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    I Believe that the more you patch the more broken your computer will be in the future. I firmly Believe that any hole or bug currently being patched as not there at the start but was put in by the patch. If you patch you are adding holes and bugs that before you patches were not there. So if anyone out there can tell me what code was patched, I will be glad to check or provide my unpatched code and see any that bug on hole is there. Also if one has an extra computer, then leave it unpatched for one year and check the performance between the two computers. See if any holes or bugs are affecting your unpatched computer. I froze my w10 computer when I first got it 2 years ago and it has not updated or been updated since. I sure that a lot of the holes and bugs you are patching are not in my computer.

    Also IMO most if not all virus enter the computer through user action. And all the antivirus put together will not stop a virus the user installed even unknowingly. Antivirus stop down performance and could be not worth it. If you safe computer then you do not need them. It been a long time since I heard about the background down loader (without doing any clicking but only using the arrow keys to move the page or maybe the mouse wheel) to which adds files to your computer while you are browsing. Any more any files that enter your computer come there because YOU installed a program that contained then. When you install a program, you have given a program the right to put files on your computer and in your registry. An antivirus can maybe prevent you from installing what it think is a virus but you do know that often antivirus get it wrong and label a good program as an evil one.


    IMO #1 and 2 do not matter

    3)Use a secure web browser

    4)Use a hardware or software firewall, or both


    5)Do not install questionable software

    6)Above all other rules of safe computing, the most important safe computing practice is DO NOT OPEN EMAIL ATTACHMENTS THAT YOU ARE NOT EXPECTING

    FOLLOWING 5 and 6 should prevent 99% of virus


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      Nice attempt to drive users to a site that hasn’t had any posts for over 2 months.

      Good luck with your non-patching.

      cheers, Paul

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      your complaint is illrevent. The site was showing basic computer safety, How toy use4your computer while you browse. And I believe those rules are enough.

      but here is a more current list


      here a government pdf


      and just for you



      Why would it matter when the last post or comment was?

      A simple question. Are those on that page still valid? Yes there is only one comment and it from 2007. But the point I am trying to make is that by following basic computer safety, your need for AntiVirus slowing down computer programs, and iffy at best updates greatly decreases


      Also I sure you heard of Zero Day attacks.

      Just in case you have not



      Why Is It Called a Zero Day?
      The term “zero day” refers to a vulnerability that exists in the wild without the software manufacturer’s knowledge, leaving them open to attack. Once they find the problem, they have “zero days” to fix it because they’re already at risk. There are three main ways to think of a zero-day, as security software firm Kaspersky notes(Opens in a new window):

      Zero-day vulnerability: A software weakness that can be exploited and is found by attackers before the manufacturer knows about it.

      Zero-day exploit: The method an attacker uses to gain access to the system using that zero-day vulnerability.

      Zero-day attack: When bad actors use a zero-day exploit to get into a system to steal data or cause damage.

      So the vulnerability is the weakness, the exploit is the method bad actors use to get in, and the attack is when those bad actors use that vulnerability to cause damage. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they’re not quite the same.

      END QUOTE (From https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/what-are-zero-day-exploits-and-attacks ). Please that the ANTIVIRUS companies and MICROSOFT and APPLE do not know about this vulnerability. You might have just updated your computer and a virus writer found an vulnerability in the very patch you just downloaded. So when you updated your computer, you just put a new vulnerability in to your computer. That patch you just had to upgrade has made your computer vulnerable. And as the Antivirus company do not know about it, there is NO ANTIVIRUS to catch it. Yes you did all the right things and your computer is being attacked without you even knowing it. And while given time, the patch writers once knowed will write a patch for that vulnerability but will likely create more vulnerabilities for you and your computer.

      And what about those no file virus, How does a virus check files when there are no files to check. This is all on the patch writers who have impossible task of writing code to fix the bugs  and patch vulnerably by tuesday, no matter if they got it monday, and they can test to a point, but real world and you to find their problems. Some one said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results As I see it updating virus definitions and doing updates fit that and it might be said that doing such is insane.

      you  are updating over and over expecting your computer to be better and safer. But the truth is you are getting a slower and slower computer and becoming less and less safe. And if user error and habits is causing most virus, then maybe it time to upgrade the user.


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      Dear anti patcher – Browsers get updates all the time so the argument that one shouldn’t patch is also faulty.

      I’m not driving the same car I did years ago.   Protections evolve.  And zero days don’t arrive from patching, they arrive because and attacker finds a bug and uses it.

      My sister still has the 1960 VW that my Dad bought her for her first car in college.  It sits most of the time in his garage as a pet project.  She doesn’t drive it on a daily basis.  The one she drives now has air bags and WAY better seat belts.  (hint the VW originally had none, she added a lap belt after the fact)  https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=159838


      As you said “IMO”.



      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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