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    My daughter’s pc locked up after an update; it will no longer start.  Since it was an old pc, I purchased a “new” (“open box”) hp pc for her at Best Buy.  There is no documentation.  Eventually Best Buy was able to transfer her files – into what appears to be my OneDrive family (multi-user) account.  I had hoped it would go into a new user set-up, but it appears (I’ll try to check tomorrow – she lives almost two hours away) it may have gone into my OneDrive user area.

    Reading on-line, it appears I should have sent an invitation to her to use one of the separate log-ins on One-Drive.  She is already using Word and Outlook.

    How do I proceed to set up her new partition and remove her (if needed) from my partition?  Are either of us likely to lose data?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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      Additional info:  I am at my daughter’s pc.  Best Buy had set it up with Microsoft Teams, so that she has full access to my e-mails, etc.  This is NOT what we intended.

      How can we move from the current setup to one where she just becomes one of my users of the family One-Drive setup?


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      I assume you are running Windows 11 Home? If so, set her up as “another user on this box”. The fastest way to get her stuff off is to copy to a SSD/Hard disk and log out as you and log in as her. Then copy her files into her account.

      Given that you state that ‘the machine did not start” it’s good that Best Buy was able to save any of her files. You might not have been clear about where you wanted the files to go, or perhaps she was using the families login in the past. Since she is living away you weren’t clear as to whether you insist you have some control over her viewing behavior either, so I don’t what your requirements for this account really are.

      I would not recommend her being on the “family” login unless you absolutely want her there. Better to make her login part of a “Family” account. Unless I’m misreading this.

      I don’t understand how she has full access to your emails through Teams. The only way that could happen is if she is using your login. Give her her own account and that should fix your problems.  Teams, by the way, does not allow someone that is not the user to access the users email. Sorry. Please treat yourself to some of the great videos on YouTube about these products. I’m sure you’ll find a better understanding of how to set these up in the future.

      this is just one guide I found online in a quick search.

      How to set up a kid-friendly Windows 10 device with a child account | Windows Central

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        Some input:

        She is running Windows 11 Home.

        Our desire is that she be independent with no oversight of each other. [Her 60th birthday is next week.] I asked Best Buy to install her as an independent user under the multiple-user One-Drive license.  They clearly did not do that.

        I’m not sure about her having access to my e-mails, but she does have access to all my One-Drive files!  It appears she was set up as another user under my account.

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      I don’t know, I don’t work with home users. Only work with businesses and Windows Pro. Maybe someone else on here has more knowledge of how to best do this so you can share OneDrive and not email.

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