• A new KB 4023814 is released – More pushing to upgrade to 1903?

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    I’ve just spotted a new version of KB4023814 through wushowhide and decided it was safer to hide first and ask questions later.

    I suppose the same considerations from Woody’s post here still apply for anyone who does not wish to upgrade from 1803 for the time being.

    Interestingly, the entry for this update on Microsoft’s support page (see here) states that:

    We recommend updating all of these earlier versions to the Windows 10 version 1809 to continue receiving security and quality updates, ensuring protection from the latest security threats.

    I’m wondering whether the reference to 1809 is a leftover from the previous version of the article and they actually meant to recommend upgrading to 1903 or whether the recommendation is really meant to say 1809 and thus whether clicking the “Update Now” button displayed if installing the update will trigger an update to 1809 rather than to 1903. Since 1903 does not look ready for “prime time”, this might be an interesting option to move to 1809 assuming clicking the button will trigger the update to 1809.

    Does anyone know which feature update is installed by clicking the button (1809 or 1903)? Anyone volunteering to try? 🙂

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      Thank you Microsoft for force-feeding me W10 v1903. I have been blocking it (first v1809) for months using WUShowHide. On Sat 10/19/2019 I got the DREADED (We’re here to help you) UpdateAssistant popup giving me a few minutes to save my work before starting the Upgrade. Fortunately I was able to Cancel. I checked the #4 UpdateAssistant Tasks in Task Scheduler — which I had Disabled — and Microsoft had re-Enabled them. I Disabled them AGAIN and thought I was set.

      No such luck. Later in the day I got the popup again, and cancelled again. Yet later I was remoting to another machine to backup an Oracle VBox VMDK (virtual drive) and forgot about UpdateAssistant. When I checked back on the Desktop it was too late — the Upgrade was underway. I think KB4023814 was responsible for UpdateAssistant running amok.

      I hope others can learn from this. MICROSOFT IS GOING TO PUSH those on v1803 — which ‘expires’ on Nov 12 — to Upgrade to v1903. By any means necessary.

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        This is where Woody’s advice to grab and hold on to an image of v1809 comes in handy. You may want to move up from 1803, but should not have to accept 1903, yet. Having options available by planning and preparation is one convenience found at AskWoody.

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