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    I Believe that the more you patch the more broken your computer will be in the future. I firmly Believe that any hole or bug currently being patched as not there at the start but was put in by the patch. If you patch you are adding holes and bugs that before you patches were not there. So if anyone out there can tell me what code was patched, I will be glad to check or provide my unpatched code and see any that bug on hole is there. Also if one has an extra computer, then leave it unpatched for one year and check the performance between the two computers. See if any holes or bugs are affecting your unpatched computer. I froze my w10 computer when I first got it 2 years ago and it has not updated or been updated since. I sure that a lot of the holes and bugs you are patching are not in my computer.

    Also IMO most if not all virus enter the computer through user action. And all the antivirus put together will not stop a virus the user installed even unknowingly. Antivirus stop down performance and could be not worth it. If you safe computer then you do not need them. It been a long time since I heard about the background down loader (without doing any clicking but only using the arrow keys to move the page or maybe the mouse wheel) to which adds files to your computer while you are browsing. Any more any files that enter your computer come there because YOU installed a program that contained then. When you install a program, you have given a program the right to put files on your computer and in your registry. An antivirus can maybe prevent you from installing what it think is a virus but you do know that often antivirus get it wrong and label a good program as an evil one.


    IMO #1 and 2 do not matter

    3)Use a secure web browser

    4)Use a hardware or software firewall, or both


    5)Do not install questionable software

    6)Above all other rules of safe computing, the most important safe computing practice is DO NOT OPEN EMAIL ATTACHMENTS THAT YOU ARE NOT EXPECTING

    FOLLOWING 5 and 6 should prevent 99% of virus


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      Nice attempt to drive users to a site that hasn’t had any posts for over 2 months.

      Good luck with your non-patching.

      cheers, Paul

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      your complaint is illrevent. The site was showing basic computer safety, How toy use4your computer while you browse. And I believe those rules are enough.

      but here is a more current list


      here a government pdf


      and just for you



      Why would it matter when the last post or comment was?

      A simple question. Are those on that page still valid? Yes there is only one comment and it from 2007. But the point I am trying to make is that by following basic computer safety, your need for AntiVirus slowing down computer programs, and iffy at best updates greatly decreases


      Also I sure you heard of Zero Day attacks.

      Just in case you have not



      Why Is It Called a Zero Day?
      The term “zero day” refers to a vulnerability that exists in the wild without the software manufacturer’s knowledge, leaving them open to attack. Once they find the problem, they have “zero days” to fix it because they’re already at risk. There are three main ways to think of a zero-day, as security software firm Kaspersky notes(Opens in a new window):

      Zero-day vulnerability: A software weakness that can be exploited and is found by attackers before the manufacturer knows about it.

      Zero-day exploit: The method an attacker uses to gain access to the system using that zero-day vulnerability.

      Zero-day attack: When bad actors use a zero-day exploit to get into a system to steal data or cause damage.

      So the vulnerability is the weakness, the exploit is the method bad actors use to get in, and the attack is when those bad actors use that vulnerability to cause damage. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they’re not quite the same.

      END QUOTE (From https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/what-are-zero-day-exploits-and-attacks ). Please that the ANTIVIRUS companies and MICROSOFT and APPLE do not know about this vulnerability. You might have just updated your computer and a virus writer found an vulnerability in the very patch you just downloaded. So when you updated your computer, you just put a new vulnerability in to your computer. That patch you just had to upgrade has made your computer vulnerable. And as the Antivirus company do not know about it, there is NO ANTIVIRUS to catch it. Yes you did all the right things and your computer is being attacked without you even knowing it. And while given time, the patch writers once knowed will write a patch for that vulnerability but will likely create more vulnerabilities for you and your computer.

      And what about those no file virus, How does a virus check files when there are no files to check. This is all on the patch writers who have impossible task of writing code to fix the bugs  and patch vulnerably by tuesday, no matter if they got it monday, and they can test to a point, but real world and you to find their problems. Some one said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results As I see it updating virus definitions and doing updates fit that and it might be said that doing such is insane.

      you  are updating over and over expecting your computer to be better and safer. But the truth is you are getting a slower and slower computer and becoming less and less safe. And if user error and habits is causing most virus, then maybe it time to upgrade the user.


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      Dear anti patcher – Browsers get updates all the time so the argument that one shouldn’t patch is also faulty.

      I’m not driving the same car I did years ago.   Protections evolve.  And zero days don’t arrive from patching, they arrive because and attacker finds a bug and uses it.

      My sister still has the 1960 VW that my Dad bought her for her first car in college.  It sits most of the time in his garage as a pet project.  She doesn’t drive it on a daily basis.  The one she drives now has air bags and WAY better seat belts.  (hint the VW originally had none, she added a lap belt after the fact)  https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=159838


      As you said “IMO”.



      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Apples (computer ) and oranges ( cars) What if your car was updated as often as your computer, might you be walking? Also as Browser updates any more add unwanted “features” I rarely update my browsers though tor and brave are currently allowed to update, chrome and Firefox no. Time is the critical element. Would you still update your car if you knew they were adding a KILL switch?

      There was once a unwriten rule that the user had the right to modify a programs code if they feel it was necessary. I seen too many updates that only add or change the ad. There is a saying to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Why is not microsoft following it? Always to best way to stop unwanted is to know the original best. Think of US currency. The secret service knows what is fake by knowing the real stuff inside and out. The same should be true fro programs. If the hatch does not match it  is fake and unwanted. One should not IMO look at a never ending list of virus. One step is so simple it it not the same as the original, then it is malware. Another reason for not patching – Destroying and diluting the original. What is wrong with ask the user if they want the “new feature”. I already pointed out that vulnerabilities become trivial if  one take the idea of original or virus approach. That gives the bug fixers more time to do it right. Again how many times has a update had something like a bug, new phone home features, or ads? I think it is time for the user to retake control of their computer and end the endless cycle of patching.


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      got more


      Microsoft continues aggressively promoting its own services in Task Bar notifications when using third party browsers, and most recently has been caught injecting advertisements to sign up for paid OneDrive subscriptions in the Windows 10

      Simple question – either they were always there or were added by a windows update

      Windows 10 and Windows 11

      Look at this list of built in ads that happen by udate to either windows 10 or windows 11


      • Remove promoted apps on the Windows Start Menu individually by right-clicking and tapping the Unpin/Uninstall option.
      • Get rid of Windows Lockscreen ads by unticking the ‘Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen’ option within Settings > Personalization > Lockscreen.
      • Disable “suggestions” and “tips” (that you may find unnecessary) by unchecking ‘Offer suggestions on how I can set up my device’ and ‘Get tips and suggestions when I use Windows’ options within Settings > System > Notifications.
      • Even the ads that may appear on the Settings app can be toggled off by unticking the ‘Show me suggested content in the Settings app’ within Settings > Privacy & Security > General.
      • Disable permissions to Microsoft from accessing your Diagnostic data by switching off the ‘Let Microsoft use your diagnostic data, excluding info about websites you browse, to enhance your product experiences with personalized tips, ads, and recommendations.’ option within Settings > Privacy & Security > Diagnostic & Feedback > Tailored experiences.
      • And at last, if you don’t want Microsoft creating a personalized ad profile of you, you can deny the ‘Let apps show me personalized ads by using my advertising ID option’ within Settings > Privacy & Security > General.

      News and Interest


      Microsoft has now rolled out the Windows 10 ‘News and Interests’ news feed to everyone and enabled it by default on the taskbar, causing many people to seek how to disable it.

      In April, Microsoft began rolling out a new taskbar news feed feature called ‘News and Interests’ that displays the local weather on the taskbar. When clicked, a pane will open that displays various widgets containing the current news, weather, stock prices, and traffic information for your location.

      Funny thing, If I wanted this info it would already be there. There are plenty of thrid programs that can do this. Or you could always get on the web and get it there. Unwanted info to me is spelled AD.

      Unwanted Programs returning after update

      If I remove programs I do not want on my computer they should stay off. So what does MS do? They renstall programs you removed as they are pushing those programs.


      I KNOW I have uninstalled the Get Office 365 app, sports app and others last night before bed. This morning These apps are back and I get popups in my taskbar advertising Office 365.

      Microsoft plans to make money on software it gave away for free



      While the Windows Store made its debut with Windows 8, it did not gain traction like the company had hoped but with Windows 10, we are seeing some signs of life.

      The only thing worse than not having an app store is having a dead store. While it has taken its sweet time to mature, Microsoft is slowly finding the right formula to get quality apps into the store, which is important to the long-term success of the company.

      desktop heroWhen an app is sold via the store, Microsoft takes a 30 percent cut of the revenue, which means they want the store to be successful for developers so that they get a share of the revenue flowing through the store. While not a new avenue for Microsoft, this is one more way they are making money on the back-side of Windows 10.

      The company is being a bit more aggressive with the app store this time around, too. They are using ‘suggested apps’ in the Start menu to entice you to open the Store and when the new inking center arrives, it too will have the app suggestions as well. Of course, you can turn this feature off in the Settings menu if you do not want to see the suggestions.


      Anyone who has used Windows 10 knows that Microsoft likes to push their own services with the OS. Initially, there is a notification for you to try out Office 365, the company dangles the Groove music app in front of you, as well as Skype, OneDrive and any other services that have a premium bolt-on.

      While none of these services are required, the company hopes that the integrated capabilities these apps offer will entice you to pay up for the premium versions of the services. In this way, they are using Windows 10 as a gateway to the Windows ecosystem that they hope you will eventually pay for one of their services.



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      Share Dialog Ads

      With the Creators Update, Microsoft added a new Share pane to File Explorer. By default, you are not just shown your own list of installed apps, but also suggested apps that Microsoft thinks you might be interested in grabbing from the Windows Store.


      Microsoft is hardly a stranger to making controversial decisions with Windows, and it has previously been accused of taking liberties by using the operating system to advertise its other products and services. Windows 11 may not even been officially released yet, but the company seems to have learned nothing and has started injecting ads into the latest version of its operating system.


      For those unfamiliar, search highlights is a feature for the Windows 11 search box. It will show you notable and interesting moments of what’s special about each day of the year. You’ll see things like holidays, anniversaries, and educational moments in time in your region. That sometimes means seeing a Google doodle-like animation and image in the search box area

      of course let no forgot the ads for w10 on windows 7




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