• Am I Doomed??


    OK, after escaping all the update printer problems…BOOM.

    I have 2 laptops: W10 Home and W10 Pro.

    I just installed the Nov updates. Unfortunately after that neither computer printed to my Brother printer. Here’s what I did:

    1. uninstalled the updates and
    2. had to uninstall then reinstall the printer. I also
    3. have it set not to install updates until Jan 11th or so

    So now what do I do? Will I be forced to install those updates? Will this happen on Tuesday or in January? Will a doomsday repeat at that time? (I wonder if I would have been okay keeping the updates and just uninstalling then reinstalling the printer)

    I need advice.



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      Did you try the preview update at the end of November?  What error message did you see (if any?)

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        Sorry, my computer knowledge is not deep. I’m not sure what the November preview updates are. Were you talking about creating a virtual machine and applying the updates?

        Both computers were working fine until we tried to print.

        I think it said printer error, but I don’t recall any more detail.



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          https://www.askwoody.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/2021-11-23-Nov.htm  do you see there where it says “optional” Those are the November optional updates.  If you turn off deferral and check for updates you’ll be offered these optional end of month updates.

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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            Oh, I follow. But if I turn off deferal and check for updates, won’t it then load the two updates that I uninstalled?


            The only thing I recall is being offered is 21H2.



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              And then install the optional update to see if that fixes you up.

              Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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              Just had a surprise. I indicated in my post the steps I took to get the printer back online. That was with my W10 Home computer. I was then going to do the same with the W10 Pro laptop. But, when I turned it on, the Brother printer woke up and printed a couple of sheets (must have been in the queue from our previous attempt).  Tested further and the printer is working just fine in the W10 Pro UPDATED computer. Now, suppose I go back to my computer and reinstall the updates. Would it work if I then just deleted the printer and then reinstalled it?I might just wait until the updates are forced on me. Is that Tuesday when the new ones come out, or Jan 11th, the date I set?


              Finally, you talked about optional update(s) as a fix. Do you include 21H2 as a possible fix?

              Thanks for your help as I flail about


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      Rebooting an opsys and power off/on a printer can ofttimes fix printer problems. Also watch out for hubs that don’t work right.

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      You re not doomed, but you are not alone, Brother and Zebra printers have problems with Windows printing recently, since Microsoft started patching PrintNightmare vulnerability. So far, we are “not vulnerable anymore, but sometimes we cant print” 😁

      It gets better through time, so I would suggest to update Windows to the latest possible stable build. Probably 20H2 and fully patch this version of Windows.

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        Well, it’s working now…until those updates are forced on me. I wonder if the updates just knocked the printer off-line. When I uninstalled the updates, the printer still didn’t work. But I then unplugged it, plugged it back in, and the Brother s-ware recognized the printer and installed it. I still had to remove the printer and then add it. What a pain.



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        FWIW:  It’s apparently NOT just Zebra and Brother printers having problems. I’m a home user of Epson and Canon.

        I have been trying for many hours to print labels  on an Epson WF-7720 and on a Canon Pixma 882MX.

        I have tried Excel/Word – can get the data to show up in the labels on screen, but can’t print on the labels sheet, from the rear tray.  It worked at least once, but since then it changes my “rear tray” option to autoselect the other paper tray with letter-sized paper. I dare not put labels in that tray!

        So I tried Libre Office. I can’t seem to even get it to show up on screen with data in the labels rather than the field names! Well, it DID show up properly at least once on screen, but — same problem: it comes out using the wrong tray!

        And it looks like I can’t uninstall the November updates. This will be a lesson to me, to not let Windows auto-update.

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      Did you try newer printer software?

      BTW I could never figure out OfficeLibre, I still use Office ’97 for mailing labels.


      Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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        Wavy, et. al.:

        Sorry, I should have followed up with this Forum. All is now good. I ended up removing the printer from my network, then unplugging the printer. Rebooted the computer. Plugged printer back in. Reinstalled printer from scratch. AND IT WORKED! Couldn’t believe it. Oh, I did have the latest printer software.

        I wonder if the new updates just knocked the printer off the network or something like that. If it happens again, that might be the first thing I try before removing the updates. I now have one laptop with all the updates. The printer works fine with both laptops.


        Thanks for asking. It reminded me to follow up here!



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