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    Lately, I’m getting a popup most of the time while opening an Acrobat document from the Internet. This is a new phenomenon. The popup says, “Use Acrobat in Chrome. View, comment, fill forms, sign and more when you set Adobe Acrobat as your default PDF viewer.” Two choice boxes, Not now and Set as default are displayed. Selecting the latter clears the box, but the next time I open a document, the popup re-appears. Here are the problems:

    1. Not running Chrome at the time. I’ve switched to Brave.
    2. The extension settings for Acrobat in both Chrome and Brave are set to ON.

    This isn’t a BIG deal, but is becoming quite annoying. Any idea on how to prevent the popups?




    D. Eager

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      What Windows version ? Do you have Acrobat installed & Set as default ?
      Browsers extensions can’t make Windows changes such as default apps…

      I use Sumatra portable which is set as default for PDF on my Windows 10.

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      21H2 with January C.U. Acrobat is installed per Programs list in Control Panel. I believe that Acrobat is set as default for .pdf files and other Acrobat file types per Control Panel>Default Programs>Set Default Programs>Set Defaults by App>Adobe Acrobat DC. could be missing something though???

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      As an aside the paranoid would save the document locally if you have any doubts at all about it, and open it into Acrobat reader with protected mode, protected view enabled..


      So what’s the default for that setting now? I guess it’s really a case of do you want to know what Acrobat is doing..



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      “Use Acrobat in Chrome

      You don’t need an extension to open online a PDF file. All browsers do that without an extension.

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      OK. If I disable the extension, will that stop the message that Adobe isn’t my default viewer? I’m not understanding how the two are related.

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      I don’t understand why, but disabling the extension stopped the “not default PDF reader” popups. Thanks for suggesting it anyway.

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      “Use Acrobat in Chrome

      You don’t need an extension to open online a PDF file. All browsers do that without an extension.

      Thank you, this worked, and I did not know this, I thought we needed the extension for Chrome to open PDF’s, I guess not because you are right, I removed it, and Chrome still opens PDFs just fine!

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