2 – you can delete it as well.

        I think yu can uninstall CandyCrush in Settings\Programs. Or you can use DISM if you are familiar with the command line.

        If you do a manual install, don’t mess with BITS. All you have to do is highlight the WindowsUpdate Service and click on “Stop” in the upper left.

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      Ok, thanks for the advice and reminding me about deleting the UpgradeAssistant v2 folder.

      BTW I can’t find CandyCrush in either the Control Panel>Programs or Settings/Apps and Features.  I think I read somewhere these are somehow configured by logging into your Microsoft account (I use a local account when signing into my laptop).  But I’ll worry about that later, I’m more concerned with getting security updates going again.  I’ll be back if I have more questions!

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      Paul T
      AskWoody MVP

      My 1803 upgrade went pear shaped. This is how I got a working machine back.

      cheers, Paul

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      Reporting back on this issue regarding my Win 10 (Home) 1709 build not getting critical updates and having failed build 1803 install attempts despite it being blocked.  I followed PK’s clean up of Windows update queue instructions, left connections set to metered, removed the installed Windows Update Assistant and folders, re-blocked it (KB4023057) and the 1803 install.  I followed instructions on a windows forum for manually installing the Service Stack Update KB4339420 and Sept CU 4462918 (picked that one after reading Susan’s Master Patch List info on this site).  All went well, the ‘your device is at risk…’ message was replaced by a message that everything was up to date.  Hurrah!

      Until today… interestingly, as build 1809 is apparently being pushed again. I wondered if anything would happen and sure enough… Windows Update showed it was at 18% download of Feature update 1803 along with updates pending for MS Mal Software Removal Tool, and KB 4023057 (Windows Update Assistant). I ran wushowhide and found Feature Update 1803 and KB 4023057 are no longer hidden. After going back to Windows Update, I found it showing those 3 updates ‘awaiting download’ so the metered connection did stop them from installing. I’ve re-hidden the Feature Update to 1803, along with KB4023057. So, Microsoft is ignoring attempts to hide and prevent updates to newer builds. I don’t see a critical update to install, nor did I see Feature Upgrade 1809 as available to hide (maybe because I’ve not installed 1803 yet?). I guess I’ll do another clean up of the Windows Update queue and wait to install any critical updates for 1709 after Susan’s Patch List shows them as being ok.

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