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    Those who wish to have a keepsake for emergencies for either Windows 10 or 11, time is approaching 22H2 release and a good opportunity to snag the most recent 21H2 iso. Below is a list of provided resources from USA and the UK where the location/ language link will vary from country across the divides.

    Historically the MCT offered the newest iso whereas using alternative methods to download, such as useragent strings or ‘other’ operating systems, get the initial RTM iso.

    Current builds for indication purposes:
    Win10 OS build 19044.1889 (post August patching)
    Win11 OS build 22000.856 (post August patching)

    Using the MCT (Media Creation Tool)



    NOTEABLE 3RD PARTY ACCESS: (Initial RTM iso’s)

    HEIDOC Windows and Office ISO Download Tool:

    TECHBENCH Webportal:

    RUFUS (in-utility download links)

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      You can also go to the UUP dump website and download an Aria2 script to create an ISO image for any version of Windows from Win11 22H2 (build 22621.382) all the way back to Win10 1709 (build 16299.15) in x64, x86 or arm64 versions.

      You can “limit” the ISO to only contain a particular version of Windows (Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education, IoT, etc.) and set which language (Arabic thru Ukrainian) it uses.

      The script it creates connects directly to Microsoft’s “official” servers to download all the parts and pieces needed to create the ISO and it “automatically integrates” the required updates so the version of Windows installed from the ISO will be that specific build of Windows without needing to do an “after-the-fact” check for updates.

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      I have used Heidoc.net in the past for downloading .iso files.  Tried it today and can’t get it work. I downloaded the latest version of the tool, but when I try to run it from my Downloads folder it doesn’t run properly. I get the page where I select the Version (Windows 10) but when I click that button NOTHING happens. Supposed to get a list of available versions (I want 21H2) but that never appears. Any ideas?

      Never tried the MS site. Am I liable to run into issues getting that to work so I can download the .iso to a USB thumb drive for possible future use?


      D. Eager

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        Check your browser extensions and be sure the sites are not blocked.
        Then you should have a pulldown list available to choose which version/date/bittage of Win10 you want.

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      but when I click that button NOTHING happens.

      The menu display is very slow.
      Wait a minute or 2 until it opens.

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      OK. I tried again this morning to download a 21H2 .iso. Got further this time. I was able to select the version and actually start the download. It was 5.47 GB. It ran until it reached 5.43 GB transfered and then aborted with a message that the transfer was too large for the destination file system. I was transferring to a 16GB blank USB thunb drive. Can’t figure this out! Any more suggestions?


      D. Eager

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      I was transferring to a 16GB blank USB thunb drive. Can’t figure this out! Any more suggestions?

      Is your USB FAT32 formatted ? Format to NTFS.

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      That was it. Reformatted drive and download worked like a charm. Thanks much!


      D. Eager

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