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    FREEWARE SPOTLIGHT By Deanna McElveen “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” —Jimmy Dea
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      Hi Deanna…  AM-Deadlink will not install under Windows 7 SP1.  Rats…



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      Installed as portable to a USB. Unfortunately, it “hung” halfway through the scan and just got stuck, and didn’t recover. Glad I didn’t install to the SSD.

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      AM-Deadlink will not install under Windows 7 SP1.

      Version 6.0 requires Win 10/11, 64-bit only. Version 5.0 supported Win 7/8/10/11 in both 32- and 64-bit flavors. I did a quick test of both side by side, and IMHO I don’t see any significant changes in what the two versions do, so I’d say just use v5.

      I might also note that the v5 installer is about 2MB, while the v6 installer is 8MB. After portable installation both are roughly 8MB each, though, so I don’t know why the v6 installer is more bloated.

      There are a few third-party sites where you can still find v5. Although I normally hesitate to recommend sites I’m not familiar with, I can confirm the version from this softonic.com site matches the v5 installer I downloaded from the official aignes.com site a couple years ago:

      MD5: 1f13dffb63209167e7f80c6d60b820c1

      SHA1: f3ecbe2314d0d894027092c8d8f660c7603f0df3

      SHA256: d49dc17336959fae92bcd0dd0fc241179731899221ca25098ac9bfb554d47e25


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      Hi Deanna, I also installed this program on a 16gb USB and ran it. It worked fine for 66/1344 records then paused for ~10 minutes, when it got to 110/1344 it stopped for over an hour and kept popping up a Help window. When selected, it took about 4 minutes to open the Web help page which had nothing about frozen windows. I then tried the ‘Abort’ option, nothing happened. I then tried the Exit option, nothing happened. I then tried to open Task Manager to kill it but TM was a completely blank window. At this stage I pulled the USB out, rebooted the PC and tried again. I encountered the same result.  I killed it again and deleted the software. There were still 13 instances of ‘dledge’ in the Task Manager Details section which were removed after a reboot.

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      Great app, Deanna, thank you. I’m also searching for a way to remove duplicate links in Chrome bookmarks, but gather that’s not a function available in AM-DeadLink.

      Are you aware of any app that would have that functionality other than the Bookmarks Clean Up extension for Chrome (assuming a separate app may work better)?

      Thanks, again.

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      I installed it, ran it, found no problems and then uninstalled it.

      Thanks for advising us about this app. I enjoy reading your column.


      Peace, CAS

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      Will AM-Deadlink run on a M1 Mac?  Thx.

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      Deanna, your tools sound intriguing, but it appears most of them work only on Windows.  Please let your readers know what operating systems they’ll work on.  If there are alternate programs for Apple users, please mention these

      And yes, I did switch to Apple.  Why?  As a student,I got a good deal on Windows and Office–the super dooper versions no less.  I tried and tried to get Outlook to work without success.  Since Microsoft says they’ll help users install any MS software purchased, I called MS.

      Microsoft said they’d be delighted to help me install Outlook if I paid them $100.  I then figured that I’d buy as little Microsoft software as possible in the future.  With Apple, I’ve been able to install everything and have had no problems with monthly updates.  Apple doesn’t even hit me up for an extra $100.


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      Installed and ran this, but it is only seeing minimal (5) bookmarks out of the hundreds I have saved. I see no option to change whatever level it is looking at. The path for 4 bookmarks is

      /menu/Mozilla Firefox and the remaining bookmark path is /toolbar.   I have no clue how to get it to see the hundreds of others that are saved in Firefox so I guess this was a waste of time and I will delete it.


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