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    9000002 Blocking Copilot in Windows 10 and 11 Professional sku

    For computers with the Pro sku, the behavior is different based if machines are controlled by a patching tool or merely looking at Microsoft update for their patching.

    Unmanaged computers will see the Copilot option earlier.  You can use the same GUI or registry keys indicated in the Home sku post.

    When the December 2023 (or later) updates are installed on Windows 10 or November updates (or later) are installed on Windows 11 22H2, or you have the Windows 11 23H2 feature release is installed, then the group policies will be installed on your system. If you have Pro and do NOT yet see these group policy settings, you don’t yet have the patch that includes Copilot.

    Blocking copilot in the operating system

    In a firm if you normally control with group policy you can download the ADML and ADMX file to the central store and set the following policy:

    •  User Configuration then Administrative Templates then Windows Components then Windows Copilot
    • Double-click the “Turn off Windows Copilot” policy.
    • Select Enabled option.



    If later on you would like to re-enable CoPilot, simply set the policy to disabled.

    Note you cannot uninstall Copilot using any uninstall tool you can only enable it or disable it.

    Blocking Copilot in Edge

    Once again you can use the GUI to instruct users to disable Copilot in Edge or follow the following group policy settings:

    Copilot in Edge | Microsoft Learn

    Admins can use multiple group policy settings to manage the behavior of the Copilot in Edge sidebar:

    • To allow or block Copilot in Edge from using browsing context, use the DiscoverPageContextEnabled policy. This prevents Copilot from using webpage or PDF content from being used to respond to prompts.
    • To disable Copilot in Edge entirely, use the HubsSidebarEnabled policy. Blocking Copilot in Edge automatically blocks all Edge sidebar apps from being enabled.

    Instructions for how to manage Copilot in Edge on Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android can be found here: Manage Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android with Intune.

    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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    • #2607649

      Unmanaged computers will see the Copilot option earlier.

      Using GPEdit changing settings turn an ‘unmanaged’ PC to ‘Managed by Organization’ PC.

      • #2607653

        I used GPedit on a machine here at home and still got Copilot, so I’d recommend you be proactive and not consider “Managed by….” message you get from controlling updating would keep it off machines.  Especially 23h2 ones.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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    • #2607703

      What is the logical reasoning for blocking or disabling it instead of just ignoring it for Windows 11 Pro 23H2 non-enterprise home users?


      • #2607815

        Choice.  Like I said, you can ignore it if you want.

        I just have a business mentality and remove things that we don’t use, don’t want people to abuse, or don’t consider ready and buggy.  Given that it’s got “PRE” right on the icon, even Microsoft indicates this is Pre-release.


        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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    • #2607792

      You can ignore it, but some of us prefer not to have it on our machines in the first place.
      Each to their own.

      cheers, Paul

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      • #2607799

        And some of us prefer to use it because it’s really useful.

        • #2607816

          I just know the underlying tool that it’s built on can be totally wrong and provide incorrect information.  It needs work.  When it no longer says “PRE” then I think it should be considered.  Otherwise, I think it’s too early to be releasing it to all non managed computers. It should be kept on the insider/testing release, not on machines that people rely on.

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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          • #2607820

            It’s not always perfect (and never will be):

            Copilot wrote:

            However, AI can make mistakes. For example, I might mix up numbers and dates, or make a suggestion that isn’t helpful to you. Use your own judgment and double check the facts before making decisions or taking action based on my answers. You can always ask, “Where did you get that information?” to learn more about my sources and get links to the web content I referenced.

            But it’s better than anything else for answering obscure questions.

            • #2607924

              I honestly disagree.  Google or even Alta Vista back in it’s day would provide better context and resources.  I’ve seen situations especially in tech results that take answers from Microsoft, Apple and Android and present it like it was an answer for one operating system.  The three resources give vastly incorrect answers.

              Furthermore, I’ve asked questions and found it to be totally wrong.  It presents the information such that people are not searching the sources, nor are the vetting the sources.  Like I said, when it stops showcasing that it’s in pre-release then it can be reviewed, otherwise it honestly should be an opt in beta test, not a mandatory test that all of us are subject to.

              The vendors need to focus on vetting more and verifying more.  I write this on a computer that has an HP smart app that was shoved to it because clearly someone didn’t vet the deployment properly. Before we shove Copilot out to everyone, how about we clean up the HP smart mess and the Dev Home deployment first?

              Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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    • #2607821

      But it’s better than anything else for answering obscure questions

      No, its not.

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      • #2607844

        Go on then: What’s better?

        BTW, have you used Copilot:

        What have you tried to do with it?

        • #2607865

          ‘Better’ doesn’t mean ‘good’. The presence of a product in the marketplace does not mean the product is ‘good’, nor does it mean the product should be used. What it probably means is that whoever put the product in the marketplace thought they could make money.

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        • #2607930

          Yes.  The results in the Copilot are basically the results in the Edge browser with Bing.  I have to regularly scroll down or go to duck duck go to find better results.

          May I also request that these conversations in the forums below the KB be  more about the content of the post?

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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    • #2610124

      Wierd and very annoying experience with trying to prevent Copilot rubbish installing/working….

      Installed .reg file (the fixed one) from above on my desktop PC (Win 10Pro) and parents PC I manage remotely (TeamViewer).  Changed all accounts to admin to install and reverted to local admin after (as has a current user entry). This morning (2023/11/09) Ai.exe starts with MS Office 365 etc../ (furious at MS!). installed .admx and ADML (in US and GB folder as UK install).

      But this is not the worst of it… the ADML&ADMX only seems to work on ONE login per PC, i.e.

      I works on one of three of the accounts on Parents PC – thankfully on the person least able to cope/remember the slow-down caused by this problem.

      On My PC, my main local-user account is OK, my personal Admin level account (for sysadmin stuff) it does not work. on both machines the patches were installed using the ADMIN account, but only ONE local user account actual adheres to the policy, all others ignore it.

      Note both systems are very different build ages, parents was rebuilt a few months ago 100% clean build, as were the accounts (local only, but sign into MS Account from Settings to enable MS Office 365 subscription.)

      Mine was built in 2019 and has the exact same symptoms – livable as my primary login is accepting the GPEDIT policy, but on my parents PC my sisters account is ignoring it.

      ONLY for sister and parents PC admin account outlook starts up 5 to 6 MS Edge Webview2 instances that I do not see in the account that obeys the GPEDIT profile

      On My PC the Admin account that does ignore the GPEDIT profile does not see the  additional MS Edge Webview2  instances…

      Very strange… and very disheartening that Microsoft is being so arrogant, disadainful of its users and their desires and so incompetent in its implementation of new features.


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