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    How do you make name definitions for different spreadsheets?

    When I Insert/name/define and enter one, it works fine for that sheet…and every sheet after that. That exact same spot regardless of what sheet I am on.
    How do I make these definitions independent of themselves and one sheet alone?

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      If I understand your question, you’re trying to define a Worksheet level name. To do that, you need to prefix your name with “worksheet_name!”(no quotes)
      For example, to define a name of ‘TEST’ for three different sheets called Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, you’d Insert / Name / Define on Sheet1. The name you type in would be “Sheet1!TEST” the reference would be whatever range you wanted on Sheet1. Then go to Sheet2 and repeat this process except this time you’d type in “Sheet2!TEST” for your name. Repeat for Sheet3. You would now have three different named ranges all with the name TEST but refering to different ranges depending upon which sheet was active.

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        Of course, why not follow the simple naming rules of VBA?

        It just goes to show you, learn too much at once and your brain turns into the equivalent of a busy city intersection with a blown out traffic light.
        Thanks Gene-o

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