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    I have a Dell Inspiron 3505

    and once a week I discharge my battery  between 70% to 50%, the rest of the week i leave it plugged in  but I only use it 6 hours everyday.

    am I doing a good job?  should I discharge it more often?

    I dont like charging and discharging my laptop, however I want also to take care of the battery.

    Just someone who don't want Windows to mess with its computer.
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      One ideal is to never charge the battery too high, maybe pick 80% as a max charge, if you can find settings to do that.  The other thing that helps is reducing laptop temperature by having big feet under it or a cooling fan mat https://www.radtech.com/products/coolfeet (sorry out of stock)

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        Well my laptop is configured  (by design)  for 97% to be 100%  so that isn’t an issue- indeed I am getting a cooling pad, thanks for answering anon.

        Just someone who don't want Windows to mess with its computer.
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      Can you disconnect the battery if it’s mostly plugged in all day.
      Some manufacturers have a utility that enables the level to reach say 60% – 80% capacity if remained plugged in.

      For more info on battery health see:


      Searching the forums might provide additional info.


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        Sadly No, this Model has the battery integrated

        Just someone who don't want Windows to mess with its computer.
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          I’ve just recently replaced my drive in the laptop and while I had the back cover off removed the internal battery because it had seen its last days. Thankfully it was mounted to the base via screws and plugged into the motherboard with a molex- style connector.

          So is your ‘integrated’ battery soldered to the mainboard ?

          Here’s another good article worth a read:


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            I see, well I think I will start saving for a Cooling pad, to avoid any kinf of problem with the battery.


            Just someone who don't want Windows to mess with its computer.
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      You will never avoid battery problems if you use it. The more you use it the shorter its life.
      Use it in moderation, or just leave it plugged into the charger and it will last as long as it’s going to last.

      cheers, Paul

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      I use my laptop on mains power most of the time but it has a “Maximise my battery health” option in the UEFI that prevents it charging above 80%. It does me fine because I still have a usable battery life when I do need it, but it won’t wear out from being at 100% the majority of the time.

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      According to HP you can get an extra 6 to 12 months life by only charging to 80%, but how you do that manually…..

      cheers, Paul

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      With lithium batteries, you do not want you battery to be at maximum or minimum capacity. IDEALLY the battery would always stay at 50%. There is a deep dive on this at batteryuniversity.

      BU-808: How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries – Battery University

      Guide to Dell Power Manager | Dell US

      Dell wised up to this and started including a tool years ago that allows people to control their battery levels. This was called Dell Power Manager. Some laptops used a similar version called Dell Power Manager Lite. Both available on the Windows store. Now, Dell has stopped deploying the standalone application and it is is included with the “My Dell” application. You will likely see the power configuration options if you install the latest version of the app from Dell.

      You can set pre-set configurations based on usage or use manual settings, which is what I do.

      I have set my laptop to not go below 45% and not go above 85%. This keeps the battery in the optimal range, while still maintaining a charge if needed. If you always keep your laptop plugged in and rarely ever use it without the charger, you can set your parameters to between 40-60%.



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