• After update Edge refuses to FULLY LOAD all tabs when started – fix?

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    I HATE Lazy tabs approach and killed it on Firefox and other browsers long ago when it was first introduced on them.

    I want ALL TABS TO FULLY LOAD on all browsers I use when I FIRST START the browser. Edge used to do this recently (to my surprise) but now it is doing the lazy tabs approach. UGH! (I suppose one of the WAY WAY TOO FREQUENT UPDATES caused the problem).

    I use Edge some because many websites will not load on current Fx ESR version. But now Edge Version 107.0.1418.26 is suddenly doing the lazy tabs. I searched for a fix and found, like others with this problem, that most responders to this issue don’t understand what we want! So, does anyone here know of a fix so that Edge will automatically FULLY LOAD all tabs that were open when the user lasted closed Edge? The ONLY fix I have found is totally inadequate as it tells how to have Edge (when first started) fully open a few tabs that you always go to and make all the rest lazy opening!

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      many websites will not load on current Fx ESR version.

      Never ever did I stumbled on a website that did not load with (portable) FF ESR (currently

      What’s Lazy Loading? How to enable or disable it in Firefox, Edge and Chrome

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      Banking sites are the big culprits. Most of mine will not run on Fx. But this is OFF TOPIC. They load on Basilisk that is forked off Fx 52.9 ESR but, of course, it not a good idea to do banking on Basilisk since it has not been supported for months now. I use fx portable also BTW.

      I still want to know if it is possible to get all tabs that open on Edge to load FULLY when Edge is started. My banking sites load fine on Edge and that is a main reason I use Edge some. (Even iOS on my iPhone won’t properly load some banking sites or their apps…this is on the current iOS version…guess this time I should have waited a while before installing it as my phone won’t even load Target’s own wifi INSIDE Target store now. In fact, iPhone doesn’t work even on cellular inside Target now….other iPhone users reporting the same problem here and also unable to use Apple Pay in Safeway now on Apple watch or iPhone and others complaining to Safeway about that too. I have to do it the old fashioned way and physically insert my credit card into the Safeway terminal and I can’t even do that in Target now. (I guess I won’t be so eager to get the latest iPhone/Watch updates in the future).

      As for Fx ESR, I already had it set to FALSE for the preference “browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand”. But just now I see a preference I have not noticed in the past “browser.sessionstore.restore_tabs_lazily”. It was set to the default of TRUE. I just set it to FALSE but haven’t tested yet to see if that fixes the problem.

      As for Edge, the needed flags are not found…it’s late so I’ll look at it further tomorrow.

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      I log in into my bank account on iOS 16.2 beta using face ID.
      My bank is always up to date supporting new iOS versions.
      The same goes using Apple Pay in any store, never failed.

      I would never connect my iPhone… to any (free) store’s wi-fi.

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