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    I’ve been reading about wushowhide in various places and am trying to get the big picture about how it works in 1909 in conjunction with the recommended GUI settings and Group Policy Editor settings.

    With regard to version 1909 and Wushowhide,
    given that the deferral days for Features Updates is set to 365 and the deferral days for Quality Updates is set to 0 and the ‘365 days’ for Feature Updates is not up yet, can someone confirm this about Wushowhide with regard to Security and non-security (i.e., optional) Quality/Cumulative Updates?

    • Wushowhide is a replacement for “Check for Updates” in that Wushowhide lets you see what Security and non-security (i.e., optional) Quality/Cumulative updates are in the queue to be downloaded and installed so that you can hide the ones you are not ready to install?
    • If Wushowhide hides the Security and non-security (i.e., optional) Quality updates, then they are hidden from “Check from Updates” and this means that they won’t/can’t be installed when/if you click on “Check for Updates”? Or even when WU is scheduled to check for updates?
    • If the Group Policy Editor sets Automatic Windows Updates to “#2-Notify download/install” and if Wushowhide hides the Security and non-security (i.e., optional) Quality/Cumulative updates, then not even a “notification to download/install” these Quality/Cumulative updates will show up (i.e., since they are hidden, it’s as if the hidden updates don’t exist.) ?
    • If Wushowhide has hidden some Security and non-security (i.e., optional) Quality/Cumulative updates, the only way for “Check for Updates” to find them is to unhide them?
    • If you don’t want “Check for Updates” to find the ones that are not hidden, then don’t click on “Check for Updates”?
    • If you click on “Check for Updates”, they will be downloaded/installed or alternatively, if the Group Policy Editor for Automatic Windows Updates is set to ‘#2 – Notify download/install”, you will get a notification to download/install? And if you don’t click on the notification, they will sit there on the display screen until you DO click on the download/install link? So, if you don’t want the notification to sit there because you won’t ever click on it, the solution is don’t “Check on Updates?
    • One should hide and keep hidden non-security (i.e., optional) Quality/Cumulative updates (i.e., those appearing in week C, D, or E)? The Security Quality/Cumulative Patch Tuesday update in the upcoming week B will pick these up and you can keep the Patch Tuesday update hidden until it’s been vetted?

    And if deferral days for Quality/Cumulative Updates (this covers both Security and non-security (i.e., optional), right?) is set to 0, what happens to .NET and MSRT updates? Are they circumscribed by Wushowhide?

    • If .NET, Defender, MSRT updates are not circumscribed by Wushowhide, then these updates cannot be hidden, right?
    • If .NET, Defender, and MSRT updates are not circumscribed by Wushowhide, and they thus cannot be hidden, then “Check for Updates” will install these .NET, Defender, and MSRT updates, right?
    • But, if you have some Quality/Cumulative updates that ARE circumscribed by Wushowhide (ie., non-NET, non-Defender, non-MSRT updates) and are not hidden, then “Check for Updates” will also install them or alternatively, if the Group Policy Editor is set for “#2-Download/install”, then you will get a notification to download/install them?
    • So, if you want ONLY the .NET, Defender, and MSRT updates to install when clicking on “Check for Updates”, you should hide ALL of the updates that appear in Wushowhide?
    • And unhide the updates in Wushowhide ONLY when/if you are ready for “Check Updates” to download/install the updates in Wushowhide or alternatively, if the Group Policy Editor is set to “#2-notify download/install”, you are ready for Windows Update to display the notification to download/install the unhidden updates in Wushowhide?
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      • Wushowhide is a replacement for “Check for Updates”

      Yes and no. Wushowhide uses the Windows Update Service to search for pending updates and shows any pending updates including CUs, drivers, .NET, Flash, Office (if you have other products checked). “Check for updates” also searches for pending updates but results in doenload/install in addition.

      If Wushowhide hides the Security and non-security…then they are hidden from “Check from Updates”

      Not necessarily. You can hide updates with wushowhide, but they may still apppear in the WU queue and consequently be installed if it the WU cache has not been cleared. Please read through AKB2000013 – Clearing the Update Cache to see how this can happen and what to do to avoid it.

      If you have patches hidden, Paused or deferred they will not show up in the Update queue except in the situation above. Hiding with wushowhide works like hiding in Win7. If you want the updates to show in WU, you have to unhide them, just like in Win7.

      When you have the “2” set in Group Ploicy, and the updates are visible in WU in the queue waiting to be downloaded – if you then “Check for updates” the pending updates will download/install not respecting the “Download” button. “Check for updates” = download and install now. That includes anything – CU, .NET, MSRT, Flash, drivers, Office, anything.

      The optional updates (non-security = other than Patch Tuesday) are usually NOT presented in the WU queue, but are in the section for optional updates below the queue. We don’t recomment installing opitional updates. They are for testing. They are equivalent to the unchecked optional Previews in Win7.

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        Hey Y’all,

        Here’s a little PowerShell program to clear the Windows Update Cache.

        You can run it with the -setup option which will create a scheduled task with admin rights and a desktop shortcut to run the task.

        Do the following:

        1. Download the .zip file – Clear-WindowsUpdateCache
        2. Unzip the program to the location of your choice.
        3. Start PowerShell as Administrator.
        4. Type d:pathClear-WindowsUpdateCache.ps1 -setup {enter}
        5. Click OK on the completion message.

        You now should have an Icon on your desktop you can use to run the program. You can move this icon to a folder of your choice if you don’t want it on the desktop.

        HTH :cheers:

        May the Forces of good computing be with you!


        PowerShell & VBA Rule!
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      In my experience, wushowhide works the same as Windows Update itself, e.g. if you have deferred updates for say 14 days and the 14 days is not yet up, wushowhide will not find them either.  If you have deferred/postponed updates, but would like to see which updates are currently available for your system, you can use the Belarc Advisor, which does not know about any deferrals.

      Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 20H2

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