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    A Windows Ink engineer has confirmed that there’s a bug in the third Win10 1709 March Cumulative Update, KB 4089848, that breaks common pen movements
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      My reaction on seeing the timing of this issue: Hmmm, let’s do a site-specific Google search of Reddit of a specific artist for my favorite Japanese browser/Android game and tablet to find the thread on when said artist posted to Twitter that his trusted Wacom 22HD had died, and see if it was after that patch hit… Oh, it was, wonder if he uses Win10 and if it really died then… It probably actually did, it was 5 years old – although I can see fanart popping up of one of the characters from the game swearing at Win10 over this, as she canonically uses a Wacom herself for her doujins per special time-limited in-game CGs. It would be hilarious to see MS HQ targeted by Autumn Cloud-sensei’s torpedos due to them screwing up her meeting deadlines for the next Comiket.

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      This seems to be one of those cases where folks who DO use a pen with e.g., high-end graphics hardware and software care a LOT about this issue, and the majority of users just look on and wonder about it. Thus Microsoft probably doesn’t think it’s very important.

      Thing is, if the OS doesn’t support serious use, it seems to me that the people who think it’s preferable for casual use will dwindle. Would many folks outside of the business realm have ever used (or developed for) Windows way back when if it weren’t the pervasive business system where they worked, and which they had to use all day?


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      As an artist using photoshop myself, I’m kinda glad I’m holding off on the jump to Win 10. It’s also nice to see some people in the art community sharing tips and ways to somehow get around this bug.

      I imagine this bug must be much worse for those who work freelance or those dealing with deadlines coming up and really only have a Win 10 system. If it stops people seriously doing their work then I imagine they’d want to get it fixed pretty soon… though y’know, with people finding their own solutions to this, they also might just do nothing because “clearly people are working around this themselves!”

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      The scary thing about this is that it’s been around since last July, on preview builds of the Fall Creator’s update.  It was complained about then.  And the only “official” sounding response I’ve seen on the Microsoft Answers site sounded like an advertisement for why the new behavior was better than before (which promptly was shot down by numerous posts calling it out for being completely tone deaf and nonsensical).

      It sounds like this is entirely a “feature not a bug” issue, and they seem to not comprehend how completely broken it is to force a change of base functionality on pen/tablet users across the board.

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      Just had a look at the 2 Microsoft documents at the end of your article, and they both reference the issue and specify a workaround.

      Seems like MS have updated their doco now?

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      sorry, let me clarify, my comment was referring to links in your computerworld article Does Moving Your Pen Drag the Canvas- Welcome to yet Another Bug in W10 1709 Patches

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