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    ISSUE 18.23 • 2021-06-21 PUBLIC DEFENDER By Brian Livingston Special smartphones that were supposedly the most super-secretive in the world actually r
    [See the full post at: Anom: A $2,000 smartphone that let the FBI listen in]

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      Even Bitcoin wasn’t anonymous enough.  I’ll stick with cash.   lol


      Glad to see these criminal morons get rounded up.   🙂

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        Until the details of the bitcoin transfer are explained, I don’t think you can assume there’s a problem with bitcoin security. It seems much more likely that it’s a problem with these particular actors. Either the bitcoin was held in a custodial account or the private key was copied in some way via a hack.

        I spoke to someone with a large amount of bitcoin and was told that the bitcoin community doesn’t think that the bitcoin protocol is at fault, based as it is on public key-private key architecture.

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      Re: “What encryption devices can you trust? You can’t fully trust anything.”

      This is why I encrypt at least twice if I really want to keep something secret, such as sensitive passwords.  Anything I really want to keep private gets encrypted at least twice using two separate encryption systems from different vendors.  That way if one gets breached,  I have another.  All sensitive data is protected with at least two systems regardless of device.

      And yes, I have to memorize three+ passwords and yes, I have to cover the case of total loss, by having backups.



      Windows 10 22H2 desktops & laptops on Dell, HP, ASUS; No servers, no domain.

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      Another excellent article from Brian.

      Unsaid, unless I missed it, is that most likely Anom was revealed in part because it has been superseded by newer and better products\processes, probably a generation or two or three beyond Anom, which currently are in use.

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      As interesting as this article is, it’s been well-covered in national TV news. In fact, in my opinion, the Public Defender section should be eliminated from the Newsletter, as the articles seem to have no connection to Windows. These subjects are better covered elsewhere.

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      Thanks for your response, Susan. I am as fascinated by tech of all sorts as other AskWoody folks are. However, the AskWoody site has always been about the pros telling us non-pros how to buy, use, fix, and love tech. The nature of the Public Defender articles is summed up in its title, and there are way more than enough other news outlets already spewing it out. Of course, folks will tell me, “just don’t read it.” I’m not. I’m just hoping AskWoody doesn’t get filled with more off-subject articles. The rest of AskWoody is great! Keep it comin’.

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