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  • An official fix for slow Windows 7 update scan times

    Home Forums AskWoody blog An official fix for slow Windows 7 update scan times

    This topic contains 146 replies, has 8 voices, and was last updated by  James Lightfoot 3 years ago.

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      Da Boss

      Looks like it’s working. This month, anyway. Or maybe it’s just the latest whack-a-mole monthly mess-up. InfoWorld Woody on Windows.   Got this n
      [See the full post at: An official fix for slow Windows 7 update scan times]

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      Sorry woody. The KB3161647 update is not available as an individual update but it is part of the June 2016 update rollup for Win7 SP1 – KB3161608.

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      Not me-I updated the one fix posted on patch tuesday.

      Does this fix permanently fix the slow windows updates we face every patch tuesday or do we gotta download a new patch every month?

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      Dave V

      That kb leads to June update rollup kb3161608.
      Attempt to install to 7 x64 came back with a reply, not applicable to your computer.

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      Dave V

      Ran 3 times 7 ultimate sp1 x64
      Same result each time

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      I’m a bit hesitant on this update as it’s in the ‘optional update’ section of WU which is embedded in the June 2016 roll-up patch KB3161608.
      Our Win7 64bit seems to run fine with KB3161664 so not needing this yet.

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      For the last several months, there have been a security patch per month that everyone claimed was a fix for the slow Windows Update scans. And the next month updates were back to long searches.

      During the “Keep Windows 7/8” campaign (for those avoiding Windows 10 forced upgrade), I have been avoiding Windows Update Client “improvements” like the plague, hiding them as they appear each month since mid 2015. The reasoning behind that being that MS was using the “improvements,” along with telemetry and compatibility updates, to grease the Windows 10 skids. And the presence of the updates didn’t seem to make any difference in the scans for those who installed them.

      KB3161647 June Windows Update Client for Windows 7 (and its sister KB3163023 for Windows 8) appear to be part of a June rollup. If I’m not mistaken that means the same thing it does in Windows 10 – you can’t pick and choose, you get the whole thing.

      IF (hold your breath) this whole avoidance routine is over on July 29th, and IF (hold your breath) MS starts charging for Windows 10, and IF (hold your breath) MS stops hijacking computers with unwanted upgrades, then I will go back and revisit all the Windows Update Client “improvements” (but not telemetry or compatibility) when it’s over to see if the wait time improves. That’s only a month away. I think I can bide my time 38 days longer. After all, “How long has this been going on!!”

      Or I will die of asphyxiation….

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      If you install the June 2016 rollup.

      I see no standalone installer for the fix.

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      It is a moot point if Microsoft is going to put a fix out every month for this issue. They need to to develop a long-term patch rather than duct-taping the problem each month. Unless this patch is one of those long term solutions…

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      AskWoody Plus

      G’day Woody – I saw this on Wilders Security site : but obviously needs your approval as it has a different KB #

      Long Update Scans for Windows 7 Addressed in Latest Windows Update Client Fix

      Jun 21, 2016 Rod Trent

      Over the past couple months, and even more recently in the last few weeks, I’ve seen more and more reports from those tasked with managing Windows 7 computers that update scans are taking an extraordinarily long time. And, I do mean a long, long time. Some of those reports claim the scan has taken longer than 24 hours.

      Microsoft has addressed this issue in the June 2016 update rollup for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (KB3161608).

      This latest update includes a supposed fix for the long scan times, but also…

      •A fix for a Windows Update error 0x8007000E on some computers while they are updating.

      •Some reliability improvements

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      I tried it. It wiped out all my hidden updates and did not unstick Windows Update.
      I did system restore. KB3161647 is no longer listed as installed, but my hidden updates did not return. These of course were all the Windows 7 Updates to change to Windoes 10 which I had hidden.
      I have GWX Control Panel and I have update set to check but let me choose so I guess I am safe. I don’t know what to do now.
      I am back to where I was 6/12/2016 before the June patches arrived. However at this moment Windows says “there are no updates available for this computer.”
      I just did the restore so I guess it could still be looking.

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      “An optimization that addresses long scan time for updates that’s reported on some computers.”

      The Masters of Understatement have spoken!

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      The above link to KB3161647 actually goes to KB3161608.

      I wrote a comment about KB3161647 that I tried and the site said my comment was being monitored and then it disappeared and I don’t know what I did wrong.

      KB3161647 erased all my hidden updates and did not fix Windows Update for me.

      Woody could you email me and tell me why my first comment about KB3161647 was not allowed?

      Thank you.

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      Hey Woody,

      Is this update from KB3161608? Because it says on the Microsoft website that it’s from an update package of 5 updates, including KB3161647. Couldn’t find it after installing KB3161608 when looking through the installed updates.

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      Da Boss

      I moderate everything – sorry. I think your original post came through. If you have any problems or questions, though, you can always email me – click the link in the upper right corner….

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      Da Boss

      Any idea why????

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      Well, I guess I have asked too late. Thanks for the update though.

      I think now is just the waiting game until next month’s patch update from Windows. I still have KB3161664 installed just in case

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      I want to know if this is a permanent fix as well because i’m not happy about blindly accepting all the other updates in the rollup if not.

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      May I ask a dumb question?

      If the KB3161647 WU client patch is included as part of the KB3161608 June 2016 update rollup
      and the KB3161647 patch is not available as an individual update why is my W7 SP1 machine not being offered the KB3161608 June 2016 update rollup in Windows Update?

    • #40366 Reply

      Da Boss

      No idea. Have you tried installing it manually.

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      Da Boss

      Microsoft says it’s permanent. You can take that with all the usual caveats.

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      “Have you tried installing it manually.”

      No. And that’s because I have never downloaded and manually installed any updates for this W7 SP1 machine since I’ve owned it.
      And, really, I’m not going to start now. If MSFT can’t offer an update or a rollup through their own mechanism, Windows Update, then why would I trust that the update-rollup is beneficial?

      The last auto check for updates happened this morning at 9:49AM, June 21, and there was no change in my number of available Important or Optional updates. Unless this rollup was released some time this afternoon (EST) I have the same available updates in my queue that were sent down the chute this past patch Tuesday. I guess I’ll see what is offered tomorrow morning.

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      AskWoody Lounger

      Woody: I do not have either of the updates which are being referenced in the above posts. These are KB3161647 and KB3161608.

      Apparently I must wait until they show up, however since they are unavailable it is probably better to just wait and perhaps there will be another “fix” to assist with the lethargic update issue which continues to appear every month (since I can’t remember when).

      Any advice about this unusual situation? Thank you for the never-ending assistance you provide for us all. 🙂

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      KB3161608 fixes Windows update. I also learned to set WU to never check for updates and restart the computer first. Then install KB3161608. Then restart and check for updates. The June patches appear and KB3161647 is in the list. They downloaded and installed pretty quickly, probably 20 minutes, but I failed to time it and don’t know for sure. (KB3161647 did not appear in update history or installed updates, I think because it was already in KB3161608)
      This worked for me on my desktop, which is normally set to check for updates but allow me to choose whether to download and install them. I set WU back to that.
      Then I started my laptop. It had not been turned on since 6/12/2016. The only updates between 5/24/2016 when the May patches were installed and 6/12/2016 were definition updates for MSE and a Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 junk mail update.
      But when I went to see my hidden updates today they were all gone. I thought all my hidden updates were erased on my desktop today when I tried to install KB3161647, but they were also gone from my laptop that I had not used since 6/12/2016.
      Something happened between 5/24/2016 and 6/12/2016 that caused all the hidden updates to disappear without warning. I thought they were still there after the 5/24/2016 May patches. But they may have been removed then. I don’t know when it was done and it was done without my permission. Do you know anything about this?

      Woody’s reply:

      If you previously hid updates, and they no longer appear as hidden, you have nothing to worry about!

      Microsoft may have superseded them, or pulled them. If they don’t appear on the Windows Update list, you don’t need them….

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      Da Boss

      I’ll be tracking this down early in the morning. In the interim, if there are other comments, I’m very interested in hearing!

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      Not sure if this pertains to the discussion of KB3161608 but just now had it offered as an optional update…on win7 home x64

    • #40373 Reply

      Da Boss

      It absolutely pertains. MS officially released it on Tuesday. I guess it’s just now rolling out.

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      After checking for updates this morning, June 22, 2016, I was not offered, do not have, either of the updates being referenced, KB3161647 and KB3161608.

      My check for updates took less than 1 minute and I have KB3161664 installed since June 16, 2016…

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      Make sure servicing stack update KB3020369 is installed
      it’s a prerequisite

    • #40376 Reply

      Da Boss

      Got it. Thanks.

    • #40377 Reply


      You wrote an InfoWorld article about problems with KB3020369 last year entitled:
      “Microsoft fingers KB 3020369 as culprit in Stage 3 of 3 reboot hangs”.

      Because of the issues with the update I never installed KB3020369. As of this morning I have not yet received the optional KB3161608 update. I’m wondering if it’s because I don’t have KB3020369 installed, and if so how important are both KB3020369 & KB3161608/KB3161647 to my windows 7×64 installation?

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      I think KB3161664 is still effective on slow scans. I had insufferable slow scan times on W7/64 systems until I manually installed this scan. After a reboot the turn around was excellent.

      Yesterday when host services rose exponentially on the systems I opened WU and the scan time was excellent. I chose to select all security updates but left 1608 in optional and unchecked. The download and install was a matter of minutes (instead of hours). The CPU usage returned to normal immediately after the important updates were installed.

      If this continues with the next batch of updates, I will not install 1608. I think that will be a good test.

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      @woody, @abbodi,

      I found KB3020369 in my “hidden updates” list from back in May 2015. It was one of a couple of updates that you, Woody, had listed as problematic but then gave a “semi all clear” on…

      “All of the May patches that appear to cause problems — KB 3020369, 3045171, 3057110 — have been fixed or nearly fixed. KB 3020369 can hang at “Stage 3 of 3” during reboot, but we’ve been reassured it isn’t a problem, if you just pull the plug.”

      Based on the could hang at “stage 3 of 3”, and not wanting to ask for trouble, I hid it and it remains hidden. Could not having KB 3020369 installed be the reason the KB3161608 June 2016 update rollup is not being offered? And are others not seeing the KB3161608 June 2016 update rollup caught in this prerequisite issue?

    • #40380 Reply

      Da Boss

      Highly likely. Trying to unravel it now.

    • #40381 Reply

      Da Boss

      I’m talking with my editor at InfoWorld about this very fact, at this very moment! Good timing…

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      I used this on my laptop last night, and this morning across about a dozen PCs I look after for friends. It’s worked every time, and there’s been no wiping of hidden updates in the process.

      The slow scan times for Windows Update appears to have been targeted at lower end CPUs such as Celerons. It’s not the first time Microsoft have employed this strategy, the XP updater suddenly slowed and overloaded the CPU for long periods when MS wanted to push Vista.

      The bad thing is that the fix won’t be seen by the many users who simply rely on automatic updates.

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      After reading the comments here, I’m beginning to think this is just one more “trick” MS is pulling to get Win10 on PCs.

      If the rollup, or the Windows Update Client update included, wipes out the hidden updates protecting the PC from telemetry and compatibility checks (hiding has certainly protected my test machine), it is probably also greasing the skids for the forced upgrade.
      I won’t touch it with a 10 ft pole on the PCs trying to maintain Win7/8. See my earlier comments on this thread.

      What I’m also seeing from the comments is just how much trust MS has lost from the everyday Users it no longer cares about.

    • #40384 Reply



      The hiding of KB3020369 also prevents KB3042058 “Update to default cipher suite priority order: May 12, 2015”, from being offered. That update seemed to have contained Winlogon Spying & possible ties to Windows 10, based on 2 separate AskWoody articles.

      Unwanted updates for Windows 7

      MS-DEFCON 4: Get Windows and Office patched, but watch out for Kylo Ren

    • #40385 Reply

      Da Boss

      Good catch.

    • #40386 Reply

      Da Boss

      I’m seeing slower scans on even recent PCs. Not sure why some are slacking and others are fine.

      Yep, MS pulled the same stunt, er, executed the same save back in XP days. I talk about it in this article:

    • #40387 Reply

      Tony H

      Woody – re your parting comment on InfoWorld: these ongoing WU delays don’t only impede productivity, they wear out PCs. Single-core CPUs grind away at 100% CPU for hours, shortening their life and thrashing the fans. I’ve heard of at least one laptop having to be replaced because its fan died. Planned obsolescence gone mad?

    • #40388 Reply


      Ditto here, I’m holding off on KB3161608 for now too.

      I manually installed the KB3161664 patch on a system remotely earlier this morning (using my “tried & true” method) and after the restart the updates appeared within just a few minutes. I installed all of the available May updates that were safe in two sessions and everything went quite quickly.

      It’s nice getting this chore accomplished in an hour or so again as I remotely maintain a group of computers belonging to some elderly family members scattered all over the US!

    • #40389 Reply

      Da Boss

      Good point.

    • #40390 Reply


      Be it this KB3161608 or any other available Windows Update patch, be it that I install them from Windows Update or run them manually, all patches fail, all, after reboot and when finishing the update arrives to 85-90% I am notified of the failure, system reboots and removes partial install. The error code is always 8007054F …


      Here with Windows 7SP1 64-BIT I’ve tried all fix tools available :

      1- Microsoft Windows Update Fixit 50123
      2- Windows Update Diagnostic
      3- System Update Readiness Tool
      4- Windows Update Agent (re-installed, never know…)

      Nothing does it. No new device here, same config as when Win Update was running smooth. I don’t know what Microsoft went into but one thing is sure : having to avoid their Win10 upgrade patches has obviously led my machine’s Windows Update features to a total mess.

      I would have preferred to keep security updating but as it is now there’s no point : all fails. I’ve spent hours & hours to find, to test, to reboot, hours. Fed up. Windows Update definitely closed, for the time being anyway.

    • #40391 Reply


      I’m not sure there is any point in installing rollup updates if you’re otherwise up-to-date – aren’t these the updates that are designed merely to simplify re-installation of the OS? You have no knowledge or control over what is installed within the rollup, and given that for many users the speed of the update process is a huge variable irrespective of whether you install the “speed-up” updates or not it is difficult to say with any certainty whether those updates make any difference.

      Some users say they do make a difference, others say they don’t, and in my own case my two machines vary enormously from one day to another regardless of whether I install those updates or not.

      While it’s perfectly possible that KB3161647 is the one that will make a permanent difference, I have my doubts, and meanwhile you have to install it as part of a bigger update that isn’t routinely offered to you. It’ll be interesting to see how those who do install it fare over the coming weeks.

    • #40392 Reply

      Da Boss

      If you decide to re-visit the topic, I strongly suggest you post the symptoms on the Microsoft Answers forum.

    • #40393 Reply


      True. My point was to expose in order to know if anyone else was sharing the issue. I do know that resolving such an issue may be found on dedicated websites, besides MS Answers if I judge from what I find there as well as on all MS Help pages.

    • #40394 Reply

      AskWoody Plus

      hm. another one here:
      installed KB3161608. reboot. fine. so far. start IE11. IE can not be executed, will be terminated with the cryptic message “There is a problem”. dito FF. dito chrome. Comes out that Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is the problem – deactivated it, and all browsers are fine.

      Rollback to previous restore point. problems are gone. hidden updates are still(!) gone.

      from win 7 Ultimate 64, SP1, “SP2”, patch level may 2016.

    • #40395 Reply


      Why would they release a fix for the WU client as part of the non-critical update-rollups and not as another monthy WU client update?

      Are they really trolls?

    • #40396 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      So what do you recommend at this point? Is there any updates we should apply now in order that when we get the word to do the updates that we got on the last black Tuesday they will run in a reasonable length of time or should we wait?
      One other thing. Should we run the Maliscious software update that we got last Black Tuesday or should we wait?

    • #40397 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Woody: Found the original KB3020369, HIDDEN. It appears that it originally showed up in April 2015, as Rev. 3. Out of band.

      It showed up again (appears that it was May 2015), as Rev. 4. I hid it as of May 19, 2015.

      It was listed as “important”, and also information showed that it was for those with MS Server. It was NOT a Security Update. It remains hidden. I do not have MS Server.

      Information about the current “list”:

      I do not have KB3161647 or KB3161608 listed on the MS Update list. I DO have KB3161664 on the list, shown as a Security Update.

      Since it’s early in the game, I will just wait until I get an “all-clear” on what is now pending. There are 3 “optional” updates, NONE of which is checked. All are italicized.

      Just wanted to track down the record for this KB3020369. I was amazed that it was such an old one.

      Thank you once again for your guidance with the MS “nightmare updates”, as well as many other issues. 🙂

    • #40398 Reply


      Q: Are they really trolls?

      A: Yes.

    • #40399 Reply


      You probably have already done this,
      but I thought I’d mention it anyway –
      have you tried to do a System Restore back to the a point where things were working well, to the time period before you tried to install this group of failing updates for the first time?

    • #40400 Reply


      Microsoft is trying to bundle updates together to have a lower number of overall updates. More like Windows 10’s model.

      Unfortunately on the few Vista PCs we still manage, installing all outstanding updates doesn’t fix the slow scan/install times (it didn’t on Windows 7 either). The PCs are older so 24+ hours to attempt to install updates is common, and PCs that are only on 9 am to 5 pm literally can’t get patched.

    • #40401 Reply

      Da Boss

      Naw, we’re still at MS-DEFCON 2. Hold on for a few more days, when we have a better idea of what’s going on.

    • #40402 Reply


      That happened to me last year when I was still naive about all this stuff and I blindly installed one or two of the first GWX-prep patches. I shortly thereafter uninstalled them, and ran into some kind of problem (I don’t remember what) where I also had to do a system restore to get things back to the way they were —
      and then I saw that the page that showed my patching history (for the 2 years prior) was gone, the hidden updates were gone.

    • #40403 Reply


      I disable System Restore, on XP it wasn’t reliable and I kept the habit on Win7.

      I had a last try with MS FixIt 50202 found and described at, I ran in aggressive mode (starts fresh ‘Data Store’ and ‘Download’ folders in ‘SoftwareDistribution’ dedicated WinUpdates folder … started Windows Update after a reboot and… same problem : patch(ed) fail to finish install after reboot.

      This was to answer your question. Thanks. But let’s stop here, not the place for resolving this sort of problem.

    • #40404 Reply


      It’s astonishing to me that they have calculated (and I’m sure they’ve pre-calculated everything)
      that the catastrophic loss of this much goodwill across a global population of customers (including some very influential I.T. specialists and major purchasers of their products)
      is somehow on balance worth it to their company and their brand,
      to sacrifice forever that goodwill/trust/reputation (which was worth millions of dollars in value, surely) for whatever new objective it is that they have set for themselves.

      To force someone like me
      (who is in the market segment of late adopters and of brand habitualists (when it comes to computer operating systems and hardware, at least), who would probably pay them $X amount extra if I could just keep using what I’ve got for the next 20 years without having to deal with a brand new system/terminology/peripheral equipment/etc.)
      to be almost 100% sure that I’m going to move away from any and all Microsoft products when my current system dies,
      and will put myself through the headaches, trauma, and expense of moving to, I suppose, Apple,
      has taken a huge amount of doing on their part… and in such a short amount of time. It’s remarkable.

    • #40405 Reply


      Yes, thank you Woody — really appreciate your work and guidance!

    • #40406 Reply

      Yuhong Bao

      Note that you can download the file list CSV for KB3161608 too.

    • #40407 Reply


      I installed this patch on a machine, and then went to check for windows updates, it took about 10 minutes. Much better than a similar machine that is still checking for updates, about 4 hours now. So it works for at least this month. Fingers crossed that it is a long-term fix…

    • #40408 Reply

      Jim in Yakima

      Woody asked me to post this from my email earlier. FWIW …

      Know that you are busy tracking the latest updates to our favorite OSes. You must dream in hex.

      Want to share this as an aside to the “slow updates” for Win 7. It was a very quick notification of KB3161608 (less than two minutes after resuming from sleep) yesterday morning (optional, unchecked, unitalicized). Not installed and not hidden at this time.

      Forty minutes ago [four hours now with this post], while reading your site, ESPN, and some golf stuff, up pops notice that two updates are now available: KB3161608 (because I didn’t do anything with it) and KB3162593 (12.6Mb update for Silverlight). The download/install of the Silverlight update took no more than a minute. Nice.

      Roused the other tower from it’s sleep mode (since yesterday afternoon) and had notice (did not run update) of the same two updates within 15 seconds of desktop. No joke; I watched it all the way. Maybe I got to the front of the queue mysteriously?

      Pulled the laptop from its hibernation mode, ran update, and had those same two in 3 minutes.

      All three are still on client 7.6.7600.320 (5-14-2014). I can’t explain being in the fast lane, but I don’t think this is a client-side issue.

    • #40409 Reply


      Reporting yet another complete success with KB3161608 speeding up WU search.

      Ran “Check for Updates” on a laptop with NONE of the June patches installed. Took about 2.5 hours.

      Installed *only* KB3161608 using WU. Reboot. No other changes to system. Now “Check for Updates” takes only about 10 min, which is typical for that machine on good days.

      Note: Unlike a few others, my “Hidden Patch List” is identical both before and after.

      Speculation: Those who have reported an empty “Hidden Patch List” after installing KB3161608 might have WU set to “Never Check”. In that mode, patch lists are NOT maintained between sessions, but must be reconstructed by running “Check for Updates” each time you reopen the WU control panel. If so, then finding an empty list after a reboot would not be at all surprising.

    • #40410 Reply


      no 3020369 -> no 3161608

    • #40411 Reply


      same here

    • #40412 Reply

      Da Boss

      Thanks for posting over on this side. Better chance of getting a good reason.

    • #40413 Reply


      I am still using last month’s (May ’16) speed up utility. My Win 7 Pro updated OK for June. Currently have 23 updates plus 5 optional. Have not updated for June, yet, except running the monthly Malicious utility.

    • #40414 Reply


      Yes, it *is* a “client-side issue”. WU only slows to a crawl when it has to process dependencies for certain ill-behaved patches, and that computation *is* done client-side.

      When searches are slow, it isn’t because WU is “doing nothing”, or waiting for an MS server response, as some have suggested. Rather, it is because the “wuaserv” process is running completely compute-bound, chewing up ALL of the cpu cycles of one entire logical processor core.

      You can confirm this easily yourself by running “Resource Monitor” and looking at cpu usage. During a normal WU scan, two processes, “TrustedInstaller” and “wuaserv”, alternate, with neither taking huge amounts of cpu, and the two combined using substantially less than one logical processor core. During one of the WU search slowdowns, however, the scan starts out the same way, but soon devolves into “wuaserv” eating an entire logical processor core all by itself, for an hour or more, while “TrustedInstaller” sits idle.

      If you have already installed all of the problematic patches listed at, then WU *should* behave normally, and searches will be fast. Based on your description, it sounds like you may have done. If so, then that’s your explanation.

      However, the WU slow search problem isn’t “fixed” by installing those patches; it’s only mitigated. Consequently, the WU slow search problem will reappear every time a *new* ill-behaved patch is released, as has been the case in each of the last several months.

      The older WU client patches only help a little bit in terms of speeding up the WU searches. The fundamental issue (whatever it is) remains unfixed by all of those older WU patches.

      However, the most recent WU client patch, KB3161647, which is rolled into KB3161608, really *does* seem to fix things. I suspect that’s because KB3161647, actually gets at the root cause, namely a poorly designed and/or implemented algorithm used to compute patch dependencies, an algorithm that doesn’t scale well under certain conditions, resulting in a compute-bound “wuaserv” process and an exponential increase in runtime.

      For whatever reason, those ill-behaved patches trigger exactly the condition that causes the patch-dependency algorithm to exhibit its poor scaling properties. Which is why pre-installing them appears to “fix” the problem: Once those ill-behaved patches are no longer in play when “wuaserv” is computing the remaining patch dependencies, then the algorithm behaves more reasonably, and search times return to normal.

      So… If KB3161647 actually *does* fix the root cause, then the WU slowdown problem may really be fixed this time, once and for all, by installing KB3161608.

      It certainly seems to be, based on my limited testing. However, as others have already said, only time will tell.

    • #40415 Reply


      Maybe missing older patches which are required?

    • #40416 Reply

      Thomas Spero

      Hello Woody,
      Do I need to install KB3161608?
      What about KB3161647 and KB3161664? Should they be installed or hidden. This is such a mess. I read all the post on this issue and can’t make heads or tails of it.
      Thank you,

    • #40417 Reply

      Da Boss

      Relax! We’re still at MS-DEFCON 2. There’s no pressing reason to install ANY of the current patches, as long as you use any browser other than IE or Edge.

      I appreciate — and post — the discussions of Windows Update improvements because, at some point, they’ll become useful for everybody. But for now, just sit tight.

    • #40418 Reply



      So, after this morning’s auto update check, the KB3161608 June 2016 update rollup is still not being offered on my W7 SP1 x64 machine.

      That circumstance includes the fact that KB3020369, which is evidently a prerequisite, has been hidden on my machine since its release last year.

      I was considering restoring KB3020369, but NOT installing it, to see if the rollup would be offered if KB3020369 was in the available update list.

      That said, with my daily auto update check taking less than 1 minute every day, I’m reluctant to mess with a good thing.

      I’m in the PkCano camp which is I don’t really want to install a rollup especially when it requires a prerequisite patch issued well over a year ago and it includes other “updates”.
      At the same time EP’s recommendations have been spot on and he’s saying go for it (without EP actually addressing the prerequisite issue)…

      I guess I’m going to wait until the next patch Tuesday, see if there’s another WU client update and proceed from there. If EP finds a WU client update in the next patch Tuesday, I’ll install that patch.
      If EP finds there is no new WU client for July and then the long scan for updates times comes back, then I may be forced to install the prerequisite KB3020369 and HOPE that the KB3161608 rollup is then offered.

      Woody, do you have a better approach to this stupidity for those of us facing this situation?

    • #40419 Reply

      Da Boss

      Seems like a reasonable approach to me.

      The only real alternative is to run “check for updates” before you go to bed….

    • #40420 Reply


      I have just installed KB 3161608 and my hidden update list is still intact.
      Update search took 2 minutes to find no updates.

    • #40421 Reply



      FYI…currently, whether it’s an auto check for updates or I actually run a manual “check for updates”, both update checks are coming in under a minute since last months KB3161664 WU new client was installed.
      Both the auto and manual update checks do not offer the rollup KB3161608 (with the prerequisite KB3020369 hidden).

    • #40422 Reply


      guys, you want to fix the Windows scan memory leak issue.? I don’t know if this patch fixes anything BUT I do know that kb3050265 and KB3102810 fixed my environment. where Wsus and SCCM are integrated for windows update scans. These patches fixed a memory leak from SVChost/wuaserv that would take all available memory for 5-10 minutes. I have confirmed this with my own testing. Looking forward to testing this new agent.

    • #40423 Reply


      Windows 7, one x86 and one x64, both updated to last week’s Patch Tuesday, both had KB3020369 installed, both showed KB3161608 as the only new update. After KB3161608 install and reboot, both initially showed hidden updates gone, but after a check for update showed nothing new, both showed all the expected hidden updates. FYI

    • #40424 Reply

      John W

      Just for the record, my Windows 7 patches (important, recommended, and optional) are all current (installed) as of the May updates since 5/30, except for the “Get Win 10” and “telemetry” updates, which are hidden.

      No June updates installed yet.

      My Windows Update on Win7 Pro(x86) is set to “Never check for updates”

      I just checked for updates (only peeking) and it took 8 minutes to get the results back. 11 important and 1 optional (KB3161608) patches are listed.

      For some odd reason, I am no longer experiencing the long update search that I had been for the past few months (one virtual core maxed out forever, etc).

    • #40425 Reply


      Once the new updates hit, the high CPU usage and long search time for updates struck again, and after 10 minutes, my laptop but itself in standby (thankfully) from overheating. I restarted and quickly downloaded and installed KB3161664 manually and I was good to go. Searching for this month’s updates took a few minutes. No more high CPU usage. I guess I’ll just keep manually installing the new version of that update each month.

    • #40426 Reply


      Is there a good reason not to install and still installing other updates?
      This patch is an update for the core of Windows Update management which is the servicing stack.

    • #40427 Reply


      @joe I think the price paid for using less memory after those patches is actually to extend the scanning time for those machines with enough memory, i.e 6GB+. The big benefit is seen on machines without enough memory.

    • #40428 Reply


      @john W
      “For some odd reason, I am no longer experiencing the long update search that I had been for the past few months (one virtual core maxed out forever, etc).”

      No odd reason, it is obvious why, you have already mentioned the reason in your post. 🙂

    • #40429 Reply


      After imaging my Windows 7 x64 semi-test system, I installed KB3161608.
      After installing KB3161608, the hidden updates overview is still intact.
      I cannot test whether KB3161608 fixes the Windows Update slowdown issue, as I had already installed the June 14 Patch Tuesday updates earlier. So I will see next month, whether or not the slowdown issue is solved.

    • #40430 Reply

      Da Boss

      Fingers crossed, but I hope you won’t have to install anything in the future.

      Nice of Microsoft to fix Windows 7 finally…

    • #40431 Reply


      Well this is strange. (KB3162593) popped up all alone this morning. It’s a Silverlight Update which has to do with Date Time parsing for Norway and Serbia. (A head scratcher to begin with.) I decided to hide it.

      Then I checked if it went to my hidden updates and found all the hidden updates that had been wiped out 6/21/2016 during the process of speeding up Windows Update by installing KB3161647 and KB3161608 have returned. Magic!

    • #40432 Reply



      FYI…first step….

      I have KB 3161664 installed from June’s patch offering and it successfully eliminated the long scan for updates problem. 1664, after installation, reduced scan time to under 1 minute.

      I restored KB 3020369 this morning which was released last May and is the alleged prerequisite patch for the KB 3161608 June rollup patch.

      After restoring KB 3020369, but NOT installing it and just leaving it in the “updates queue”, the Windows Update scan still did not offer the KB 3161608 June rollup patch.

      The next step will be July’s Patch Tuesday to
      1- see if KB 3161664 is still effective in reducing scan time,

      2- if July brings another “long scan time” see if EP finds a July patch that addresses the long scan issue,

      3- If EP indicates there is no new July patch addressing the return of long scan times, then installing the prerequisite KB 3020369 and see if the KB 3161608 rollup fix is offered.

      Best I can do here.

      W7 SP1 x64

    • #40433 Reply



      “Is there a good reason not to install…”

      Yea, I thought so….and so did others.

      From the InfoWorld article about problems with KB3020369 last year entitled:
      “Microsoft fingers KB 3020369 as culprit in Stage 3 of 3 reboot hangs”.

    • #40434 Reply

      Da Boss

      Keep us posted.

    • #40435 Reply

      Da Boss

      There’s somethign fishy in Denmark. Or at least Norway and Serbia.

      Others have reported odd behavior with hidden updates. I have no idea what’s going on.

    • #40436 Reply


      @louis I think this is a just a misunderstanding. The servicing stack update is perfectly fine, it has been more than 1 year since it was released and I would like to see Woody clarify this for anyone who still has doubts and creates problems for their own system in relation to Windows Update by not installing this mandatory update.
      For those who have decided to stop updating, it is perfectly fine not to install KB3020369.
      For those who still install ANY updates on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 after April 2015, KB3020369 is mandatory.

    • #40437 Reply


      When I started to experience this Windows Update high CPU usage and long search time problem. 5-17-16
      I would reboot and the problem would go away.

      I installed KB3161664.
      And it fixed the Windows Update high CPU usage and long search time problem.
      Do I still need to install KB3161608 ?

      I had a hidden Western Digital SES driver and it disappeared. I do not know if clearing the update history cache would cause the WD SES driver to disappeared. I cleared the cache through the GWX Control Panel.

    • #40438 Reply


      Just found in Woody’s article on InfoWorld regarding this, that MS fails to mention that you need to install KB 3020369 before installing KB3161608.

      I just found it when running into issues installing a new VM.

    • #40439 Reply

      Da Boss

      I’d be willing to bet that you’ll need 3161608 after next month – but I’m not sure.

    • #40440 Reply

      Da Boss

      I haven’t heard of any “Step 3 of 3” freezes in a long, long time. And I think it’s a plain vanilla servicing stack update – with no accompanying snooping programs. ‘Course I can’t prove it, but….

    • #40441 Reply


      I did the same with my main Windows 7 x64 system.
      Imaged it, and installed KB3161608.
      Same outcome:
      After installing KB3161608, the hidden updates overview is still intact.

    • #40442 Reply


      @ch100, @woody,

      OK…on the trusted advice of ch100, I just installed the prerequisite KB 3020369.

      Interestingly enough, as a single install it did NOT require a reboot which is where the original problem with this KB from last year was; the “step 3 of 3 freeze” on reboot.

      That said, after the install, a disk cleanup and defrag, I did a search for updates. The search took about 2 minutes, and an additional Optional, Unchecked, Non-Italicized KB 3161608 June rollup was offered. I did not install it yet.

      Keep in mind, my update search took under 2 minutes. That’s 2 minutes without the rollup having been installed which indicates that that the only June patch I have installed thus far is the EP recommended KB 3161664 which fixed the “long scan time”. And it is still fixing the long scan time even after KB 3161608 rollup is offered.

      We’ll see what the wicked witch of Redmond brings in July.

      Much thanks to EP, Woody and ch100 for the guidance here.

    • #40443 Reply

      Da Boss

      Interesting! No reboot. Maybe that’s why I haven’t heard of any recent problems…

      And, yes, that is the expected result of installing 3161664. We won’t know until next month if 3161608 works.

    • #40444 Reply


      Just saw this InfoWorld comment:

      I’ve been setting up 2 new Win7 laptops and trying ALL – and I do mean ALL – the supposed tricks you’ve so helpfully published to install needed updates. I got the Win 7 “SP2” to install OK, but after that, nothing – until I just tried the KB3161608 and that seemed to break the logjam & now 57 updates are downloading. I will pass on one “trick” of my own with some of these KBs that are supposed to help, including 316068. When I first tried to run them, I would get the checking for updates nonsense, no-stop. But I found if a few moments after I started seeing that, if I rebooted and tried the KB patch again, it almost immediately went into installing mode. No idea why.

    • #40445 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Woody: With all of the comments on how various individuals are installing different updates in different sequence – – – – is it better to wait until there is a “tried and true” method to pursue? I still have the old
      KB3020369 hidden, and have not attempted to install any of the new June updates I now have.

      I have the KB3161664 update in the list of pending updates. I do not have either KB3161647 or KB3161608 (as I mentioned previously). Still have the KB3020369 (from 2015) hidden.

      Your recommendation to “WAIT” with the June updates is what I am presently doing. The Defcon-2 is still a valid warning.

      Apologies for asking the same question more than once, however I do not possess computer skills as many of our group do. Waiting seems like the only option to stay “safe” at the present time.

      Thank you once again, Woody, for your most valued guidance with this nightmare.

    • #40446 Reply

      Da Boss

      Wait with the June updates.

      When the time comes, I’ll have full instructions. Not to worry. Been doing it for a decade. 🙂

    • #40447 Reply


      Thank you Woody and @louis for confirming that it is all OK with KB3020369. It is possible that later updates interacting with KB3020369 made the installation smoother now, which is difficult to confirm. Either way, there are more and more updates requiring KB3020369, a major one being
      I am not currently recommending this update for general use, however we need to acknowledge that it exists.
      And I am glad to hear the @louis does not experience slow updates at the moment which makes is less critical to install the June 2016 updates now.
      Just as information and not recommendation or endorsement for the latest round of patches, I installed all June updates including Optional updates and I don’t experience any issue.

    • #40448 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Woody: Thank you so much for the guidance on the present dilemma. We all know we can depend upon you to provide the assistance and security that we need. You are TRULY “One in a Million”. 🙂 🙂

    • #40449 Reply

      Da Boss

      Spread the word! Get more people to AskWoody and, importantly, Woody on Windows at InfoWorld.

      (And ask the InfoWorld visitors to kindly turn off their ad blockers.)

    • #40450 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger


      I’ve been spreading the word from “Day One”, and will continue to do so (and also ask Infoworld visitors to turn off their ad blockers).

      We all owe you an enormous debt of gratitude!! 🙂

    • #40451 Reply


      Hi Woody and all —

      I’m running Win7 Home Premium, SP1.

      I installed KB3161608 a few days ago as recommended. No ill effects from it, but since then the Windows Update icon no longer shows in my lower-right taskbar. I have a shortcut on my desktop and double-clicking it still shows 17 important updates. I’ve done several reboots and cold restarts these past few days, but it’s still not there. It’s still “instructed” to be there per my customize notifications options.

      Just wondering if that happened to anybody else? No big deal, but a curiosity.

      Thanks! –SBS

    • #40452 Reply


      I have used all of your techniques to manually install kb3161664 on 7 sp1 64 machine. It will not install. Can anyone help me with this…

    • #40453 Reply

      Da Boss
    • #40454 Reply


      The only way you can get KB 3161647 is by installing the update rollup KB 3161608..

      kb3161608 will not install either…

      I am stumped

    • #40455 Reply

      Da Boss

      Did you install KB 3020369 first?

    • #40456 Reply


      Hi Woody, EP and all,

      Thanks for all you guys’ posts and tests. I would like to report the result I tried. So far so good.

      Mine is win7 home premium, SP1. English version, but I run a lot of Mandarin programs on it.

      I tried two days ago with uninstalling KB3153199, which I read from an earlier post of this blog. However, I didn’t do the rest steps on the post because I found this post during the process. After uninstalling KB3153199, MSE ran smoothly as before. I was happy with the result but I wasn’t dare to try windows update.

      Earlier today, I got outdoor files home and would like to update MSE to check the files. MSE stuck forever during updating again. I was hesitant to try Woody’s post on infoWorld ( because each update kept mention something related to language pack, which I don’t know if it will effect my programs. Anyway, today I tried:
      1. Installed KB 3020369, off-line, it took about 3 hours to scan and then told me that KB3020369 already been installed. (This is odd because I checked the other day and I didn’t have it.)

      2. Then I ran KB3161608, same, off-line. It ran surprisingly quick. After a few mins it asked me to restart PC. I did. Then I tried to update MSE… It’s normal speed again. Happy!

      Still not dare to try Windows update yet. I don’t know if MSE will stuck again either.

      Really want to say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH again! Wish everyone good luck!

    • #40457 Reply


      This is insane…
      I cannot install kb3161664 unless I install
      KB 3161647
      but I cannot install KB 3161647 unless I install
      KB 3161608
      but I cannot install KB 3161608 unless I install
      KB 3020369
      and it will not install either..
      I did the reboot.. stopped the services, used cmd as admin and they all fail every time.
      I give up
      This is insanity…

    • #40458 Reply

      Da Boss

      It doesn’t have to be so complicated! You need to install 3020369 first. You download it, double-click on the file… and then what happens?

    • #40459 Reply


      it fails install just like the rest.

    • #40460 Reply


      So then I said to heck with the bs and went to WU. I selected all june update 18 and they all failed except one net framework.. I guess I will just turn of update and never do it again

    • #40461 Reply

      Da Boss

      What happens? Exactly. It’s very hard to figure out what problem you’re having unless you explain to me, in detail, what you’re seeing?

      I’m concerned because I’ll be writing this whole sequence up shortly – for readers who aren’t familiar with (and shouldn’t be familiar with!) any of the problems.

    • #40462 Reply



      KB3161608 showed up as failed in windows update list after I (finally) got recent updates to download and install. Tried the standalone installer for it on W764, it says “not applicable to your computer”.

      Every bunch of windows updates for 3 months now has been a botch job requiring that I change update settings to never update, restart, use services.msc to stop the windows update server, find the random rogue KBxxxxxxx that needs to be installed standalone to unstick windows update’s ability to update, install that, restart, try windows update again.

      The cynical part of me sees the “HEY YOU INSTALL WINDOWS 10!!!” popup messages every 5 seconds that refuse to stop even after hiding the W10 on updates list and correlates it with the decline in service from Windows Update for W7; the impression I get is microsoft are trying to make my life difficult until I give in and install W10. But then I remember that quot, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” and think it can quite easily be accounted for in that way too.

    • #40463 Reply


      KB3161608 June roll up patch broke Intel Bluetooth on my laptop. A number of Intel BT processes could not be loaded during PC startup. Connection of basic BT device, such as BT keyboard was fine. However, attempting to connect to BT speaker results in error.

      The Intel BT error are encountered by a number of users and are being discussed in the Intel forum:

    • #40464 Reply


      After doing a clean install of 7 Pro SP1 I had the common update problems. Then I reinstalled, applied
      3145729,3138612,3020379 and the 3161608 rollup. The next check found 234 fixes which installed smoothly.

      Thank you Woody !

    • #40465 Reply

      Da Boss

      I’m starting to think this is a better approach than using the “SP2” rollup…

    • #40466 Reply


      Has anyone thought that maybe Microsoft is intentionally causing these problems for all of the past windows platforms so that we all jump on their bandwagon to go to win 10?
      Looks like they can sell a lot more software if we all on win 10

    • #40467 Reply


      I didn’t have any problems with this update on my Win7 boxes, or my Server2008 boxes. But it broke Dell OMSA (OpenManage Server Assistant) on every Server2008R2 server upon which I installed it. I updated OMSA, reinstalled it according to Dell’s recos, still no joy. Uninstalling KB3161608, which is listed as optional for those servers, fixed the problem.

    • #40468 Reply


      I have seen update KB3161608 listed in many articles as a spy update. I won’t install it. Do a search for Never10 and it will put an end to Windows 10 nagging updates. The genuine GWX.exe file is a software component of Windows 10 Update program by Microsoft. It is an advertising software from Microsoft for Windows 10, and has a white windows flag icon in Taskbar notification area. It is located in C:WindowsSystem32GWXGWX.exe.

    • #40469 Reply

      Da Boss
    • #40470 Reply


      Hi ! I’ve experienced the Bluetooth problem with 3 Intel wi-fi adapters (AC-7620, N-1030 and N-2230). It breaks the drivers ! and a message prevent you to remove or update the drivers !…After 3 days of intensive search on the web, I’ve found it was caused by this update ! Uninstalling KB3161608 fixed the problem and allow to install the drivers again !! For more information, take a look at :

    • #40471 Reply


      I am back to report. So far so good. I hope Microsoft won’t do this again, please.

    • #40472 Reply


      I also did a clean install after putting in a new hard disk and was stuck in the never ending windows update issue.

      I then tried 3161608 which gave the message “searching for updates on your computer” which stayed there for hours until I ended the task. I downloaded it again and saved it, then shut down the PC and disconnected internet. I ran it again and it installed within a couple of mins. I then did a normal windows update which worked and downloaded 200 update in about 4 minutes.

      Many thanks for the info and good luck everyonme.

    • #40473 Reply


      Can anyone help me with finding KB3161608 so I can download and install it on my affected system?

      Any links I find searching for it are all dead/page cannot be found.


    • #40474 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger


      I had it in the “optionals” way back on July 3rd, and TODAY when I made a mistake by trying to DL & install a standalone update reference (KB3168965) from July 15th, I got into a real “Mess” with the “searching for updates” starting and then I had to finally shut down the computer after almost 2 hours.

      I then checked looking for KB3161608 and I found that my optional update which you are now looking for had disappeared from my list.

      When I checked to see if there was a site where I could try to DL the KB3161608, I could not find one. I won’t have anymore time tonight to search. If I do find a link which is valid I’ll post it here.

    • #40475 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      WildcatRay: I did find one link that had information, however I don’t know how current it is. It does have DL information on it. Here is the link on this one:

      I did see the other site I found previously which says:

      “We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.”

      These were the only two links I found. Good luck to both of us!!

    • #40476 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Craig, how do you “end the task” when the “searching for downloads” is running “forever”?

      I think it would be thru the “task manager”, however do not know how to utilize it. If I could have that information, it would help me when the “never-ending searching for updates” won’t stop. I can only shut the computer down.

      Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide. 🙂

    • #40477 Reply

      Da Boss

      Looks like it’s been pulled. More news in the morning.

    • #40478 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      @woody @WildcatRay: It appears that the 2nd link I provided may not be valid because there seems to be a problem with the KB3161608 itself.

      Woody will have the current information on this one.

    • #40479 Reply


      KB3161608 pulled and replaced by KB3172605 which includes the fixes from KB3161608.

    • #40480 Reply


      The June 2016 Rollup has been superseded by the July 2016 Rollup:

      This is why there were no files available at teh links on the June Rollup page. Also, I understand there is now a supersede statement on the June Rollup page.

      FYI: I was only able to download the needed file using Method 3 and IE.

      After installing the July 2016 Rollup, Windows Update found 39 more updates in ~5 minutes. Before applying the rollup, the affected computer would just hang there supposedly looking for available updates.

      I don’t currently use Bluetooth on my computers so if Bluetooth is affected, it is not currently an issue for me.

      Here is a thread for folks to refer to when going about applying the rollup patch.

      Finally, you should be able to force a hung Windows Update closed using Task Manager. I would reboot after that just to be safe.

    • #40481 Reply

      Da Boss

      Yep, that’s exactly what happened. InfoWorld post coming shortly.

    • #40482 Reply


      I did forget to post the link to the thread at Windows Secrets Lounge forums I mentioned in my previous post:

    • #40483 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      WildcatRay & Woody:

      This morning when I booted up, there were 10 regular updates, and 6 optional updates. I spent a total of about 5 hours yesterday and was unable to get the “searching for updates” done, so had to shut the computer down.

      The new update references the KB3172605 (29.2MB) and is in the Optional updates.

      Also listed in the “Optionals” is KB3173040. I noted that KB is on one of the previous “Blocked Lists”. Is KB3173040 still on the “Blocked List”?

      BTW the update KB3168965 is on the new list of updates I got this morning too.

      It’s just crazy – – – it hasn’t even been 10 days before this disastrous mess appeared. It only seems to get worse.


    • #40484 Reply



      Again we go back to the question…”Should we be installing all the patches MS is throwing down the chute to keep WU running correctly?” as you have suggested in the past.

      I recall that you have not installed 4 problem patches, and you do recommend installing all others, including Optionals, after a “buffer” period.

      This 1608 problems abd it being pulled does not fit with your guidance to install everything even after a grace period. I hope you will reconsider your advice to people. You have a great deal of computer knowledge, which we all appreciate, but I’ve felt that your approach and recommendation to the MS patches-WU problems has been a bit misguided.

      I hope you will reconsider.

    • #40485 Reply

      Da Boss

      I’d be very interested in hearing @ch100‘s response, as well. I think he has a better handle on the situation than I do….

    • #40486 Reply

      AskWoody Lounger

      Woody: Just a quick question about KB3173040, which I referenced above. It is listed on on July 11, 2016. So this is the reason I’m asking about it now, since it’s in the few optional downloads I received yesterday. It is on the “block lists”.

      Here is the link to the July 11th menu:

      There was another reference to this one on July 12th as well.

      Presently I am not touching “anything”, even though I finally have updates on the computer. I’m waiting for the latest on the best method to utilize to search for a “safe”

      Thank you for all of the information you have provided, Woody. As always it is very much appreciated. 🙂

    • #40487 Reply

      Da Boss

      Jury’s still out on all the July patches…

    • #40488 Reply


      I have all 6 (7?) of the updates indicated in the InfoWorld article installed and am still seeing long periods of 25% CPU usage daily by svchost that immediately disappear when I kill the wuauserv service. It also takes FOREVER to check for driver updates via Device Manager. I’m on Win 7 Ultimate x64 and I installed the updates in the following order:

      KB3145739 5/11/2016
      KB3153199 5/11/2016
      KB3020369 5/17/2015
      KB3138612 5/26/2016
      KB3161664 6/17/2016
      KB3161608* 6/23/2016
      * supposedly includes the magic bullet KB3161647

      However, when I run
      wmic qfe | find “KB3161647”
      it does not find anything. Could that mean the roll-up skipped it? Perhaps I should download and install KB3161608 manually this time? (Last time I let Windows Update handle it.).
      Anyone else still having this problem?

    • #40489 Reply

      Da Boss

      Best to follow the instructions at…

    • #40490 Reply

      James Lightfoot

      After many sleeps nights (and days), reinstalling the OS (Win 7 Ult. x64) 3 times via 2 different disks, I finally found a solution that works, and works well.
      The website is It a freeware utility, donations are welcomed, and they have a donation coming from me. It determines what updates are required, connects to the Microsoft Update Catalog, pulls down the WU’s and then generates an ISO. Using an ISO utility (e.g. Deamon Tools), simply mount the ISO an run the UpdateInstall. exe in the ISO. It is not completely painless (e.g. I had to find the new MS download site for the Visual Studio C++ 2015 updates, but the forums have the new download sites listed.

    • #40491 Reply


      What link will have KB3161608 so I can download it on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64-BIT. My Windows Update is taking forever to check for updates never happened until September 2016. Please send an e-mail where I have my e-mail address

    • #40492 Reply

      Da Boss
    • #40493 Reply

      James Lightfoot

      If you are receiving any errors and/or missing updates, go to the wsus forums site and post the question.

      At the time I was going through the update process, I kept receiving the error, “Warning: Download of … st.x64.exe failed (which is tied to the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64 and x86) – 14.0.2306”. I posted my question on how to resolve the issue (, and recieved an answer within 7 hours.

      Which reminds me, I need to go a donation to them. The download is freeware, but it is excellent.

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