• 1909 Update Breaks Audio

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    After successfully updating my 64 bit WIN 10 Pro laptop from version 1809 to 1903, I tried doing the same update to my main machine (Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 Motherboard) a few days later.  By then the 1903 update had disappeared & the update started downloading 1909.  I thought, oh oh.  I’m likely in for an adventure.  The update seemed to go OK, however,  except I lost the audio.  Device manager showed a Realtek High Def audio device.  There were no red or yellow marks, and the status showed “This device is working properly.” I went to the Gigabyte website to see if there were any new drivers available. The latest was dated 2-23-16 and is the one currently installed.  I reinstalled it just to be sure, and again, no audio.  I then found a 64 Bit Win 10 high def audio driver on the Realtek website, dated 6/14/2017. I downloaded and installed it with the same results.  Device manager still didn’t show any issues, and the Windows audio troubleshooter didn’t offer any help.  I ended up restoring 1809 from a system image, and everything is now working again.

    Two questions: What else can I check to make 1909 work, and where can I find the setup files for version 1903?  I’d rather do that until 1909 gets its act together.  Thanks

    Casey H.

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      Check control panel for sound and make sure your correct speakers are selected as default.

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      the Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 board has several “revisions” like rev. 1.0, rev 2.0 and rev. 2.1, Casey H.

      which GA-Z97-HD3 board revision do you have?

      try this v6.0.1.8454 Realtek audio driver from the Gigabyte web site, even though it’s listed for a different Gigabyte board. Gigabyte is only listing or “cataloging” new drivers for newer boards only and not for older ones like the GA-Z97-HD3.

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      I have rev 2.1.  Thanks.  At this point, I have restored 1809, but I’ll keep all of these suggestions on hand when I eventually make the move.  Perhaps at that time, Microsoft will have removed the issue.

      I must have visited the Windows update site about a day too late.  Only 1909 seemed available, and I have been unable to locate 1903.  I see 1903 is available on some sites, but I don’t know the trustworthiness of those locations, so am unwilling to download & install something that might be faulty or contain a plague.

      Casey H.


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      I just confirmed that (for me) the 1903 MCT still is making an 1903 iso

      Version : 10.0.18362
      ServicePack Build : 418
      ServicePack Level : 0

      as per

      of course you still need the old MCT but that is only 18 meg


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      An interesting development.  After returning to 1809, all was good until a few days ago.  I believe it was the cumulative update on the 19th that caused the problem, but I can’t be sure.  Anyway, I once again lost my sound, and the troubleshooter said that it appears the speakers are unplugged.  That was not the case.  I plugged the speakers into my laptop just to check, and they worked fine.  I went ahead & tried the Realtek driver I downloaded from Gigabyte based upon EP’s suggestion.  That took care of things.  Thanks again EP.  Next step will be to update to 1903.


      Casey H.

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