• ACROS Security released 0Patch for IE


    As Microsoft declined to fix the MTH bug ACROS has released a 0Patch

    Edge Decided To Use An Undocumented Security Feature.
    Internet Explorer Didn’t Get The Memo.

    Five days ago, security researcher John Page published details and a proof-of-concept for a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that he had previously reported to Microsoft but received a response that “…a fix for this issue will be considered in a future version of this product or service.”


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      The situation’s a little more complex than that, but…

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        Well yeah, it’s a funny chicken-and-egg problem of defaulting to trusted when not having sufficient access to check for “mark of the web”, due to running with lowered privileges to reduce attack surface…

        Well, that and allowing active content and network access at all to be triggered from what’s “supposed” to be an ad-hoc offline copy of web content, let alone not very restricted filesystem access, but I suppose that’s probably A Feature(tm) and not a bug.

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