• After upgrade 20 20H2 ther is no WIndows.Old folder

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    Yesterday  I upgraded to 20H2. There is no  Windows.Old folder. The 2nd attachment  shows I can’t revert because it is more  than 10 days since I upgrade but that is  untrue.The first attachment shows I have 1.35 GB of updates (at bottom of attachment), but there is  no  way  to  delete it. This same  problem  is on  all 3 of my PC’s.

    What gives?

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      There is none after upgrading to 21H1 as well.

      Both 20H2 and 21H1 updates are Enablement packages that set some switches ON so no Windows.old.

      Windows 10 2004 – 20H2 – 21H1 run the same kernel and have the same monthly updates.

      You should create your own “Windows.old” (full backup) before any update/upgrade.

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      Thanks for the answer.

      How do  I get rid of  the  1.35 GB listed in Temporary Files/Updates?

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      It’s not listed.

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        Open the Start menu and scroll down a ways to the heading of “Windows Administrative Tools” (its icon looks like a folder). Clicking on that should have “Disk Cleanup” listed as the third or fourth entry under that folder icon. Now right click on the “Disk Cleanup” icon and select the “More…” listing and then select “Run as administrator”. That will allow you to do what @Alex5723 is suggesting in the post just above this one.

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      I knew about disk cleanup.

      However, there is no entry for “Previous Windows Installation(s).

      That is the reason I  made my original post.

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        On my system, I see “Temporary Windows installation files”. Do you have that?

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          I see nothing like that. I have many choices but none show a size even close to the 1.35 GB shown in my original  post  in  the  attachment.

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            If you compare the list of items shown in your image to the list of items shown in Disk Cleaner you should find they’re the same and each item should show the same amount of disk space being used (at least they do on my PC.)

            The 1.35 GB shown in you image is the total space used by all the items displayed, not a single item/folder.

            Disk Cleaner will also show the same value at the bottom as Total amount of disk space you gain: but only after you actually “check” the items that are using disk space.

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        V2004, v20H2, and v21H1 are the same base. There is no OS upgrade when go from one to the other. They all contain the same kernel, they all get the same CU & other updates. The only difference is the turning on of the Enablement Packages (already present in all of them) for the current version you are on.

        They are all the same except for that, so no Windows.old because there is no change in the core OS.

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        One question: How did you get to the screen you posted in the “Temporary-files.jpg” image? I’ve never seen that screen in my versions of Windows 10 2004 or 20H2 Pro x64, and it looks interesting! I’d like to check it out!

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      Go to Settings/System/Storage. Then click on temporary Files

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      However, there is no entry for “Previous Windows Installation(s).

      That because the is no Windows.old which should be ~20GB+ (not 1.35GB).
      Windows.old backup file is built during full upgrade (2004). Both 20H2 and 21H1 (and probably 21H2) are small updates for setting some functions ON.

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      I know that.

      What I now want is to  get  rid of  the  1.35 GB shown in the first  attachment in my original post at “Temporary Files/Updates”.

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      The first attachment shows I have 1.35 GB of updates (at bottom of attachment), but there is no way to delete it. This same problem is on all 3 of my PC’s.

      This may be showing the size of all the installed updates.  I show 7.68 MB with 20 installed updates.

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      I updated from windows 20H2 to 21H1 and there is no windows.old file and I have no option to rollback to 20H2.  Usually in settings you get this option, but it is not there.  I want to rollback to 20H2 as 21H1 is not working well on my PC.  Do I need to do a fresh install 20H2, that seems to be my only option.  Any help would be welcomed!

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        Windows 10 2004, 20H2, and 21H1 all share a common core with an identical set of system files, which is why there’s no windows.old folder.

        The updates to 20H2 and 21H1 are done using an enablement package that simply “turns on” features already present in 2004.

        The upgrade from 20H2 to 21H1 is via enablement package KB5000736 so all you need to do to downgrade back to 20H2 is uninstall it.

        Note: many users have reported that KB5000736 will automatically reinstall itself unless you disconnect from the internet before uninstalling it.

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        What’s not working well?  Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of that.

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          When I go to Settings/System/Storage/ and click on Temporary Files, I get what you see in the attached jpg. At the bottom you will see Update with 642 MB.  I would like to get rid of the  642 MB

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            Run disk cleanup (as admin) and select to delete updates.

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              I have done that. It has no  effect. The 642 MB isn’t in the list anywhere.

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              My bad.

              First you should stop Windows Update service :
              run services.msc
              Stop Windows Update

              You should delete the data (folders and files in :
              Restart Windows Update.

              I would like to get rid of the 642 MB

              The question is why ?

              Is your free space C: drive/partition so tight ?
              Either enlarge partition size or upgrade C: drive to a bigger drive…

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              Alex – I deleted that folder and my problem  is  solved.

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