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    Hi, everyone,

    Is there an mobile app that can be set up so that on a smart phone desktop, a photograph icon can be placed for each person he would want to call? Ideally, it could be set up by us on a pc and uploaded to the phone via usb. As a secondary feature, the photo icon would be displayed as the number is being dialed to allow for mistakes to be cancelled.

    I have a Father-in-law who is coming up on his 84th birthday. After surviving a gliobastoma 10 years ago, he suffers from aphasia and short term memory loss. He has functioned very well over the years because there has been very little change in his routine.

    He has used a flip phone all this time, eschewing smart phones, preferring to talk with people. Verizon has announced that his 3G flip phone would no longer be supported, and 3G service will be discontinued before the end of 2021.

    We have investigated solutions, and purchased a new flip phone (Lively Jitterbug II) which appears very similar, but is still beyond his capability to navigate, due to short term memory failure.

    My question goes to alleviating this problem.  Since one can create a shortcut in Windows, and have it run a bat file that does a task, and put any icon you want on it, I thought someone must have already thought of it for mobile apps.



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      On any Android smartphone, you can create his contacts, attach a picture to each, and then create a shortcut to place on the “desktop”. Easy to do directly on the phone.

      I’m guessing you can do the same on an iPhone.

      Not sure if you can customize a Jitterbug phone and if you can how much they let you.


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      I’m guessing you can do the same on an iPhone

      Yes, you can

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      Hey thanks guys,

      I also posted to the android developer forum, and I got an immediate reply with the answer.

      It involves pressing on the “desktop” to get the widgets menu.  There you will find “contacts”,”direct dial” and “direct message”.  That puts the icon on the desktop of the phone, then asks you to select the contact you want to put there.  If the contact has a photo, it displays as the icon.  That was perfect!

      Another answer told me that Lively’s smart phone option was locked down with a menu (I guess to keep oldsters from accidentally bricking the phone.  My solution to that would be move non-contact icons to the third or fourth screen, out of harm’s way, and fill the first three screens with contacts.  Simple, blunt, and maybe effective.  I will check with Lively Monday about their smartphone, but I’ll also look into a low end smart phone elsewhere as well.




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