• A Couple of Template Questions


    I have a couple of template questions I’ve not been able to google.

    First, with a text box, like the title area, how do you control how small it will go to auto-fit the text? Specifically, one of my presentations has longer titles (I have no control over this, they come from client) and the title area needs to go down to 34-points. However, auto-fit refuses to go below 36-points. I can manually change it to 34 but I’d like for it to handle it automatically.

    Second, I know that when you insert a new slide, it is supposed to take on the format of the slide before it. (Except for the one after the title slide.) That is usually the way it behaves. However, I have one presentation where I made some changes to the slide master and it started always started formatting new slides with the title format. I had to manually change it each time. Any idea what might have caused this?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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