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    MICROSOFT 365 By Peter Deegan Get a grip on Teams by exploring its “nuts and bolts,” including what to ignore, what’s compulsory, what’s possible, and
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      Thanks for another great piece, Peter!

      I think the reason there is confusion over Tasks/Todo and Tasks/Planner is that Microsoft combined ToDo and Planner into the Tasks app a little while ago.


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      Really don’t understand why there’s no “Paste as PlainText” in Teams…
      Sure there’s the Remove Formatting button, but even that doesn’t work properly!

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      Good point.  There’s no Paste as plain text option in the chat/messaging window.

      Where do you have trouble with ‘Clear all formatting’?  Which Teams app?  I just did some quick tests and it worked OK.

      Of course the workaround is to Paste as plain text into Word (online or app) the copy from there.  Word editor within Teams for Windows does have a Paste as plain text option.

      Peter Deegan

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        It’s either when pasting from an Excel table, or Pasting code from Visual Studio. (Can’t remember atm as I’m not on my work machine). This is on Teams Desktop, btw. The Clear Formatting just wouldn’t clear everything and revert it back to the default format plaintext, as it does in other apps. I’m aware the “Code” option exists, but whenever I’m pasting into Teams it’s generally just Text.

        I’ve resorted to pasting to Notepad first, then into teams. Still arsey though. Would love a right-click Paste as Plaintext option.

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      Avoid MS Team at all cost. It is very unstable. It crashes very often. It does not have screen annotation. It use spy-telemetry data to gather info on business users and exploit it.

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        Do you have evidence of of Microsoft gathering data on businesses and “exploiting it”?  Provide facts please otherwise this is pure speculation.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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          What personal data does Microsoft Teams collect and for what purposes does Microsoft Teams use this data?

          ..Microsoft Teams, as a cloud-based service, processes various types of personal data as part of delivering the service. This personal data includes:

          Content Your meetings and conversations chats, voicemail, shared files, recordings and transcriptions.

          Profile Data Data that is shared within your company about you. Examples include your E-mail address, profile picture, and phone number.

          Call History A detailed history of the phone calls you make, which allows you to go back and review your own call records.

          Call Quality data Details of meetings and call data are available to your system administrators. This allows your administrators to diagnose issues related to poor call quality and service usage.

          Support/Feedback data Information related to troubleshooting tickets or feedback submission to Microsoft.

          Diagnostic and service data Diagnostic data related to service usage. This personal data allows Microsoft to deliver the service (troubleshoot, secure and update the product and monitor performance) as well as perform some internal business operations, such as:
          Determine revenue
          Develop metrics
          Determine service usage
          Conduct product and capacity planning…

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      Can Teams be uninstalled.

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      Yes, Teams software can be uninstalled on any computer. That doesn’t remove the Team data.

      If you mean can a Team be deleted, yes.  Anything saved in Teams can be deleted by an admin … a plug-in, tab, channel or entire Team.

      Peter Deegan

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