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    MICROSOFT NEWS By Will Fastie Frenzy around corporate acquisitions is nothing new; but this time, for Microsoft, it seems overstated. Last week, Micro
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      Yes, indeed. MS 68.7 billion US$ purchase of a company that makes … computer games is peanuts. Therefore the GDP of each of 119 nations is also peanuts. And the annual budget of NASA is definitely peanuts. Let’s see: what else is peanuts? Ah, yes: peanuts. As every one of of these, including my yearly purchases of peanuts, amounts to less than 68.7 billion US$.

      Isn’t this a true example of what it takes today to deserve to be called a visionary captain of industry? Ask Nadella, he might clarify this real quick.

      So the future of technological enterprises is computer games … Speaking of great investment opportunities: Has anyone here heard of this bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan that is for sale real cheap? No? Ask me for further reference.

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      Microsoft’s net income for FY2021 (ended June 2021) was $61.3 billion. One year’s profits almost pay for this transaction, not considering the income contribution of Activision Blizzard (ATVI) in years to come.

      Activision Blizzard’s best net income was 2021 with ~2B. Previous years had way less net income.
      It will take Microsoft 34 years to cover the purchase and start seeing any profit.

      Is it a good deal for us?

      It doesn’t matter a bit. Activision Blizzard’s games run On Windows and XBox (except for some ‘exclusive for PlayStation’ games).. there won’t be nothing new unless Microsoft slashes game prices by 50% after the purchase.

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