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    6000015 – Repair install of Windows 10 22H2

    If your Windows 10 is having issues updating, one of the ways that I fix up a misbehaving machine is to perform a repair install which keeps all of the information intact.

    Begin by downloading an ISO of Windows 10 from the download site.

    Click on download now and save the file MediaCreationTool22H2.exe. Doubleclick on the executable file, it will indicate that it’s “Getting a few things ready”.

    Click to accept the Microsoft license terms (you may want to read it as well)

    Click on “create installation media”

    Click next, and select the language, edition and architecture.

    Finally click ISO file as the file type.  This may take some time. Click Finish.

    Make sure you have a backup of your system just in case.

    Now navigate to that ISO you made in file explorer. Right mouse click and select Mount. or double click and it will mount the drive.  In the mounted file system, click on setup.exe.  This will start the repair process.



    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I can vouch for this method! It worked very well for me not too long ago to sort out a misbehaving Windows 10 system. 🙂

      But to emphasize an important point here: the repair install can only be run from a currently booted & running Windows system (online). That is the point of downloading and mounting a copy of the installer locally as an ISO.

      You can’t get to the repair install by booting the system offline from the installer media. So this method is not an option if Windows will not boot.

      Windows 10 Pro 22H2

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        First I made a contribution that this worked on several pc’s all right anough.

        But I was kicked out because my lines did not contribute to your standards.
        So much for that.

        Well at the same time I was making a resume telling some examples that this (so called “over the top”) method didn’t work out at all, and lost the complete OS. Just a reproduceable glitch from Microsoft
        When this happens one becomes very sad

        * _ the metaverse is poisonous _ *
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          I’m not quite following your post?  The repair install process does work as long as you are doing it from a running pc. If it hasn’t worked for you, can you explain the process you did?

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I thought, once the .iso is downloaded to the desktop, you can take PC offline to then mount and click on setup.exe and perform the install? This would give time to check GP settings ie ‘2’ Notify, and all other privacy settings before going back online ‘live’? I don’t have a MS account, just local.

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        “Offline” as used here is being used in a different context. In this instance, “offline” does not refer to the network. It is referring the state that the Windows OS is in when the PC is shutdown.

        For example, when the PC is booted from the Windows OS stored on the system boot drive, Windows is then running live “online” relative to the hardware.

        If you shut Windows down, and then boot the PC hardware from alternate boot media such as a repair or recovery USB, the original Windows OS remains “offline” and unchanged.

        So to get back to the repair install topic, it needs to be started from within the live, installed version of the Windows OS. Don’t boot the machine from the install media. The repair can only be made “over the top” of a running Windows OS.

        Windows 10 Pro 22H2

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