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    ISSUE 19.18 • 2022-05-02 EDITORIAL By Will Fastie We are pleased — and excited — to announce the creation of the TameYourTech Crystal award. We are ev
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      Fred, Congratulations.

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      A wonderful gesture to a truly great bloke.

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      Congratulations. Have a prosper future. 🌹

      [] 🌹 #нетвойнесУкраиной 🌹 #不与乌克兰开战 🌹 []
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      Congrats Fred! And remember, old technicians never die, just like old technology, we just prop ’em up in a corner in the basement!

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      My career as an organic chemist using a lot of statistics led me to my love of computers and a switch to computer science in the late 60s; I have never regretted the change! I encountered Fred early on (I have no idea of the time frame) and appreciated his honesty, his caring, his accuracy, and his compassion for educating countless users. Congratulations, Fred! You have earned this award with your hard work and your care for others in the field. Your name, your help, and your actions will remain a part of my joy of computing throughout my life. Warm regards, John Anderson

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      Fred, congratulations and well deserved! I hope the committee, all 2 of them, think long and hard before handing out this one again. You are one of a kind!


      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


      PowerShell & VBA Rule!
      Computer Specs

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      My first comment here altho I’ve been following Fred for years:

      Thank you Fred for the mountain of help you’ve unknowingly given me (and, in turn, those I support) for many years.  From the planet’s other side, in Australia.


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      Congrats Fred! I have been following you since the nineties. At that time, I used an internal modem at very slow speed. I’ve learnt so much from your articles wherever and whenever they appeared. You have been a great teacher! I loved your Langa Letter and also later your contributions in the free newsletters. Thank you so much for sharing your deep knowledge.

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      Congratulations Fred, and greetings from Australia. An award well deserved. Keep well.

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      I’ve been following the Langalist off and on since XP at least, and time behind my keyboard has been better for it. Thanks Fred!
      I vaguely remember Fred supporting someone (a needy child?) in a foreign country and asking donors to steer donations to that cause. Can we get an update on that person after all these years?
      Thanks again.

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      Congratulations Fred!  I have following your work for many, many years.  Don’t know the exact years that I got my own computer but it’s been a very long time ago.  You helped me sort and sift my way through a very confusing medium, at least for me. I remember one time you were traveling around the country to a few lucky chosen few, to fix whatever computer problem they were having.  I so wished I had been chosen. Unfortunately as good as you were with all your teachings, I was without anyone else available to guide me and I would occationally slip off your tether and be lost.  Yet I would still try to keep up with all the changes through the years. More recently I have more or less given up.  It’s been all the new ways of doing things all the time and I’ve become a bit lazy and weary about keeping up.  But I got to say that if and when I really needed an answer for some difficulty, I could depend and trust your advice. I thank you, I am grateful.  Take care.


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