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    As you likely know – about 09:00 Central (daylight) Time the Google Calendar went ‘off-line’ and world wide nobody can access it.  It has been a couple of hours and still no word on what happened or a fix timeline.  I just grab my pen & paper daytimer and am still in business but this has had a substantial impact on lots of folks.  It is also odd in that it is only calendar that is impacted – all other Google apps/tools are up and running.

    While I work in a “Microsoft shop” we were forced by higher up to go with the whole G Enterprise thing and so are stuck with it.  I’ve still got outlook running on my PC and copy all my stuff to it so I have a local copy.  Just printed out my calendar for the week and don’t care that the app is down but my co-workers are not so smart/lucky.  Thoughts?

    Paul –

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      Didn’t even notice it went down. Appears to be up now…

      edit: I do see references on twitter to it being down but it looks like it came back up just before I checked my own calendar.

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      PaulForeman: It seems to me that you and your co-workers, and many others elsewhere besides, are like canaries in the mine of Big Tech’s “Cloud.” You have my entire sympathy.

      Convenience is not necessarily the same as wisdom. Giving up the latter in exchange for the former is never a good move. Big Tech, obviously, disagree and many of those who run things have chosen to believe that BT is right.

      The worst part of it is that, in today’s “let us beat the competition before they beat us” world we live in, the logic of it compels many to move to the “Cloud” to trade faster, stay always connected, in touch with relevant news, teleconference, and be able to send and receive the latest reports, memos, etc. When part of the “Cloud” collapses, that is bad for business, but less so if it also collapses for the competition, as probably was the case in this Google outage. It is a perverse, but very compelling logic.

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