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    When I clicked on the “Learn more about this update” link I get the following one line with no further explanation as to it’s contents.
    “The Windows 10 2022 Update (Version 22H2) delivers a scoped set of improvements in the areas of productivity and management”  Not exactly my idea of a learning experience…..
    But hit the link for Windows 11 and you get a 4 page long list of specific additions to the OS.
    See my attachment below.
    I guess I’ll have  to wait for someone else to figure out what was in it, the download was complete in the blink of an eye and it installed in about 10 seconds

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      Learn more gives me the attached

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      Is Microsoft doing a staged offering? Windows Updates says I am up to date (after installing a latest Defender version – after I got a new Defender version a few hours ago but a newer one since that one).

      I’m not being offered Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2. I know I can go fetch it from Microsoft Catalog. But why am I not being offered it when I turn off Winaero Tweaker where I had Windows Updates disabled? I rebooted twice and still not offered it. I also used gpedit to change the target version to 22H2 and rebooted and still not offered it.

      Edit: I don’t see it on Windows Catalog.

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        Edit: I don’t see it on Windows Catalog.

        has already successfully installed the Feature Update, so this info is for others reading this thread who haven’t yet installed the enablement package to go from 21H2 to 22H2.

        I’ve looked at the KB articles MS has for all of the enablement packages, and they ALL specifically say that the enablement package ISN’T available from the Microsoft/Windows Update Catalog, it’s only available via Windows Update, or through WSUS for those in a business environment that uses WSUS.

        The above statement notwithstanding, the update can also be had by using the Update Assistant, per @Mele20 ‘s post below. BUT, as @Mele20 said, it definitely isn’t for the faint of heart!

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      NOT for the faint hearted! Windows updates would not offer it. Finally, I used Update Assistant to get it. I don’t recommend anyone doing this way although Microsoft suggested I do it this way.

      It downloaded like I was on dialup (and remember this was ONLY the update from 21H2) but I have 200 mbps down (Spectrum cable) so it should have downloaded almost instantly. Once it did it proceeded to scare the heck out of me. This computer will be 5 years old in December but it has been exceptionally NON problematic for many months until I, stupidly, got this update.

      It messed with something as simple as colors and Restore Point Creator got all restore points (12) wiped out! Yes, Restore Point Creator has not been supported for a long time but it has worked perfectly during the almost five years I’ve had Windows 10 and it works great on my older Windows 8 computer. I have no idea why this update for Windows would wipe out all restore points! That should not have happened.

      I have 102.4.0 ESR Firefox but it got upset by this update. Plus, now with only Fx open, 51% memory is being used. That is ridiculous and disgusting as this is a Dell XPS desktop with 16GB RAM. it should be using about ONE HALF the RAM it is using.

      22H2 really has messed with my Windows 10 Pro settings! I keep finding stuff all messed up now. It even REVERTED the right side scroll bar in Edge to default which is so narrow on my 24 inch wide screen monitor that I can’t even see it now! Sure enough, when I checked the Registry settings they had been put back to default! It messed even worse with CURRENT FIREFOX vertical scroll bars on the right and the left side where I have vertical tabs. I have fixed this but haven’t rebooted to see if it takes effect. Plus, it got rid of my nice green scroll bar color and messed with my SAVED Windows themes!

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        NOT for the faint hearted! Windows updates would not offer it.

        Chasing your tail if WUfB GP settings aren’t reset/ changed before seeking.:)

        Keep IT Lean, Clean and Mean!
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        IIRC, updates ALWAYS wipe restore points.


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        On my Dell XPS8700 w/12Gb DRAM and only FF 105.0.3 running it only uses 33% of memory.
        Think I’d do a little investigating as to what is chewing your DRAM up. This is with newly updated to 22H2 via Update Assistant.

        May the Forces of good computing be with you!


        PowerShell & VBA Rule!
        Computer Specs

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      NOT for the faint hearted! Windows updates would not offer it.

      Chasing your tail if WUfB GP settings aren’t reset/ changed before seeking.:)

      Not sure what you mean. I use the excellent Winaero Tweaker for many years to control WU. I lift the stopping of WU by Tweaker each morning in order to get the latest Defender definitions. WU immediately offers me whatever updates are available after I uncheck the box in Tweaker to stop WU. I didn’t go “seekng”. I just allow WU to download updates each morning primarily so I can update Defender but I also get any other updates that are available then.

      Ahh…Do you mean did I change GP target to 22H2? I did that several days ago but I got tired of waiting for WU to do its thing and I don’t want to leave WU open for long. So, I went seeking since it could be a long time before Microsoft offers it if they are offering on a staggered basis….I wish they would not do that but I suppose it is to keep MS servers from crashing.

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      When Win 10 Pro 22H2 is offered in Windows Update, before you click on “Download and install” you can click on “See what’s in this update”.

      You get a comprehensive list of the new features in 22H2. Here is a summary (I have not included the helpful graphic that comes with each item):

      • Organize files effortlessly
        Drag and drop files between tabs in File Explorer to quickly move them where you want.
      • Quickly start a call or create a calendar event
        When you copy a phone number or date, get a quick suggestion to open one of your apps and automatically start a call or calendar event. To change this setting, select Windows logo key > Settings > System > Clipboard > Suggested actions.
      • Back up your PC to protect important info
        From your apps and settings to your files and passwords, you can back up your info in just a few easy steps.
      • Edit while you write
        When you’re using the handwriting panel, use gestures to erase, insert, and add text to anywhere you can type.
      • Set priority notifications
        Choose which apps can show notifications—even when do not disturb is turned on. Select Start > Settings > System > Notifications > Set priority notifications to start.
      • Start a focus session anytime
        Start a focus session when you want to reduce distractions and get work done. Open the Clock app, choose how long you want to focus, then select Start focus session.
      • Create folders for your apps in Start
        Keep what’s important close by grouping your pinned apps into folders. Select and drag one app onto another to create a folder.
      • See favorite files in File Explorer and Office.com
        Add a file to Favorites in File Explorer and see it in File Explorer Home and Office.com. Make sure you’re signed in with a Microsoft account or a work or school account. Then, select and hold (or right-click) the file > Add to Favorites.
      • Show off your family with personalized emojis
        Create an emoji that represents your family by changing the number of people, skin tones, and more. Press the Windows logo key + (.) to open the emoji panel and search for family. Then select a family and press +.
      • Make videos in minutes
        In Clipchamp, select Create a video. Start from scratch or from a template, and customize your video with text, stock art, and stickers.
      • Turn on voice access to talk instead of type
        Control your apps, dictate emails, search online, and more using your voice. To get started, select Start > Settings > Accessibility > Speech > Voice access.
      • Use live captions for any content with audio
        Capture every word, from meetings to your favorite podcasts—personalize your font, text color, text size, and more. Turn on live captions in your quick settings panel or in Settings > Accessibility > Captions.
      • Swipe up for taskbar shortcuts
        From the bottom edge of your screen, swipe up at the center of the taskbar to reveal the Start menu. For quick settings, swipe up on the system tray.
      • Customize your Start menu layout
        Select and hold (or right-click) anywhere in Start to adjust your layout and see more pinned items or more recommended files.
      • Improve PC performance by saving resources in Efficiency mode
        In Task Manager, select and hold (or right-click) an app, then select Efficiency mode to limit the resources that app is using. This can help you get a faster, more energy-efficient system.
        Open Task Manager with Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
      • Find updated controls at your fingertips
        Easily view and control your volume and screen brightness levels with redesigned flyouts that appear centered above your taskbar.
      • Open games with a single touch
        Press the Nexus button on your controller to open the controller bar and jump back into your latest game.
      • Turn on do not disturb automatically
        Do not disturb automatically turns on when you’re sharing your screen, playing a game, and more. To choose when it turns on, select Start > Settings > System > Notifications > Turn on do not disturb automatically.

      The update to Win 10 Pro 22H2 on Lenovo-L470 Core i3 laptop with 16 GB of RAM took slightly more than 4 minutes including one restart.

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        Was that on a web page with a URL or in a Windows 10 app?

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1485 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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        Paul, Your attachment is showing the Windows 11 upgrades, not Windows 10.

        When you hit “Learn More” it defaults to the Windows 11 features, you have to click on Windows 10, and when you do you get an extremely vague sentence that reminds me of something I heard back around Millennium Edition.
        See my attachment below, or see the very first post in this thread.



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      IIRC, updates ALWAYS wipe restore points.


      …and create a new restore point before running the update.
      Updates doesn’t remove ‘shadow copies’.

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        Not before a feature/version update (which is the only time they get deleted).

        Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.1485 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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          much safer creating an OS image prior to feature upgrade..that way, should you not like what you get, it’s simply an OS image restore prior to the moment of madness 🙂

          Keep IT Lean, Clean and Mean!
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            That’s the way I roll. Never any buyer’s remorse that way. A full image restore for my boot drive takes about 45 mins here… 🙂

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      After first creating a full backup of my Win10 Pro 21H2 installation, I updated my primary PC to 22H2 using the 177 KB enablement package.

      From start to finish, including a reboot to finalize the changes, the whole process took less than 5 min.

      Other than WinVer now showing 22H2 (OS Built 19045.2130), I haven’t noticed anything that’s changed.

      My Desktop, Taskbar, Start button, Settings and Windows Explorer all appear exactly the same as before and none of the programs I regularly use have crashed or had strange problems when starting or running!

      FYI, I use Open-Shell (v4.4.170), Winaero Tweaker (v1.40) and some “manual registry tweaks” that get applied during each reboot to ensure various things always work the way I want and the update didn’t change any of those.

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        After first creating a full backup of my Win10 Pro 21H2 installation, I updated my primary PC to 22H2 using the 177 KB enablement package.

        Just out of curiosity, how did you find out just how big or small the enablement package was??

        I don’t recall seeing anything from WU as far as the package’s exact size when I’ve used it to go from one version to the next (21H1-21H2 for example), it’s just d/l’d and installed it and then prompted me for a reboot a couple of minutes after beginning the installation.

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          I used the following “direct download link” I found on a Microsoft developers forum to manually download and install the x64 version.


          You’ll notice that, even though the indicated KB# (KB5015684) still doesn’t show up if you search the Microsoft catalog, the link itself actually is a “standard MS catalog link“.

          i.e. the “direct download link” for the x64 version of the Oct Win10 CU (KB5018410) is…


          It’s also interesting that the date part of the link (2022/07) indicates MS actually uploaded it 3 months ago but held off on releasing in to the general public until now.

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            How did you find the link to KB5015684? I used one of Susan’s registry edit files to allow upgrade to win 10 22H2, but even after 3 days I was not offered 22H2 through Windows update. So I used the above link and downloaded KB5015684. I ran it and before I knew it I had 22H2 (after a quick reboot.)

            Definitely the way to go, but I’m wondering how I’ll find the link to the next enablement package?

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      Just out of curiosity, how did you find out just how big or small the enablement package was??

      You get the size when using WUmgr (That is what I use for updates).

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      Hey my friends! I got taken for an interesting ride this afternoon by the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. I had decided to bring the copy of win 10 on my data drive up to date. It immediatly offered 22H2 but never got around to it as it was swamped installing 3 months of KBs. When it finally caught up 22H2 was gone so I used the Windows 10 Update Assistant.
      It did something I’ve never seen before, it downloaded and installed a complete new and up to date copy of 10, and it did it without losing anything!! Not non-MS progs, not my data, I was amazed, Oh, yeah, and it worked too 🙂
      Now I know why they ask you to make sure you have a whole lot of free disk space. Look at my attachment! The Win BT folder  got up to 20 Gigs!!

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      i just tried KB5015684 on a computer that has refused to update itself to 22h2.   It failed, saying that it didn’t apply to this computer.

      I downloaded and ran win10 upgrade assistant.  It took a lot longer than going through windows update, which worked on a couple of computers.  but it did the job.  22H2 intalled.


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